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  1. If someone has a product that is resistant to all that abuse, you might want to find out what it is, bottle it, make a good marketing plan and start planning your retirement :-)
  2. Really depends on the environment your planning on putting them into. Garage or Loft might be a problem. Spare bedroom might not be. They use slip joints in the real world; can you add something along those lines (excuse the pun).
  3. Class 66 coming back from Switzerland ?? Are you sure? I used to see the odd EWS Class 66 come through Basel about 10 years ago (the ex-UK ones that were allocated to France), but they never got further than Pratteln.
  4. Replace the board? No arseing around with bits of cork, dust, hassle etc.
  5. Look at photos of locos, wagons, coaches. They all weather differently. Don't go down the road of slapping a single colour on and thinking it looks realistic. Grime builds up over time with different "crap" sticking to different bits of the underframe (oil, brake dust, ballast dust etc.). You should try to replicate that by applying a little , walking away and coming back later with a different colour mix. Traffic is also a consideration; aggregate weathering looks very different to coal weathering.
  6. You might want to take a look here... https://www.modelraildatabase.com/
  7. Sell the kids - then you can keep the TV and eliminate the muttering.
  8. Great stuff. Look forward to the next installment.
  9. Please, please, please can you remove the items that are no longer in stock ? Nothing more frustrating than thinking you've found a bargain, to have it snatched away from you by those horrible three letters - NLA !!!
  10. Finally found the info - RM November 1994.
  11. Roy Langridge's post (last but one on page 157) is where you should be looking; all the details are there.
  12. Nothing wrong with many of the Lima models. There was a good article in The Railway Modeller some time ago that showed how to carry out a very similar upgrade; I'll dig out the details over the weekend. I seem to remember the main area of improvement was the underframe.
  13. It did in some quarters and it will again; and that will be amplified by greater internet access/use. Imagine someone coming back into the hobby after ten years, when Lima was the go-to option for class 47 at £50. In 2015 that someone would find the RRP for a Bachmann 47 was £115 giving a street price of £99. Now we have an RRP of £229 and a street price of £199. That kind of change cannot be maintained in an ever narrowing market.
  14. Also worth noting is the tooling obviously covers at least two of the boiler port types... 47815 / 492 / 578 - Spanner MkIII 47596 / 501 / 600 - Clayton And as they re all post-Tops numbers, they will have the Serck Radiator Shutters.
  15. The £229 price conveniently gives you £199 after the usual 15% discount. I'm sure this is a huge factor in the pricing choice; all hell will break loose when the £200 barrier is broken for an non-sound fitted, non-weathered loco.
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