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  1. I thought it was about time for another video.I've done no scenic work on the layout over the summer (apart from experimenting with a few n gauge people) as I've been thinking more about the backlog of tinkering on the loco fleet. Not that I've achieve all that much, but I do have a plan and I now have all 4 Minitrix Re4/4"s upgraded to Maxon motors and flywheel drive. You might remember I was putting one of them together from leftover bits and the bogies were making life difficult. I finally tracked down a donor loco with good bogies courtesy of John Brightwell at NScaleCH and got the last one running properly. As it happens, the donor loco came with a Swiss Express body, which I didn't have, so I swapped it for one of my two identical red ones (same running number) to round out the collection. I'm now in the process of selling off a collection of bodies, motors and chassis blocks that I managed to acquire along the way - this partly to fund the upgrades and partly to stop myself thinking up ways to use them myself. Anyway, I give you loco number 11112 finding its way around Obermatt. You might also spot evidence of other models waiting for attention.
  2. Going back to the Tacky Wax, it seems you only need to wipe the figure’s feet in it, but the wax has to be warm and soft. As the new picture shows, much improved. You might also notice that the Fleischmann Ae6/6 is back from an extended absence. Some while ago it developed what looked like a short when placed on DCC powered track. It ran fine on DC when I took the decoder out and put the original DC plug back in the socket. And the decoder went on to work just fine in another loco. I’ve just got round to taking a look at it again, cleaned the wheels, put in a brand new MX617N and it works, sort of. Progress at a constant speed is a bit jerky so further adjustment is clearly required.
  3. Thanks gents for the encouragement to keep looking for the right figures, or maybe to learn how to adapt what’s available to suit the setting.
  4. Yes I think superglue will be the way to go for permanent fixing, I wouldn’t trust Tacky Wax in a contest with the hoover that visits Obermatt from time to time. Has anyone found N gauge figures that look vaguely up to date? Most of the Noch etc figures look like refugees from the 1950s and the cheap Chinese ones have an odd fashion sense for a European setting. I’ve got the SBB train crew as you can see, and I also have some modern track workers from Farish, but figures representing the general population in post-1990 Obermatt seem to be harder to find.
  5. Good point. Probably more like this…
  6. I decided to experiment with Tacky Wax and see some people on the layout. I think I need to use less wax. I also need to stop taking close up photos of those railings.
  7. Detailed, atmospheric and so pleasing to look at. Great layout. And the Bernina coaches are a really nice addition.
  8. Nice work, I like the hinged top layer and wait to see how you handle track joins where they meet.
  9. Thanks Jim and SG. Some great suggestions there, you’ve got me thinking…
  10. Thank you all for the encouraging comments. SG raises an interesting question about a back scene, and I did look at possible images, both commercial and home made. In the end I decided to take an alternative approach after spending some time on the Gotthard in 2016. I noticed that in a lot of locations you focus on the train and the scene around it but the mountain is just a wall going up out of sight and there's no hint of peaks or sky. A bit like this photo taken between Wassen and Pfaffensprung. So my scenic backdrop tries to mimic that, with detail lower down merging into a grey vagueness higher up that tends to deter the eye from going any higher. Having said all that, when you stand back and take in the whole layout as in my previous post, there may be a case for something more. I'd be interested in people's thoughts about about what might work. Keith
  11. Looks like another epic build for us to enjoy. Looking forward to seeing them on the layout when the time comes.
  12. After painting some doors I was on a roll so I went and got some blackboard paint and finally did the layout sides. Before… And after… While I expected it to improve the looks, I didn’t realise just how much it would affect the way the railway appears. For a while now I’ve been wondering what to do with the long grass strip at the front of the layout which just looked unfinished even after I’d tidied it up, but I didn’t want to put any delicate detail so close to the edge of the board, or interfere with the view of a train going by. But, with the black to frame it, it actually looks ok as it is, and the black helps the brain disregard the surroundings so I only see the train and the scenery. With this mighty success under my belt I think I’ll pause layout work here until the autumn. Maybe I’ll just run some trains, or tinker with the ones that need tinkered with. Maybe record some footage for another video. Come the autumn there’s still a list of developments to do, including hiding the join for the lifting section of scenery, doing the river scene at the front right, building an awning for the island platform, lots of street furniture and people to bring the village more to life, and finally the overhead masts and spans at the front of the layout. I might even replace the Dapol masts at the back with something more recognisably Swiss.
  13. Regular readers will know that I've been working on various scenic areas including the viaduct/gorge/grassy cutting and the curve around the end of the yard. I've also upgraded 4 Minitrix Re4/4ii locos with SB Modelbau drive units. When family visited this weekend I took the opportunity to employ some young interns (ages 9 and 12) to help with this video. All the camera work is theirs - editing and dodgy lighting are down to me. I'll do a freight version with the rest of the converted locos soon.
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