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  1. That was a lovely day, made better by a change of scenery, and tomorrow I get to play golf again. Still thinking of a subject for the next poll though. Our train tonight is a relief to the 8.00am KX-Leeds, and A1 Amadis brings it through. That bloke has been up on Spital Bridge again, and trying different angles. Just this one for now, though.
  2. My money is on not. I'd have thought a care home, which has vulnerable people, would have priority slots for delivery.
  3. Oops, wrong excursion! The B17 should be on one to Skeggy, which leaves a bit later. This one of course should have an Ivatt 4. Someone will get a telling off.
  4. Trip to Melton done, and full marks to Sainsburys. Click and collect is in a remote corner, a long way from the store, so no-one down there apart from us click and collectors, and there were only three of us when I arrived. All done very safely too. So, an almost perfect experience, save for watching the woman in front of me loading 28 bags into her car! Of course she did this very slowly too, so I had to remind myself that I was in no hurry..... more than once. Anyway, the drive back through the Vale on such a glorious day more than made up for that. Afternoon image is a close up of B17 Tottenham Hotspur.
  5. Hi Jamie, Great to see another young modeller, and an ECML one at that. This looks an interesting project, and I wish you all the best with it.If I can help at any time, please let me know, it would be a pleasure to assist in any way I can.
  6. Trains are running, and in complete contrast to yesterday, no problems at all so far. Tea is being consumed, and an excursion to Hunstanton is at Platform 6. It started from East, so it has a GE section loco. Why from March though? Spital Bridge must be a bit short. At least someone remembered that the B17 must have a short tender, otherwise there will be turntable problems at the other end.
  7. There are a few wherever you go Derek.
  8. Langar, Harby, Hose, Scalford. That was the way I always used to go when I was prosecuting miscreants in Melton.
  9. Shock news. The favourite is beaten. Kestrel beats Deltic by 8 votes to 6. Today I will adopt Jonathan's suggestion, and we will go for the most attractive narrow gauge locomotive. I know we've already done Garratts and articulated, but that deprives a host of lovely little engines of their chance to shine.
  10. Once again a glorious day, and the garden is a sight to behold. Later I'm off to Melton Mowbray to get some click and collect groceries, the first time the car will have gone any distance for ages. A slow drive through the Vale of Belvoir on a day like this will be a big boost. Morning photos, and another A4, this time Gannet on the Up Nottingham. Now the poll, which may be closer than I thought.
  11. Wow, that was quick. My garage is now clear for the first time in years. Mind you, it isn't wide enough to get a medium size car in there. It was built 25 years ago, by the way, not way back when cars were smaller. Evening images focus on the Fair Maid again, the first from Platform 3. The next one is from up in the air again.
  12. It does appear that there are quite a few followers of this thread who rather like Deltics, whether prototype or production. But why isn't anyone voting for the one with the really practical white paint job? I have done housework, and arranged for clearance of 25 years worth of accumulated rubbish from my garage. I am now in a state of shock, and having a cup of tea and a banana. Your afternoon image is a rear three quarter view of an A4. Why is it that I invariably type iamge instead of image, amd waht instead of what? I have just had to concentrate hard to make sure that I typed them incorrectly.
  13. Some operating sessions are pure pleasure, as everything is where it is supposed to be, and runs smoothly and without falling off. Others are not, and this morning is one of them. So far we have a lost headboard, a stuttering loco, no cause yet found, cassettes in the wrong place in the storage box, mistakes on the new sequence, and a missing BSO. I can live with a missing headboard, as it is quite small. but how can a BSO disappear? A calming mug of tea is now being consumed, and with it comes your elevenses image. Wild Swan with the Fair Maid passes B1 waiting to resume its journey to KX. A4's headboard is not missing, it does not currently exist. Well, not in my possession, anyway. Shortly I will ascend once more to the railway, and with patience and common sense, deal with problems.
  14. Striking and innovative Peter, rather than successful, were the criteria. I don't think we could exclude DP1 and Deltic. As it happens they led further, whereas others did not, but that doesn't necessarily mean they were the most striking visually, or the most innovative. Some others may have been too innovative for their own good.
  15. The poll result. I'm not surprised at the identity of the winner, but I am at the margin of victory. HST gathered 11 votes, and nothing else got more than two or three. Very few steam locos even got a mention, even though there were some which were still performing the same duties, and very competently too, for which they had been designed 40 years previously. However, HST may have ensured the survival of at least long distance rail travel in the UK, and for that we should be very grateful. What to do today? The remaining suggestion in my inbox is that we finish off diesels by considering the various prototypes built from the late 1940s onwards. Of course the Fell may just romp away with this, but let's give it a go. The most attractive design of diesel prototype, perhaps with innovative features thrown in. Some of them didn't work, and others didn't lead to anything further, but that is irrelevant here. The most striking and innovative please. Any more ideas please? This does seem to be giving interest and pleasure, so I'd like to keep it going. Two very good suggestions gave us yesterday and today's polls, so more in that vein if you can.
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