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  1. Ron, Good to have you back and restarting work on your epic masterpiece!
  2. No, I was sitting in the front right hand seat, just behind the wheel!
  3. Christmas Day and Easter Sunday are the only two days of the year you can guarantee that most shops will be shut! We used to have a good laugh when those intending to go shopping got into town and found that all the shops were shut and they had also just missed the bus to take them back home. On a Sunday service the buses regularly changed to a different route on arrival. This led to much moaning by the unhappy passengers.
  4. You want to live in this neck of the woods, we have no motorway and only one railway line which is prone to weather damage. During the last serious washout we were promised a new line bypassing the seawall, that's not going to happen! The A38 is seriously congested at peak times and also no real alternative if there's an incident. To escape the county we have been promised an improved A30/A303, if any of that happens in what's left of my life, will be suprised. They are building around 6500 plus houses here and are doing similar in Exeter, infrastructure improvements, zilch! I for one will find that HS2 will improve journey times to the East Midlands and further North via London or Old Oak than any existing route. If you don't like what's happening, come down here and enjoy the status quo!
  5. It's not just the individual items, it's the overall impression and Blueball ticks all the boxes!
  6. My last HST journeys will be next weekend when I do a return trip to the Smoke, RTT shows HSTs diagrammed for both journeys! My following trip to Railex it will be my first time ride in the new 80x's
  7. It does improve the situation, but I think the biggest visual constraint is the retaining wall, but I can't see a way of obviating it.
  8. Is there space to add a vertical element to the scenery like a hedge or a wall? It needs to be about 3/4 inch in from the edge of the board to be effective.
  9. Wow! some amazing modelling in 2mm.
  10. There should be a trap in the goods loop at H2 to protect the mains.
  11. I pack under the sleepers to bring the tops into line.
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