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  1. As yesterday brought a lovely sunny day where only gloom had been forecast, I was able to top up the image store. That means austerity can be lifted a little, and we can look at D209 under the roof with the 2.00pm Newcastle.
  2. Not much stupidity in Norfolk or Suffolk, apparently. Closure between Cambridge and Marks Tey was most mentioned, but no firm agreement on which route. We shall now retreat to the West Midlands, and look for misguided closures there.
  3. Tango again this morning. Not my best effort.
  4. This evening features an O2 bringing more empties along the Down slow. The gap under the signal box will disappear once we decide on its final position. I still haven't quite made up my mind what is going to happen to this corner.
  5. Being idle again. Oxford to Cambridge won by a street, so I haven't bothered doing a full count. Today, let's look at Norfolk and Suffolk, but please remember it is not just about nostalgia. Some lines weren't viable then, and still wouldn't be now, so concentrate on those which can now be seen to have been a big short sighted mistake. And I wish the M&GN was still with us too.
  6. And so to the very last view of Grand Parade, for a while at least.
  7. 517 had the original boiler with round dome until 1960, so you would need to take account of that.
  8. And so Grand Parade goes on its way. I wonder if it will be seen down south again before its next overhaul? Well, yes it will, because it doesn't take me 18 months to work through the sequence, and anyway there is one more image to come, but that's tomorrow.
  9. Mapperley tunnel was certainly a very convenient excuse Paul, I agree. The cost of remedying that 60 years ago would have been insignificant compared with what has been spent since, on the trams, for example. Still, railways back then were dirt and outmoded things weren't they, especially if you were a Transport Minister with large holdings in the road transport business, or a property developer?
  10. 11 votes for what we can generically call the E.Lincs, though bits of it are still open. It really did deprive the residents of a large swathe of Lincolnshire from any form of railway connection, and should have been retained on social grounds, if nothing else. Now you will have to indulge me for a little while, as I get rid of a bee in my bonnet. Or alternatively just ignore what follows. If you got on a train at Nottingham Victoria, which was, by the way, the station closest to the city centre, you could go south to Weekday Cross junction, and branch off the old GC th
  11. Grand Parade now creeps past Silver King as it slows to a stop. I've juggled with the balance of this for ages, but it has defeated me. Can any of you clever chaps do anything with it? Not fake smoke and steam please, just trying to get highlights shadow etc a bit better.
  12. 62613 is seen again, having moved down to number 1 bay, and at the head of the 3.22pm to East.
  13. I put the two together Phil, as there may be some poor benighted people who are not well acquainted with our part of the world.
  14. Sorry, not allowing the whole London extension. There are other candidates, both in Notts and Lincs.
  15. Right, local knowledge here. Think more locally David. Very locally, in fact.
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