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  1. I have to go to the other side of Nottingham later. There appears to be only one route open, so the traffic should be fun. First though, a relaxing day, and some running of trains. Earlier we had another Class C heading for Edinburgh, and unlike the Scotch goods, this one was allowed to use the main. Then a Cravens DMU appeared, having come from Skegness, and having had a fish van attached to the rear. While looking for something else entirely, I found some gangway connectors which claimed to be for a Cravens unit, so I attached them, and here is the proof. So there is a slight improvement. I shall now wait for Clive to tell me everything else which is wrong.
  2. Another view of 60090, from under Crescent Bridge. The W1 is also heading away from PN, and the cameraman will very shortly be stepping back smartly.
  3. So, we have a glistening A3 at Platform 2, and an approaching W1. Somebody had to make sure we got a shot of the two together. Our view through the arch concentrates on the W1's unique cab.
  4. We come to the 5.25 to KX, for some reason a Doncaster duty. Today 36A has used the ex works Haymarket A3 which it has been hanging on to for some time. Meanwhile the 4.05 Leeds is arriving, the W1 in charge as usual.
  5. Thanks Ian. I did make sure the vans weren't illegally parked too.
  6. Thanks Ian. I did make sure the vans weren't illegally parked too.
  7. Thanks Ian. I did make sure the vans weren't illegally parked too.
  8. Plonking rules OK. And it has finally stopped raining.
  9. Thank you Andy. On reflection, I think that sums it up. That's what should be there, and so something must be devised to ensure that it is.
  10. It is hard to explain if you haven't seen the room Ian. It really was dull that day, as it was yesterday when I took those experimental images. However, to get any light at all in those conditions I have to open the blinds, and what light there is coming in is still strong enough to cast shadows. It helps if I convince myself not to point the camera into the light, but I'm not always able to do that.
  11. Last week's storm ripped the pipe off the filter box to my pond, so I had a nearly empty pond and water everywhere else. I managed to get it about half full during the week, but that means bringing a pipe through the house and leaving two doors open, which is not good in this weather. So, no more got done, but I needn't have worried because this morning it is full up again. Its a big pond, so goodness knows how much rain there has been overnight. I'm so lucky to be at the top of a hill. I dread to think what people down in the Trent valley are experiencing. More photos from a dull day, so not good quality. We have two WDs meeting near Spital Bridge, the one just starting its journey having been given precedence over the one which has spent several hours getting here from New Southgate. followed by 43108, which has had a nice easy duty from Wisbech.
  12. We now come to pictures taken on Thursday, another of those days when I knew there really wasn't enough light. I tried though, and this is the best I could get. 61657 is now at the platform collecting passengers for March.
  13. Well folks, not only have I thought, I have also acted, and have some images for your consideration. First though a bit of theory. You all know by now that I like things to be "right", and that I can get considerably irked if they aren't. The paradox though is that PN isn't "right" in many respects. I don't need to beat myself up over that, as I long ago realised that if I wanted it to be right in every respect, I couldn't do it. What I have gives me many hours of pleasure, and will continue to do so. That surely should be the ultimate objective. However, and there always is one with me, I still have that instinct when dealing with an individual aspect to try to get it right, which means as close as possible to the real thing. Applying that to the corner behind Crescent Bridge, I immediately have to face the fact that it isn't right at all, as there is a far sharper curve than ever was in reality. Do I then go for what may look right, even though in prototypical terms it is wrong? If I do that, I can very easily get this. Visually, that immediately solves a lot of problems, but of course it isn't right, as there wasn't another track behind the Down slow in reality. However, if the GN tracks had curved as mine do, might not the Midland tracks have done the same? Then it would arguably be right for PN in my world, though wrong in the real one. I can of course achieve this result by always having something on the Down slow when taking this shot, but there wouldn't have been, so that bugs me. Now to the other possibility. Nene sidings can be seen on prototype images. Surprising in a way, for, as Steve says, they are at a lower level, but if it is to be right in the real world, they should be there. So, can I improve on my earlier effort? I felt that a major problem was the track in front of the sidings which didn't match up at all with the rest of the layout, so I revisited the image I had used, and cropped it more closely. Here is the result. Despite the gloom outside, any more exposure than this rendered the backscene invisible, so this is what we have. I think that is a big improvement and my brain tells me it is more near to reality. It would need some more tweaking, but nothing that can't be done. So there we go. The choice seems to be between "wrong but looks right", or "more nearly right, but still wrong". Why is the last image still wrong? The over sharp curve, of course, but also the fact that the backscene isn't PN at all - it's the North end of Doncaster works sidings. You may remember though my attempts at reproducing a prototype image, which didn't work, as the sidings were very much out of focus. Over to you folks.
  14. I have some major thinking to do today, but first more pictures of Mallard's progress. This might look better with some cropping, but I suspect there may be severe penalties for cropping out a B17. If there aren't, there should be.
  15. Time for the afternoon Talisman, which is again a top link job for 34A, and another A4 in immaculate condition. A very famous one too.
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