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  1. I got a bit sidetracked from upgrading the Re420s and decided to modify the grassy cutting that leads up to the viaduct. It turned out to be a bit too high-sided which got in the way of the view from my favourite seat, so I took a knife to the plastic siding that forms the landscape profile. In the first picture the landscape is still in its original position even though I’ve removed the side material. Second photo shows the revised profile, along with improved grass treatment on the slope beyond, slightly fewer trees on top and ballast on the track. The overall effect pr
  2. Now the water in the waterfall and gorge has hardened I’ve added some more trees as a backdrop (might need a bit more greenery yet), installed railings and mast on the viaduct and weathered the track. Once I’ve got all the Re420s converted I’ll do another video showing them in action in the new scenery. Three of them upgraded very easily with the coreless motor and flywheel combo from SG Modelbau but the fourth is being put together from leftovers in the spares box, some of which require a little work.
  3. Really nice flow to that landscape, I’m looking forward to seeing it develop.
  4. Thanks for the tips Peter, I've got one more water feature to do and that will definitely need ripples.
  5. One thing I’ve learned by experience is to get any water in and set before doing vegetation in the area, otherwise loose bits of foliage all jump into your sticky water gloop of choice while you’re not looking. I thought it was about time to put water in the dry gorge under the viaduct before I plant any more trees. The river bed was already quite detailed and I hoped some of it would be visible through the water, so I decided to just pour in artist’s gloss medium and see what happens. Not perfect but I think I need to resist the temptation to “improve” it.
  6. That’s looking very good. Is the tree a commercial product or one you made?
  7. That might not be soooo far fetched. On a coach trip around the Grimsel/Furka/Susten passes yonks ago the Swiss coach driver was joking about how they would rename the Rhine when Europe joins the Swiss Federation. The way he saw it, the Aare is the bigger river, so when they join at Koblenz (the Swiss one) the name should carry on to the North Sea.
  8. Frutigen


    I enjoyed those videos, nice work.
  9. Thank you Jim, that’s good to know. This is my first scenic layout so I’m learning as I go along and trying to pitch these posts so they maybe help other novices without boring those who have more experience. I hope your project, when it comes, gives you as much pleasure as I’ve had from this one.
  10. One of the drawbacks of fitting so much railway into a small space is that it can be tricky to keep the parts of the layout visually separate. The different levels on this layout help a lot with that, but at the buffer stop end of the yard we have 3 elements close together and all on much the same level - the yard itself, the main line around the end of the yard and the outer part of the main line on the viaduct. I’m trying to improve this with visual barriers that help the brain to focus on the piece of track where the train is at the time, like when you look at a big land
  11. Done a bit of scenic tidying up of unfinished bits. The cart track across the meadow now has grass down the middle, and there’s a fence to stop people driving off the edge of the upper road while admiring the view. And, wonder of wonders, the church is finally fixed into the landscape.
  12. I like the fan of tracks on a curve at front left, it has a nice RhB feel to it, and you’ve captured the goods run around loop at Scuol, which I thought was crying out to be modelled when I saw it. From what I’ve seen in recent photos it’s no longer with us, I think. How far will you have to reach over to get at the sidings at the back? The dimension on the plan is obscured by other detail on my screen.
  13. Great work, and the grey foam is a nice canvas to work with. My stonework is scribed into the blue stuff which added a few steps to get the colour right. This is looking very good.
  14. Thank you SG. I hadn't thought of it in those terms before but I think you have a good point. To some extent I've designed the whole layout to be viewed from the end, looking along the tracks, and there are some cameo scenes that can only be seen from there, too. I think the thing that has most surprised and pleased me in making the last 2 videos has been the views that can only be seen from a camera hidden down in the weeds where my eye can't go. Also, how big it looks from that perspective when it’s only a little layout.
  15. Elegant design + skilful build + well chosen details make this a very pleasing scene. I like how it’s framed by the canyon of trees and the way the light falls on it.
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