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  1. Mike, There is an article, with scale drawings of 0-8-0 Sentinel 10143 / Army 610 in issue 98 of Narrow Gauge & Industrial Review. Please get in touch of you'd like more info. Clive.
  2. Thanks for the heads up, you have a PM. Clive.
  3. Hi all, Probably a long shot, but does anyone out there have an OO Ian Kirk LNER Quint Art 5-car articulated set kit that they might be prepared to part with please? Regards, Clive
  4. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has a Rosencombe Replicas Hymac 590 kit that they would be prepared to part with if possible. Many thanks, Clive.
  5. The IRS South West book agrees that the 0-6-0 Thomas Hill is TH 261 V of 1976. The dates given for it's hire spell at Whatley are 7/6/1987 until 9/7/1988. Clive.
  6. Hi Eric, Etched windows to replace those in the Skytrex engine shed / warehouse mouldings are available from Geoff Taylor of GT Buildings Models here; http://www.gtbuildingsmodels.co.uk/page11f%20etches%20list%204.html The item you want is No.644 on his listings: http://www.gtbuildingsmodels.co.uk/page11g%20etches%20pics%205.html Geoff drew them to my commission when I encountered similar issues to you. Regards, Clive.
  7. I'd agree that top right is a D&S Great Eastern 10t Van. There were two versions, unfitted with 4 shoe brakes and fitted with 8 shoe clasp brakes. Inage of the prototype here http://ukrailways1970tilltoday.me.uk/wagons.html
  8. Hi Chris, The South Western Circle have drawings available for the Station Building, Goods Shed and Signal Box from Bodmin North. You do need to be a member to purchase them though. Sorry but having difficulty posting a link to their site... Hope this helps. Clive.
  9. Salisbury & South Wilts Railway Society present their 2015 Exhibition on 9th & 10th May Saturday 9th May 10:30 to 4:30 Sunday 10th May 10:00 to 4:00 Michael Herbert Hall, South Street, Wilton, Salisbury SP2 0JS Layouts; Loftus Road OO Worthing MRC Wadebridge N Keith Barnett SSWRS Minster Bottom N Dave Lear Tom's Wharf 1:55 Tom Snook Bottle Kiln Lane 009 John Thorne Neerly Nunne OO Jeff Wilson & Phil Brown South We
  10. Ben, Have a look at the Monty's Models range of figures, available from Dart Castings. There are a couple of likely candidates to be found there; http://www.dartcastings.co.uk/montys.php#MSV11return
  11. The cast plate pictured carries the date JAN 1909, does that suggest a build date? That would scupper the Port of Par theory..... although I woild be delighted to be proved wrong!
  12. Southernregionmodels / Ayjay Kits are working on masters for class 508 / 313 kits at present, first picture of the masters here; http://www.southernregionmodels.co.uk/
  13. Invicta now have painted samples showing on their site; http://www.invictamodelrail.com/exclusive-models-117-c.asp So hopefully they're not too far away now. Price now showing as TBC though. I enquired about this at the Chatham show and the bad news is that they reckon they may be in the region of £35 now and at that level they wouldn't be able to honour the pre-order price without suffering a loss on these models.
  14. http://www.invictamodelrail.com/new-Bachmann---33-079z-exclusive-limited-edition-set-of-3-st-weathered-departmental-wagons-3331-p.asp These look suspiciously like the Dia 1/051 13t China Clay tooling to me. Oh dear............
  15. until
    Event Name: Salisbury Model Railway Exhibition Classification: Exhibition Address: Michael Herbert Hall,South Street,Wilton,Wiltshire,SP2 0JS Day 1: Saturday 10th May Opening times Day 1: 10:30 - 16:30 Day 2: Sunday 11th May Opening times Day 2: 10:00 - 16:00 Prices: Adult
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