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  1. Hi Mike, Several years ago, I phoned David White at Slaters and I got a load of brass castings from him including the commode handles, I think it might be worth giving him a ring, unless you like making commode handles.
  2. I don't want Eurostar to go bust, at least not yet, they owe me a weekend in Antwerp and there's no way I would fly to Belgium or France for that matter, I prefer to let the train take the strain. Rail is a lot more civilised than flying,
  3. The EMGS shows are Bracknell in May and somewhere up North, the last one in '19 and the '20 if it had happened were in Wakefield in September. The Scaleforum shows are normally April in Wakefield and September in Aylesbury, but the Aylesbury location may be changing. Both shows are Saturday and Sunday affairs.
  4. In the Plymouth area where sandwich operation was prevalent the sidings were arranged such that a loco could pick up trailers on either end of the loco. If you look at the attached map, to the west of Laira Junction and above the mainline you can see the auto trailer sidings. https://maps.nls.uk/view/106006919
  5. I don't know, but I doubt that it would any worse than polystyrene.
  6. Good to hear that some improvement has been made with the Klear varnishing, the results don't look too bad. Yes a half decent brush will also help and only do thin a thin layer.
  7. I look forward to hearing about how you get on and a piccy or two.
  8. I wouldn't touch a Ginsters with anything shorter with a bargepole, I had a mate that worked at the factory, note, not a bakery, he said they should be done under the trade descriptions act for saying there was 'meat' in it. I also worked there, temping in the office and the cost of producing them, reflected his observations 20 years earlier.
  9. Clear brushes better when it's warm, I put the bottle on the radiator for an hour or so, before I use it, at this time of year.
  10. Looks better than a council job! How many people were stood watching,?
  11. That handle in the left hand window of photo 8, is the vacuum brake.
  12. Celotex can be cut and carved exactly the same as polystyrene, the biggest difference is it doesn't make quite as much mess, in fact one of the club layouts in build has used the offcuts for the scenery, after peeling off the tin foil. I should add it comes in 8 x 4 sheets, but is very light as is polystyrene.
  13. Celotex insulation is good stuff, it has foil either side of it and I think is available in a couple of thicknesses. Using the 25mm thickness we made a false ceiling with it in our clubroom and also blocked off a pair of timber double doors, that plus taping up the corners stopped the draughts coming from it.
  14. We all had to start somewhere and I for one didn't have the adadvantages of computers and the net nearly 40 years ago.
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