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  1. Looks right at home on a freight train.
  2. I had a great aunt in Brighton and most visits to her usually involved a trip on the Volks railway, when I were a lad. Happy days. That brings back another memory of Brighton, but I can't relate it here.
  3. I mentioned this before in other threads, I can move a dead 9f on my own using only a pinch bar, the biggest problem isn't getting it to move, it's stopping it. No problem with a wagon as you use the pinch bar on the wheel closest to the brake lever, well you do if you have any sense.
  4. Sleepers and crossing timbers? Solvent.
  5. On another thread, she worked an ecs to Kidder and was turned to be smokebox first towards Kidder.
  6. Needs a wisp of steam from the safety valve.
  7. You might be able to get the Finney chassis from brassmasters.
  8. Glad to hear from you and that Horrabridge is alive and well, even if it is on the back burner. Looking forward to any Dartmoor based trainsets.
  9. All it needs now, is lashings of filth, spelt with an 's'.
  10. Back then, there would have been plenty of trade. When I was a kid back in the late 50s early 60s there were pubs or shops on a lot of corners, now mostly gone and converted to dwellings.
  11. I used short brass screws and ground off what was sticking out of the bottom. Sorry no phot, as it's in our locked down clubroom .
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