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  1. A few quiet minutes, then the signal is pulled off on the Up, and a well cleaned KX A1 appears, at the head of another Friday relief, from the West Riding this time.
  2. Once more, the view from Spital Bridge. I do wish I could push the outside wall back a bit, so that I could get the loco more in the middle of the composition. If I did though, I'd have quite a long fall into the pond.
  3. Steve did not arrive empty handed yesterday, he brought with him this lovely little van, another addition to grace PN. I will leave him to explain how he did it, as it was by no means straightforward.
  4. These engines came from either New England or Doncaster, so no additional crud would have been needed. The chances of either shed cleaning them before sending then down south would be minimal, and the chances of a nice clean newly outshopped engine being sent would be nil.
  5. The problem is Paul, that the camera does lie, or at least in can when I'm behind it. It really is hard to explain how some of the apparent defects that people have seen from my earlier photos either don't exist at all, or have been considerably magnified. Seeing is believing. I understand that the gap between the arrival of air freighted locos for review, and the production run, is normally about six weeks. We live in abnormal times, but hopefully it won't be too long before everyone can see them for themselves.
  6. A3 rolling through non stop. Plenty of lattices to cope with, as usual, but at least the photographer is safer this time. If that 9F starts moving, we are in for a major incident.
  7. Lovely day today, as I had a visit from our duck and 31A Steve. Clive should have been with us too, but sadly he isn't feeling too well at the moment. Anyway, two more people have now been able to see the V2 in the flesh, as it were, to watch it run, and to hear it too. I shall leave them, should they so wish, to give you their views about it. Some looking at books, talking about V2s on the Southern, and other things, but just great to be able to spend a pleasant few hours with friends again. Now to a train, though this one had arrived some days ago, and left long before the guys arrived. This is the 2.52 Newcastle, a Friday relief to the 3.10. It has a Grantham A3, and a cameraman who is extremely foolhardly, even if he has some one on the platform ready to shout "Its behind you". I reckon the footsteps of the A3 will get him anyway.
  8. We are in the dead hour now, so another load of coal can be started on the haul to Ferme Park.
  9. A stationary 9F at the excursion platform now, which is being passed by another on the slow, with more empties. That one too will be stationary very soon.
  10. Now the mid afternoon York parcels runs into Platform 6, where during its 20 minute stop, the pilots will no doubt be removing from and adding to its load.
  11. Now it is the turn of the B1 to begin its slow journey to Grantham.
  12. I suspect you may be being naughty Clive, but that wouldn't be like you, would it? How about if we swop tender wheels? Then yours would be all wrong, but mine would be all right.
  13. Rivets round the smokebox are correct, though I think some consider them to be over scale on the model. The problem is the thickness of the door itself, which should be effectlvely flush with the front of it.That also existed on the pre production samples which we saw some months back. Andy Y is contacting Bachmann to get their comments on that, and indeed on the tender wheels. It would, I think, be a good idea if further speculation ceased until a reply is forthcoming. Overall, an excellent model, I agree, despite the deficiencies which have been raised. The one I can't live with is that fat smokebox door, so Tim will be dealing with it when the loco goes home with him next week.
  14. Without wishing to be unduly contentious, may I ask this. If you discovered the tender wheels to be the wrong type, would that alone cause you to decide not to buy a model? My view is that on any RTR model there will be things that are wrong. They may be mistakes by the manufacturer in the tooling process, lack of proper research, or quite possibly things in the manufacturing process that just aren't able to reproduce some detail with complete fidelity. There is the question of cost too. Will any sane manufacturer go to extreme lengths to get every single detail correct, even if it is possible, if the result will be that the price will be so high that prospective purchasers in droves will be put off buying? In the case of the Bachmann V2, one has to look closely to see what type the tender wheels are. Does the fact that they may be the wrong type unduly detract from the overall impression of the model? And is that sufficient to cause a decision not to buy it? That has to come down to a matter of personal preference, and I would suggest that it is not going to concern the majority of prospective purchasers.
  15. Bachmann it is. I have to say though that I find the Hornby B1 to be a better model, and certainly far superior when it comes to haulage power.
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