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  1. Another very one sided poll. Verney Junction 7, the rest one each. I could disqualify it, as you only wanted to go there for the beer, but I won't. On up the ECML today, from Peterborough to Doncaster, both of which are excluded. Here are your choices. Tallington, Little Bytham, Corby Glen, Great Ponton, Barkston, Hougham, Claypole, Newark North Gate, Crow Park, Tuxford, Ranskill Bawtry and Rossington. Not Essendine or Retford, which have been considered in the Junction category. You'll have seen photos of most of these, even if you aren't otherwise familiar with them, so where would you like to have stood and watched the trains go by?
  2. Dark and dismal today, but no complaints, as mid September has been lovely. Still up in the air, and looking down now on Sir Murrough Wilson waiting in the bay. But 60002 isn't waiting for this though. Patrick Stirling is at the head of a West Riding relief.
  3. One more look at the Elizabethan. I got the ISO and white balance a bit better on this one. Then off to the other end and back up in the air to look down on the Claud in number 1 bay.
  4. Another look at the Elizabethan while I have my afternoon cuppa.
  5. I went and photographed what was left some years back actually, but eventually decided on something bigger.
  6. That was a very one sided poll, with an immediate rush of votes for Sandy which meant that when other deserving stations were mentioned they stood no chance. Sandy 7 Hadley Wood 2. I may even run this one again later, but with Sandy ruled out. Not that I have anything against the place, of course. I think I may have detected one or two hints yesterday, so today's poll covers wayside stations between Oxford and Cambridge. Rule 1, no Sandy. Rule 2 not Cambridge or Bletchley either.
  7. You do seem to like these high level views. Is that just because you can see more of the layout in each shot? Anyway, there are more to come, as my new bendy little tripod is a delight to use, and I'm finding that I can bend the legs even more than I thought, which gives even more possibilities. So, here is the B1 waiting in the bay again. but the sound of a chime whistle from the north soon caused the camera to be swung round in order to see Golden Fleece leading the Elizabethan through the curves.
  8. ECS for York tonight, seen from Crescent Bridge as it runs into platform 6. and then at rest, where it will remain for some time.
  9. But unfortunately not on the ECML, Peter. Good story though.
  10. No problem, you'll have forgotten by the time it gets there.
  11. Another drawn poll, Audley End 3 Elsenham 3. Now it is time to return to the GN main line, and to consider the wayside stations between London and Peterborough. Finsbury Park is not included, as it is way too big, but any of the rest are OK. Where would you prefer to be? Amidst the bustle of the inner suburban stations, the slightly quieter outer suburban ring, or one of those small places now long gone from the railway map, but which were lovely places just to watch the trains go by? The market towns will be allowed too this time.
  12. A1 now departed, so attention is turned to local B1 61210 in number 4 bay with the 3.00pm to Grimsby. The usual clanking and wheezing then announces that another WD is on the way to Ferme Park.
  13. Agreed Ian, but some people don't like bankers, do they? I tend to think of banking as something that carries on for further than just the length of a platform, but of course you are far more well versed in this than I.
  14. All trains loading to 11 or more on the Down Main had to be given a helping hand by one of the pilots giving a shove from behind. The pilot would not be coupled up, and was required to go no further than the North end of the platform. Just an excuse to get more smoke under the roof, I reckon. Seriously, it probably did help the chap at the front to get started onto the dog's leg curve.
  15. Tonight's locomotive is WP Allen, and the train is the 1.20pm West Riding express. He will be waiting for a pilot to buffer up now, as there are 13 coaches behind the tender.
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