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  1. We come to the only time of the day when Up and Down Midland trains can be seen at PN at the same time. That is unless things are running seriously out of course. 42573 arrives , and slows for the stop. This should be the last Up Leicester that stops here until well into the evening, as the pressure on the Up main was just too great. I cheat though, as I know some of you like to see the occasional bit of Midland/LMS.
  2. I'm no wiser, I'm afraid. It is too dark to see them when they come through PN. Seriously, I do not know.
  3. Minoru is soon replaced at Platform 6 by this Spital Bridge 4, first stop on its way from East to Leicester.
  4. As it happens. I was just thinking that at last I don't have to tilt images about so that most signals look nearly square, instead of getting one right, and finding the rest at crazy angles. There isn't as much cash in the swear box now, either.
  5. The road is now clear, and Minoru can commence the last lap of its journey to Grantham.
  6. One more of Curlew, flanked by lovely signals, and in black and white.
  7. No, it isn't. Please delete, and thanks for the message. I really should pay more attention to things.
  8. I don't have many containers, and I suspect there should be rather more, so 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 and 10 might all help. Focused choice would be 9 and 10, which might allow me to run the Aberdeen meat/empties.
  9. Another view from on high. Goodness knows what our photographer managed to climb to get this view though.
  10. Time for another A1, Curlew this time, and the 8.00 Leeds. Taken from Spital Bridge, and somewhat zoomed. Quite sharp, though.
  11. The second early morning KX-Grantham now arrives. It left at 6.40am, and has had a very leisurely trip to get here, where it will wait for ten minutes. Again, often Pacific or V2 powered, today it has Minoru to handle a relatively light load.
  12. And a third and final look at the A1, again featuring new signals.
  13. We follow the A1, which does not stop here, as it heads for the end of the PSR, and harder work for the fireman.
  14. A relief to the 8.00am Leeds appears, with Doncaster A1 King's Courier in charge.
  15. Quicksilver now waits for the off at Platform 2. The only A4 with three chimneys.
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