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  1. More Yorkshire Pullman. Pommern under the roof. and out into daylight again. On with things I shall now get.
  2. I travelled hopefully, and arrived. Hope lasted until the 7th hole, where I took ten. B***** ball hit a tree, and shot sideways fifty yards and out of bounds. One does not win with a ten on the card. Tonight's pictures. First, Doncaster at rest. Then the Up Yorkshire Pullman, behind Copley Hill's A1 Pommern. Another very common sight, as all that shed's engines were. It was a nearly new ball, as well.........
  3. "It is often better to travel hopefully than to arrive." Did Confucius say that? It definitely applies to golf today. But I must remember that it is "only a game". It is busy on the Up just now, and next to arrive is the 1130 from Kings Lynn, Ivatt hauled, of course. Not one of my better efforts, but the tried and trusted rear three quarter shot from under Crescent Bridge came out better. Recently transfered to KX, 60048 is revisiting its former home with the 1040 KX- Grantham. I've just noticed some more starlings. They must fly in after I've finished photoshopping.
  4. Two more looks at Doncaster Rovers, one which I couldn't be bothered to photoshop the other day, and the other which did get done, as that one waited till today.
  5. I'll try to find out. That would be brilliant if it is possible. I do it all manually, and it can be very time consuming and sometimes very difficult and frustrating.
  6. There are days when I'm a bit down, and need something to lift my spirits. Your kind and generous words have done that for me, and I am very grateful. That was a real boost, just when needed.
  7. Brilliant Steve, definitely starlings, and I suspect they may feature again in future.
  8. No update last night, as I was in a foul mood. I shall not bore you with the reason(s). I couldn't be a***d with photoshopping stuff either, so what we are left with is this. The next one is the 1247 arrival from Doncaster via the GN/GE, which has a most appropriate engine, though that never occured to me at the time. I did shop this, but as you can see, did not notice all the mess in the sky. Normally, I wouldn't be able to put up with this, but yesterday I wasn't prepared to go back and put it right. Put it down to cheap 1950s camera or film.
  9. Good point Stewart. The problem is that I then have to make them, and fit them, which is even more difficult these days. I may have a go though.
  10. The B12 starts off towards home with the 1237 Cambridge. Then it is time for one of three Pullmans in quick succession. Well turned out KX top link A1 Great Eastern brings the Up Tees-Tyne towards the station. Believe it or not, I had three or four goes at getting that lamp straight.
  11. There's a train to Cambridge due to leave shortly, which means a GE engine is likely to be seen. The pilot brought the stock in, and the loco is backing on. We do indeed have one of Cambridge shed's sadly diminishing number of B12s, so let's enjoy it while we can. We enjoy A3s too, but mot so much when they have been allowed to get into this sad external condition. Gladiateur sets off for home with the Glasgow.
  12. One A4 is soon followed by another, as Walter.K. Whigham appears with the 1100 Glasgow. This is another one on the Timming list.
  13. Eventually David. There is quite a long list of locos still to be done, and I keep causing delays by buying new ones as well.
  14. A frustrating day. My meeting turned out to be a cleverly concealed sales pitch, so we walked out, a complete waste of two and a half hours. Golf this afternoon was back to 450 yards to hit two shots, and four more to get the ****** ball another twenty yards and into the hole. PN is far less frustrating, even when things fall off, which did not happen as the 1000 Up Leeds ran through. This was the return working of the KX A4 which took the previous evenings Yorkshire Pullman, but this one is not up to usual Top Shed standards, as it hasn't had the Tim treatment yet.
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