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  1. Not London terminii, but the Blackpool-Portsmouth service was HST for a few years around 1999-ish. The route was Reading-Guildford-Pompey Direct. The service terminated at Portsmouth & Southsea and never went into the Harbour AFAIK. A great train for getting to Fratton Park for the football on a Saturday, but the return left before kick-off.
  2. There was a period when the engine change happened at Coventry.
  3. Some of the companies that do "Print at Home" building kits do a freebie "try before you buy" kit. Like this one... https://scalescenes.com/product/t002b-low-relief-warehouse/ Download one of those and scale it from OO to O.
  4. I have a sort of similar extraction situation.... The rules and regulations state that I need an extractor fan for the room (it's in a cellar) and in addition, I have had a outlet pipe (4"/100mm) incorporated into my house build specifically for spray-booth extraction. Mine is directly above my work bench, so I won't have the problems of distance that you will. I have purchased some aluminum flex hosing that would be used for a tumble dryer and I'll use that to go from the back of my spray-booth to the outlet pipe. I seem to remember that the hobby spray-booth fan was actually more powerful than a typical bathroom extractor. Would you be better off with an industrial extractor/filter on a trolley? There's probably some hobby versions available for welding?
  5. I'm looking for a ViTrains 37800 'Glo Cymru' body complete and in the original Railfreight Coal Sector livery. (There's one on eBay but it's in primer and has no noses !!) As an alternative to buying, I have the following ViTrains bodies which I could swap - 37131 (BR Blue), 37201 (RF petroleum), 37710 (Mainline). Thanks
  6. Well, having read through 10 pages of this thread, I now know where to come to if I need any expert advice on international shipping insurance and how to run a small model railway manufacturing company Can anyone confirm when the Original livery / revised livery transition started / ended?
  7. Although not specifically electrical, this thread might be worth five minutes of your time...
  8. I took a loco through Manchester Airport some time ago, and the customs guy was obviously excited by the large lump of dense material (the loco weight) and some wires he saw on the x-ray. The conversation went like this... "Is this your bag Sir?" "Yes, and it's a model railway locomotive you can see" "Oh...................Ohhhhhhhhhh, my Dad used to have a layout in the garage. I remember it was Perko and Hornby" "Peco. They make the track." "That's right. He used to paint all the little figures and make his own scenery. Sorry to delay you, have a good flight."
  9. My opinion…. The chances of a business setting themselves up to sell UK produced kit products in Europe is pure fantasy. The market for such products is tiny; half a dozen dedicated enthusiasts on an internet forum does not constitute a profitable marketing opportunity. Going forward, obtaining UK products in Europe will involve getting on a plane with a large suitcase.
  10. Reading the User guide on their website, I'm seeing no electrical connection incorporated in the joiner. You can add droppers to the aligner at either side of your join, but this is an alignment device and not an electrical connecting device.
  11. Even the cheapest set of those blocks is about £8. The ProTrack Rail Aligner is £10. I know it's tempting to "make your own", but sometimes buying the proper job is just, well, easier?
  12. Class 08 - any in blue The Hornby one is a little bit better than the Bachmann one, but there's not much between them. Hornby do a TTS chip for the 08 - there are plenty of videos on YouTube. Class 20 - probably in green The current Bachmann one is better than the old Hornby/Lima one. The recently announced update was a strange one; most people were fairly happy with the current tooling. Folk may want to upgrade to the "latest'n'greatest" so you may pick up a second hand one at a good price. If you get a sound chip fitted make sure it has a volume control !! The constant whistling from these is the bane of many an exhibition (and I love 20's). Class 17 - green or blue Heljan is your only option here. A sound chip would have to come from one of the independent suppliers. Class 121 - green with whiskers Bachmann has the slight edge in detail over the Dapol one. The Dapol one can be found at less than £100, the Bachmann one is about £20 more. Sound fitted options are also available from both manufacturers - this link might be useful...
  13. Well if you can run a 108 as an excursion from the barren North Lands, why not run a 108 with a 121 or 122 tagged on the back?
  14. Network SouthEast does not equal BR Southern region. ;-)
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