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  1. Might be worth also looking at Pacific Models who list smokebox numberplates in their products list. Philip
  2. I've just put in my second order having also found them by accident. Decided to go for the painted option and they arrived a week from placing the order. Within hours of placing second order , had a message asking if I had any colour preference for a couple of figures, then later in the day notification arrived saying they are being posted. Well impressed and quality of figures and painting is excellent. Philip
  3. Thanks t-b-g, I have the listed books and unfortunately they are photo's of associated collieries. It seems Digby wagons weren't photographed in many numbers. regards Philip
  4. I am trying to establish whether there are any photographs or drawings of a Digby Colliery (Nottinghamshire) wagon in existance as most of the checks I have made haven't come up with anything. Most photo's I have found relate to other collieries associated with Digby, but are not Digby specific. Would be grateful if anybody can shed any new light on this as I would like to model a wagon from this colliery if at all possible. Many thanks. Philip
  5. Can anyone tell me please if Locomotion have advised that models are still available as I haven't seen anything and hope I haven't missed any information. Thanks and regards Philip
  6. I had a phone call Wednesday to say stock had just come in and if I paid for mine it would be posted Thursday. Suspect it's at the local post office at the moment. Suggest it would be a good idea to contact them. Regards Philip
  7. Hello, I have sent you a pm. regards Philip
  8. Hereford models showed stock on their website yesterday. Philip
  9. Thanks for the info. Managed to order a D R S version this afternoon. Well pleased!
  10. I have also been unsuccessful in finding a reasonably priced DRS one, any pointers in locating one gratefully receiv|. Accept though might have to wait for next batch.
  11. Thanks for all your replies to date. Clearly I need to look at what's available again and maybe do a small sample test before deciding which route to go down. Philip
  12. I am looking for some help in deciding which transfer sets would be best to rename and renumber several Hornby Britannia's. Choices appear to be between Fox transfers and Modelmasters, and I would appreciate any views from fellow modellers. Thanks in advance. Philip
  13. Thanks for all the replies. I have gone through Peter's Spares website and the Hornby one as well, but will give them a call. I have also managed to find the relevant Comet etch and will establish its availability. Failing all that the 4 mt tender option looks promising as I have found a few on a well known website. Thanks again to all who took the trouble to reply, much appreciated. Philip
  14. I am seeking help from the modelling community in respect of front loco steps for the Hornby Britannia. I can't find any in the Hornby spares range, and was wondering if there are any alternatives available. All replies gratefully received. Many thanks. Philip
  15. Just like to thank Steve at Railtec for the superb service when I ordered some Pullman names, both catalogued and custom made. Delivery was prompt and communication was brilliant. Will certainly order more when the need arises. Regards Philip
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