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  1. Yeah, I have tried the Footplate in Kidderminster before, but is a box shifter with a fair bit of 2nd hand. I had a look on the Tennent's website and couldn't find any bits and pieces either, which is why I put up the OP.
  2. No need to worry now, the shops will be shut now. I suppose all you modellers have spent all day sitting in traffic on your way to Devon and Cornwall.
  3. Hi All Any ideas of where I might pick up some 1/8 inch axle spacers in this area, i left mine at home and need a few to finish wheeling up a chassis. TIA.
  4. You will know when you get to the flux as it will smoke, if you leave it to long it will burn and stick to the iron forming crud on the none tinned surfaces.
  5. MERG have single units, they are set by using a screwdriver operated potentialometers. You need to be a member or know someone who is.
  6. When I solder up multi pin connectors, I tin the end of the wire, using a cocktail stick, I put a drop of rosin flux in the hole, push the end of the wire in and a quick zap with the iron, job done.
  7. I'm using some that's several years old, no problems with it, I buy it a litre at a time and have hardly used much of it.
  8. There were also diverted mainline trains, when the sea wall was closed, although there no 4-6-0s as far as I'm aware.
  9. Some bloke had, had his new BMW 20 minutes when it got hit in the rear by one of our buses. He'd stopped on the hatching to go to the hole in the wall, blocking the road so the bus couldn't get get by, as he got back in the car the bus driver gave him some verbal, so as he drove away and the bus followed he braked and then drove on and braked again, the third time he did it the bus hit him. The best of it was, there was an off duty policeman on the bus, who rung up his mates, so not only get clobbered for both parties repairs he also got done for without due care and attention. I was driving the bus behind, fortunately I left a decent gap.
  10. Looks very good. I have a suggestion, could you fit a piece of tube transversely across the tender chassis to match the vacuum reservoir end castings between the front and middle axle boxes? At least I think that's what it was, I don't have my GW loco book to hand to check.
  11. Birchwood Casey is the manufacturer of Gun Blue. There are two types, but I have only ever used the one for steel, which seems to work ok on brass and nickel silver. You may be able to get it in Spain or a similar product from a gun shop, I assume that shot guns are available over there.
  12. Very nice, only spoilt by the shiny brass screws, a bit of gun blue will get rid of that. What's next on the agenda?
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