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  1. Most pre-orders come with the caveat that the prices may change. And with Bachmann's announce/release schedule measured in decades, I don't know of any retailer who would risk guaranteeing a price. And no online retailer (who wants to stay in business) will honour a genuine pricing mistake.
  2. We should change the thread title to "Bargain Announcements (no gloating allowed)".
  3. If they are trying to capture what is a tiny, tiny market (Hungarians, who model current day operations, who are willing to have mixed gauge models), they might have been better to try it out with one of the old tooling Hornby 86 or Lima 87s. It's certainly an interesting livery but I fear it'll still be on the shelves many months after release; something that wouldn't happen with a Large Logo class 56. And if you're chasing cash flow...
  4. Awesome. Six days in and I think we have "2020 Post of the Year".
  5. Not much for me - barely a handful of “Sectorisation” period items. Looking at the Class 91 situation; wonder how much of the (pretty well informed) market would actually move from Cavalex to Hornby? Or will we get a “Terrier” situation where I suspect many are waiting for the Rails of Sheffield version to hit the shelves before making a purchasing decision. I’d imagine the RTC liveried items will sell well and the buffered HST power cars are a nice surprise but generally any post-Tops, pre-privatisation modellers are probably moving on rapidly. Can anyone shed some light on the “EX- Mk1s SK Ballast Cleaner Train Staff coaches”? I’ve never heard of ballast cleaning – replacement yes, but not cleaning ?? And still no Fell diesel…
  6. There are some folk round here who have a very, very odd view of how retailing works...
  7. Hattons have re-visited their "12 days of Christmas" deals. All the offers are available again until the end of tomorrow. https://tinyurl.com/ueffa2x
  8. To my un-trained eye, the Highland Stag logo is the only difference between the blue/grey and Highland stag version; which is still available at £79. So £79, a cotton bud and some suitable removing fluid and you've got your blue/grey 121.
  9. Amazon deal on Dremel Tool Dremel 3000 Rotary Tool 130 W, Rotary Multi Tool Kit with 15 Accessories, Variable Speed 10000-33000 rpm for Cutting, Sanding, Drilling, Polishing, Carving, Sharpening, Engraving, Cleaning. https://tinyurl.com/rkyg2wk Reduced from £49.99 to £28.99 (average price is around £40) It's a corded one, but that's a hell of a reduction.
  10. Elephant in the room question...... Why announce this three days before Warley? It is surely a "Warley-esque" announcement, as the Deltic was last year. I wonder if another manufacturer has had the carpet whipped out from beneath them? Yours Truly, Mr Suspicious-Cynic
  11. Will the shops who have stock (like Kernow for example) be applying the same discounts ?
  12. My experience from a basement in Switzerland with regards to humidity… Recommended humidity is between 30-50%. I use a de-humidifier to keep the humidity levels under control and this works fine apart from having to empty the bucket every few days during the summer, when humidity levels can creep up to 75%. Most dehumidifiers have an option to collect the water in a bucket or send it through a pipe to a drain. During the colder months humidity is not such an issue; I looked yesterday and the level was 45% with outside temps in the low single figures. If outside temps are that low, the level of building insulation will clearly have a bearing on the inside temp. I’d be looking at a thermostatically controlled heater that stops the temps dropping too low. What “too low” is – I’m not sure, but around 10-15 deg. perhaps?
  13. Heljan have a good spares set-up via Howes of Oxford. They sell various sprues which may contain the part you are looking for; along with a few others that you don't.
  14. I’m currently working towards a new modelling workbench and I was considering using a 635mm deep kitchen worktop. After I’ve installed 150mm of storage drawers for tools, paints, random stuff etc., I’m left with 485mm; about 19” in old money. Will that be sufficient? Anyone have less and need more? Anyone have more and needs less? Notes… I’m going to use an A2 cutting mat which is 420mm deep. Width is not an issue I’m modelling in OO (and possibly O)
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