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  1. Great to see this. Sadly my version of Crediton never came to much but I still have ideas for North Devon in N in the future
  2. It’s the land sale yard - where the colliery sold coal directly. The structures were some kind of shelter, I’ve never seen them anywhere else
  3. Steve Lamacq mentioned using online forums. Do you think any are on here? And what’s their username???
  4. As a teenager I was a massive indie music fan and Steve Lamacq’s show was essential listening. So I can’t explain how cool it felt to hear him talking about his model railway. You can like Blur and trains!!
  5. There was also a little china clay in the hills around Lands End, which was shipped out via Penzance. I believe the dairy at St Erth was also the sight of a china clay works once. So perhaps in a parallel world the small harbour at Porthleven was expanded and used to ship out the clay found in the west of the Duchy??
  6. I know this is almost heresy on here but I find myself wishing for an Azuma! The HST is so rough, run down and the toilets so rank it really isn’t up to it anymore. No chance of doing any work or eating or drinking as it’s lurching from side to side
  7. We didn’t actually go as far as York - went via Hambleton and joined ECML just south of Selby. Slightly disconcerting when the London train left Leeds heading north!! The line was flooded between Leeds and Doncaster. So one huge advantage of the bi-modes (and HSTs!). All the electric trains were cancelled
  8. Ok - so once we joined the ECML you could certainly tell once we were back on the juice. Suddenly went off like a rocket!!
  9. Due to this mornings disruption my Leeds to London Azuma is being diverted via York. I’ve just realised this means we’re running on diesel (obvs!) As well as being a benefit of bi-modes I’m actually quite impressed by how quiet and smooth the ride is. I know we’re not going fast but I barely noticed we weren’t on electric
  10. This is quite some thread drift. Now discussing the theoretical actions of the pantograph of trains that only exist in the imagination
  11. TomJ

    N gauge Class 50

    So I got mine yesterday and it’s a beauty. Looks and runs superbly. In the instructions it mentions a bag of accessories. The only thing in mine is the snowplough. Am I missing anything much? Is it worth chasing up? And if so with whom - retailer or Dapol? Also should this come with alternative easi shunt couplers, before I buy a pair? Thanks
  12. This is a shameless bump! I can’t believe it’s a couple of years since I updated this. There’s still a lot of work to be done on the layout - playing trains is distracting! Anyway the reason for the update is that finally I can recreate one of the photos that first inspired me. A LL class 50 pulling a rake of NSE coaches past the Carbis branch into Bugle. Thanks to Dapol I now can! The coaches are second hand Farish Mk2, stripped down and Electra rail vinyls added and under frame altered. Typically Farish then brought out their own rather amazing Mk2 but I’m kind of fond of mine and keeping them!
  13. And here’s the engine shed (couldn’t fit it previous post) Its kitbashed from a Ratio carriage shed, helped with the curved roof! I built the rough shell years ago for a vague plan so I’ve updated it with fresh paint, new windows and doors and vents. I’m rather pleased how it’s turned out finally a rough draft of the track plan to give an idea how it all fits together. I’ve since added another quayside siding
  14. A bit of construction has started - between the bigger jobs I’ve been working on some of the buildings, some of which I’ve upcycled from previous projects. There’s nothing special about the baseboard - 2x1 stripwood bracing with 9mm ply and a bit cut away for the harbour. Track is all Peco code 55 - next job is wiring the area at the front will become the harbour. At the back siding is a rake of partially built mineral wagons standing where the loader will be. The station is complete apart from interior and roof and is based on the timber structure at Abergwfinwi in South Wales, Chris Klein did some drawings in the RM for his 7mm layout Cwm Bach (that’s on here). Nothing fancy, plasticard shell with ratio windows and embossed timber. I wanted something that was obviously GWR but not at all grand. The goods shed is also from South Wales based on Glyncorrwyg. The engine shed is from Newcastle Emlyn, I could only find a few photos so it’s loosely based on. Next job is wiring and point motors. Not my favourite!
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