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  1. Lancaster Castle? https://images.app.goo.gl/43LxVgjMVvVNuM4K7
  2. thats the next on the list, i'll get some dettol soon to try that
  3. i must admit that the Meth spirit isnt working as well as advertised, so i'll have to try something stronger but these things need to be tested to know what works since ive never done any paint stripping before
  4. ive just PM'd a friend that grew up in the area to see if he recognizes it
  5. one day, maybe you, Giles and Simon should get together and have garratt cavalcade
  6. it looks very steep by the 4 little platforms on the right the rack looks to be the Locher system which could suggest it is the Pilatus railway and looking at photos it would fit the station at the bottom from the view of being on a carriage in the right hand track looking up the left hand. in some photos it still has the little stone steps on the left https://www.gettyimages.dk/detail/news-photo/starting-point-of-the-pilatus-railway-alpnachstad-news-photo/1144561323 i just found all this out in about 10 minutes
  7. do you think this is okay, im messing with colours to get a bit of rot and rust but not too much, though i'm not happy with the cream for bare wood which doesnt even show up in the photo, this is the best i can get for you after 20 tries with different combinations of flash lighting and macro setting, it looks a bit better in person than in the photo
  8. for carrying complete points https://www.railwaygazette.com/innotrans/high-tech-track/42868.article
  9. ive had the side soaking for about 3 days now but the bottom layer is not budging but there is no softening or deformity of the plastic Anyway, the Three Aitch is painted up ready to put the brake lever on. I'd like to do some light weathering with a bit of rust and wood distress
  10. some photos of the vivian garratt on the wales online archive https://museum.wales/collections/online/?field0=with_images&value0=1&field1=string&value1=locomotive&field2=string&value2=vivian
  11. this is what was said on NGRM on the 6th November one user said, "I messaged him about it a few weeks ago and had he said that php version has been upgraded on the server and it's incompatible with the software but he wasnt able to fix it at the moment." The site's owner replied, "Yes it's broken, I think i now know how to fix it , the next problem I have is that my main laptop died a couple of months ago and on it was the software I need to access the Gnatterbox. Now I can reinstall that software, but it had all the addresses and passwords i nee
  12. and it won't soften the plastic, like with paint stripper if you leave it in for too long, the plastic melts
  13. i was looking it up last week, some websites and youtube videos believe that meth spirit is better cheaper and cleaner so ive gone with
  14. The 3H van ready for painting and the midland van is soaking on 1 side in Methylated spirit which i walked into town to get the other day. im giving some occasional scrubbing with a tooth brush, its coming off but it'll need longer
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