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  1. I believe that a bullion van may have been a fairly common sight on Ocean Liner trains, I can't remember where I have seen photos of one included in the formation.
  2. He did a series of coach building articles in the Railway Modeller back in the '70s, I think a few went to Pendon. In the '80s he started Dart Castings and then went on to start Shirescenes, when he started doing etched kits. When he retired he sold on the business. He also did missionary work in the US, doing a few modelling seminars over there. He had a wife Issy, who always accompanied him to shows where he was trading. That's about the limit of my knowledge, of him.
  3. I suspect that the biggest difference between the 1224 motor and 1424 motor will be the revs and Chris at High Level, would be the best person to advise on a suitable gear ratio to provide a realistic running speed.
  4. There is/ was a couple in the pavements on Albert Road, that I assume mark the GW boundary when they dug the tunnel from Devonport Station towards Dockyard and Keyham. I have also seen the odd one or two South of Lydford Station, between the GW line and the LSWR,where there's no fencing between the two railways. I've not seen any others, so I can't give any further pointers.
  5. When I did a bit of research on Devizes, there were a couple of trains from Paddington to Bristol which were headed by a castle and four or five coaches. Certainly by the time they got to Devizes they had turned into stoppers.
  6. Not all locos went back to OOC, some went to Ranelagh Bridge to be turned and serviced and may have been back out again within an hour of arrival.
  7. I'm on me laptop this morning, so here's the link to the Midland Railway Centre Turntables for 4mm. http://www.midrailcentre.com/4mm-scale-00-em-p4#anchor
  8. I have checked out how much of the crank pin, protrudes through the wheel and it's 3mm and with the short bush and nut fitted, there's still about 1mm or so of thread showing. I don't have a long bush to see how much if any thread is still visible, but I would think that 1mm is adequate for a big end.
  9. I have finally remembered to check the length of the crank pins I have and they are 6.5mm or 1/4 inch, I have now thought that I should have fitted one, to see how far they protrude from the wheel.
  10. The Midland Railway Centre 65ft GW table is still available, you need to add Kettering to the search or click on it when it appears as you type the search in. Sorry no link I'm afraid.
  11. The photos are pretty convincing, which only goes to show the level of modelling attained. Which makes me pretty envious.
  12. High Level chassis are not for the faint hearted, but are very good. I have built a couple and I found them to be excellent, but if you go for the fully detailed working or even dummy valve gear, then expect to re-do or modify the kit. As with all steam locos, you need to get the weight over the driving wheels.
  13. I think that captain Kernow has put a high level chassis under a Hatton's 14xx. Not sure if it had a separate thread or is in his Bethesda layout thread. Sorry no links at this time.
  14. All the crank pins that I have are a lot longer than that, I have several kits in the club room, I will try to remember to have a look and measure the length of them.
  15. With regards the 43xx, have you shortened the Gibson crank pin? if not you just need to get the longer bush, to accept the con rod.
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