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  1. One more look at Sir Murrough. and shortly afterwards another knight, Sir Walter, starts away towards home.
  2. Pictures tonight are of the Talisman approaching, the loco being 60002. Very rarely seen during spotting hours that one. Nice views, but pigs to photoshop.
  3. I well remember that short period of double summer time, as I thought it was great. I was very disappointed when it ended because farmers in the North of Scotland were complaining half the day had gone before they could do any work. There was actually discussion about having different time zones. They can go back to that when they get independence.
  4. That's because someone is better at photoshopping than I am. The added steam/smoke is some of the most realistic I have seen. The bottom one is indeed genuine.
  5. I've seen a photo somewhere of an A3 just South of Peterborough, said to be taken in 1959, and that was hauling a rake of ex LMS stock, but I can't at the moment find any more detail of what the service might have been. It's a double chimney A3 and in colour, so the timescale stated is correct.
  6. But there are some of us who can remember double daylight saving time. According to records that was last tried from 1968 to 1971, bu I reckon that is a typo and that it actually started in 1958. That being the case, there was still plenty of light on a fine evening, even in August.
  7. I would assume so Jeff, though if the driver was a regular visitor to PN he would have a good idea himself probably. No doubt our ex railwaymen will be able to give us a definitive answer.
  8. More WD this morning, as it continues its slow but steady progress.
  9. It's nearly ten years ago, but yes, I believe it is.
  10. Another WD heads for Ferme Park, as it has done many times before. and as it plods onwards, a J50 comes to a stand on the Down slow, at the end of a shift shunting South yard.
  11. Norman Saunders of Just Tracks built the pointwork on the station side. If I remember correctly it is C&L based, but a lot of it was scratchbuilt. Fiddle yard side is Peco code 75.
  12. Yes, Tony has made sure they do. I really would like another slleping car formation, but I really fancy the Gresley 66ft 6 cars, which creates a large problem.
  13. Today I shall be shopping, followed by paddling and a bit of shivering. At PN though, it is still a balmy evening, as Cambridge's B2 Framlingham enters with the Colchester- Glasgow. It is a long train this evening, though most of it is still parcels traffic, so the B2 ends up standing well clear of the platform.
  14. Sea Eagle is at the head of the first sleeping car express of the evening, so our man recorded the formation, though I think he may have done it before. Still no time for philosophising.
  15. Just sprung away a little Derek, but as usual the camera makes it look much worse. It will be going in to works shortly, as someone forgot it should have a different diagram boiler, so all can be remedied then.
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