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  1. Tonight we see the Friday version of the 8.05 KX-Newcastle, which brings a very well turned out KX A1. First seen negotiating the dogs leg curve. and then at rest at Platform 3.
  2. The simple answer is that your signal is vertical, and I know that because I saw you make sure it was. It is the rest that aren't, and sadly they will have got knocked over the years, which is why I'm so looking forward to the replacements. The trouble with that image is that if I lined up on the correct vertical, everything else looked crazy. This was the least worst option.
  3. Back to cold and gloomy again today, but I have plenty more images to process. The last two from a session nearly a week ago now. We have Dante on its way through. and Green Arrow with the Delaval Sidings- Holloway ECS.
  4. Gladiateur off on its way to Newcastle. to be followed by one of the local A2s on parcels duty again. This time it is Dante, on its way to Leeds.
  5. You would know better than me Lloyd. I just assumed that there would be a bus service from the station, rather than passengers having to walk into the City to find one. Most people would not have been able to afford taxis. Mind you, we did all do a lot more walking back then, didn't we?
  6. Plonk time.It looks black over Bill's mothers.
  7. My 1957 WTT doesn't show meat empties running at or around that time, in fact it doesn't show any at all. There is an Up Class C meat shown as leaving Aberdeen at 1017am, but having got no further than Huntingdon by 1057pm. That would put it down you way in the middle of the night, which I'm sure is what I have read elsewhere too. Could it be that by then there wasn't a dedicated train of empties, or that they ran as part of another Class C?
  8. The threatened fog has not materialised, so wall to wall sunshine again. Another view of the Talisman for now, and I will get on with more photoshopping later. Probably.
  9. Taken a lot of photos, finished the sequence, and started a new one, and fitted rather a lot of Hunt couplings. All of that means that I forgot to photoshop anything. One hasty effort here, 60143 with the Talisman, and some wonky bits.
  10. Another WD view this morning. Short of pictures again, but the sun is shining, so that may be remedied later.
  11. Gateshead A3 getting ready to go home, as the J3 runs past on the slow. then it is time for our next work stained WD.
  12. Another plonk. The clouds are gathering again.
  13. The setting sun glistened off the paintwork of the B17, but could find nothing to enable it to do the same when its replacement backed on. and while the Glasgow had another of its protracted station stops, our ghost J3 appeared on the slow with a transfer goods.
  14. The focus tonight is on Nottingham Forest again. One of the last B17s to get a general overhaul, in April 58, Colchester have kept that paint shop shine going. Quickly uncoupled, 61666 heads off to go on shed.
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