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  1. Hi lwnameplates - I believe that's the difficulty right now, determining genuine reason without it coming across as hostile. Around here (Leicester) the majority of people I see maskless in shops don't have a lanyard and that is likely where the most of the problem arises, nor however do I think it's fair to 'label' people either by forcing lanyard wearing. It's tough for both sides. How we respond is important. At least throughout the discussion everyone feels that assault is absolutely uncalled for.
  2. "By law businesses must remind people to wear face coverings where they are required, for instance using signage. If necessary, police can issue fines to members of the public for non-compliance." Quoted directly from the Government website guidance for shops - Section 6.2 - Face Coverings. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19/shops-and-branches#shops-6-2 Yes - the same guidance in Section 6.2 also states "Some people don’t have to wear a face covering including for health, age or equality reasons." If a shop worker politely asked someo
  3. There is no excuse for any kind of threat or assault regardless of 'exemptions', COVID or not - at any time past, present or future. That's just a lack of basic human decency. Keep safe. Customers who are worthwhile will understand.
  4. Recently got some custom boards from Grainge and Hodder - was about 12 weeks total but I think the normal standard range ships faster. The three main suppliers recommended to me were Tim Horn, White Rose and Grainge and Hodder.
  5. One problem with having the CAD sold is if it's cut by a third party and there's alignment issues, who gets the blame? Hattons for a 'faulty' CAD? The company cutting the boards? Each type of cutter will be different, laser v. water, types of wood will differ. Then you've got the can of worms that is intellectual property rights. What's to stop someone opening their own baseboard business with the hard work Hattons have done so far?
  6. Sadly better to disappoint with the pre-orders being cancelled than having to deal with substandard items going to customers and risking return / knock to reputation. Presumably Hattons will have the CAD work for these boards should a supplier be found in the future.
  7. Nice heavy box arrived this week with boards, whilst the parcel was weighty the boards themselves are quite light individually. Much better than my previous homemade attempts which were difficult to move.
  8. All resolved now, many thanks to folks at Grainge and Hodder.
  9. Interesting. I'll send another email and then call next week. They've always been highly recommended so I don't think it's anything purposeful. I may have just gotten lost in the system!
  10. I saw the notice on the website but it says they prefer email, so I didn't want to call and bother them too much.
  11. Has anyone heard from Grainge and Hodder recently? I placed an order for a few boards about 8 weeks ago but all seems to have gone quiet. I suspect COVID-19 + lockdown 2 aren't helping and may be causing delays, just wanted to check everything was alright.
  12. Nice to get a few more Class 31s. Sound isn't my thing but good to see options being included for those who enjoy it in these smaller gauge locos.
  13. Third shelf up on the very right (presenters left) look like possible HAAs, in with all the O gauge models. The glass door makes deciding if the wagon ends are flat or angled very difficult.
  14. Having recently looked at having some boards made I know there is currently a waiting list for nearly most pre-cut board manufacturers, Hattons may have seen that demand and wanted part of the action.
  15. I'm sure like the rest of your locos the Class 14 will be well worth the wait - and from the metal shown above well worth the weight!
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