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  1. That's very kind of you Mike, the harbour office came I think from East Looe (Wherewithial being set in Cornwall), I couldn't resist the shape of it! You say about the shape of the harbour being the same, I see we've even got a set of railings at the end of the harbour, mine I claimed was to stop those who have had a little too much to drink at "The Chough" falling in the drink. I look forward to reading more on your journey. John Bruce.
  2. Hi Mike, a friend sent me the link to your layout build, and I can only say..... slightly spooky! Following should be an overall photograph of my "tuning fork" (not a proper inglenook like yours) 009 layout "Wherewithial Quay" build a few years back. You've had me looking for the pub, post office, harbour masters office and of course a tin shed, all essential ingredients. You've made a cracking job of the mud too, really well done! I look forward to seeing more about the layout in due course. Regards John Bruce.
  3. Please, please, please stop posting photo's of semi abandoned American lines, I've been there (in the modelling sense) and I really don't want to go back.....really! John Bruce.
  4. Cracking little layout, a marvelous mix of Lugershall and Dinton. I lived in Ludgershall for 21 years and drove past the buildings many times, and I was lucky enough to visit Dinton & Chilmark when they were still open. Well done John Bruce.
  5. Good luck Johnny for the restart in due course, only just found your thread, what I really like about your layout is the fact that you've resisted using all the "usual" buildings (unlike me when I did American some years ago!). More power to your mojo! John Bruce.
  6. I got to know Bob when I got started in O gauge some years and it was always a pleasure to bump into Bob and hear about his latest project, particularly when his interest moved onto the Light Railways of Colonel Stephens. I will miss seeing him around, cheer Bob. John Bruce.
  7. Hi guys, the track is provisionally taken but will contact you if it falls through. Bucoops, not sure of the make of this track, certainly some I have previously restored was by W&H, I don't recogise the style of the chairs. Regards John Bruce.
  8. I was recently given a large quantity of coarse scale O gauge 3 rail track, that is wooden sleepers, white metal chairs and brass or steel rail, I have more than enough already to complete and add too my own garden line so I thought I'd offer the balance on here and in "another place". There are 24 straights (approx 36" each) 12 curves (8 x 20" & 4 x 30" each) 2 r/h points 1 crossover 1 incomplete l/h point. The downside is that this will have to be collection only from N/W Hampshire. Contact me to make some arrangement for collection.
  9. Glyn Valley Engine perchance? John.
  10. You mean the Cotswolds aren't real? John.
  11. Top marks for recycling! John Bruce.
  12. A Greater Tweedale eh, sounds very good. Don't worry about the rest of the modelling world,continue to plough your own unique furrow we love it . John Bruce.
  13. Hello Jack, I was wondering myself about the use of something other than the standard 3 link couplings on my little O gauge layout and was half wondering if a 7mm version of Iain Rices "imprecise Jackson" coupling would work. Yes you would still need to un-couple manually but coupling would be automatic. John.
  14. Thanks for the information with regard the watercress which was my main focus as where my Light Railway is set there was quite a traffic seasonally in cress. Thanks again John Bruce.
  15. At a risk of diverting or hi-jacking this thread i'm curious about how such "soft" produce such as strawberries and watercress were moved, both were shipped in large amounts from Southern England. I'm going to guess at the use of some sort of wooden boxes perhaps, over to the forum. John Bruce.
  16. Thank you all, Tim V it was indeed Gibson, problem solved. Thanks again John.
  17. A long time ago I bought some turned spacing washers, 1/8" bore if I recall, now I would like to buy some more but I can't remember who I got them from. I've checked Wizard & Co and it appears not to be them. Can anyone out there offer any suggestions please. John.
  18. Got to say despite the light problems that sky looks really threatening in the picture. John.
  19. At this distance in time as has been said any guesses on price would be just that, however I suspect that no "scale" 009 locomotive will be seen below three figures such is the price of todays quality. John Bruce. Former 009 Society TLO.
  20. Thanks for sharing Tweedale with us, I look forward to reading more at some point in the future. John Bruce.
  21. Looking at photographs of square (and circular) industrial chimneys I notice most have metal banding (steel?) around them, would this have been done from new to strengthen the chimney, or later in the chimneys life to overcome some apparent weakness? Your thoughts would be most welcome. John Bruce.
  22. Just caught up with this sad news, I never met Jack but like many I have enjoyed his layouts and plans greatly, indeed I too have lifted the "Box Street" plan for my US layout "New Sarum". My condolences to his family and friends. John Bruce.
  23. Bought some red primer from my local Halfords, the assistant said she wasn't aware of the paint no longer being stocked and on checking their central ware house currently they have about a thousand cans in stock, so perhaps don't panic........yet. John.
  24. As threatened below should be some photo's of O gauge wagons I've been working on, or perhaps salvaging might be a better description, oh one small thing please don't expect anything truely fine scale or accurate to the nearest thou or so! A few years back I bought from a certain well known internet auction site a job lot of built O gauge wagons, now I knew from the photographs that they weren't that good and lets just say I was not disappointed! They were stashed away as "someday" projects, now that some day has arrived I have made a start. The first one tackled was a very short open wagon based on a cut-down Slaters open which had seen better days being missing its axle guards and a buffer, not to mention the brake gear! Well another wagon from the " job lot" donated a buffer while the bits box provided a source for W irons, V hangers, brake block and lever. Wheels came from my small stock as did the bearings, the body work is still being tarted up with microstrip bolt heads so there will be more to come when it is completed. P2260462 by Turin60, on Flickr You remember the buffer donor wagon, well it's missing a body end, brake gear and all the buffers now! So I removed the balance of the distorted remains of the body, cut a section out of the chassis & floor and re-joined these two to give another short wagon that now has a 1 plank body. The brake gear was robbed from a Duncan models 2 plank wagon, buffers from stock and other bits and bobs from the bits box. It has now received a full set of microstrip bolt heads and is nearly ready for painting. by Turin60, on Flickr P2260460 by Turin60, on Flickr Final item for now which might be a no hoper! It is a Triang Big Big train chassis (mineral wagon at a guess) which some one has extended. I have removed the remains of the brake gear and used some microstrip so the chassis looks more like a timber affair. I had thoughts of it becoming some sort of a double bolster wagon, but horror of horrors it sits much too high! P2260459 by Turin60, on Flickr P2260465 by Turin60, on Flickr Lets see what happens John.
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