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  1. Rear view of Lilleshall 2-2-2 built for the North British, which the front 3/4 view was already posted some pages back in the thread https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/37037591445/in/photolist-YqTkyR-YjGdXi-JZt12j-PN5zfZ-VQEWYf-NrHjGM-21Gd7Hg-MZyUuY-29KN41g-25AMFUE-YqU1Nc-24vd8yc-21jAVja-259dGMd-VCpShF-2efxqBn-ECMqCV-WKogZH-N5rH7T-Xq4nyq-YE5NK3-PpsAmu-Yz4QJW-VSh5rH-24gpLRm-TeWunY-UBrDJ3-XVRsZq-23F4uFZ-SxtVSy-WmJ9Fb-VLevPb-V8opJr-TQ1dmn-UxsqnK-TCxapg-WvckPA-WS4NR2-TeX87j-WvFVfC-Wanvck-Vz7nBq-WLJ4no-XJCnkB-TQ23Zz-TLnt8Q-YJoo7g-SxtNho-ZJL5Kg-V4ELwJ
  2. looking through various photos of preserved MW's, most of them are off white though i have no idea what the works default was
  3. cab interiors are usually either cream or off-white but black up to waist height
  4. now that i feel that im not going to abandon this side project i wanted to post it https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/151107-a-colonial-side-project/
  5. I had started project about a year or 2 back but quickly lost interest as the proportions didnt look right so i put aside and didnt get back to it . Now one of the new projects has now come up with problems a few weeks ago and has been side lined. but i instead started another which is going along nicely i have an interest in british built locos all around the world of many gauges. Many months ago i was given a box of various old OO loco bits that came from a member of ailing health and his family started clearing out, this box was left after other members took what they wanted. i have ideas of cobbling the chassis' wheels and motors together into the caricatures of NG locos. this one is a generic mix of tender locos by Beyer Peacock, Kitson, Hunslet, North British and Vulcan which could be found across India, Australia, Africa and South America, some inspirations to name a few; - South Africa 5B ex Cape Gov "Karoo" class https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Government_Railways_Karoo_Class_locomotives#/media/File:SAR_Class_5B_723_(4-6-2)_CGR_905.jpg - SAR class 2C ex Natal gov class A https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_African_Class_2C_4-6-2#/media/File:Class_2C_4-6-2.jpg - SAR class 16A https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_African_Class_16A_4-6-2#/media/File:SAR_Class_16A_852_(4-6-2).jpg - Cordoba rly, Argentina https://images.app.goo.gl/3wSotVYiqHUDgb7s7https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/28217292628 - australia https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/File:Im1927v143-p6b.jpg - Darjeeling C class https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/1rMvGMMaQkZCtp9jZnSbZmdgzj5pJP0eNrT2DyYpJksj1Brqd1DRhQMQ9_6llJPwuA i cant remember what the chassis was originally but i had previously tried a 2-6-4 tank with but abandoned that it was a 0-6-0 chassis with the wheelbase reduced by drilling new axle holes and the cylinder were from something like an LMS Princess with the valve chests cut off. now its going to be a 4-6-2 tender which first meant making a new front chassis extension, the new one fitted and the old one below, the knuckles have since bee removed to fit to the new one. the front bogie is an old comet etch with Lima loco wheels which i will eventually turn down the large flanges (photo 13-01-2020) (22-01-2020) a boiler cut from steel tube that was a vacuum cleaner handle (it was salvaged from an already broken and dismantled vacuum last year), by chance it is almost the right diamter for the 3'6" (24.5mm) i want. The firebox is all styrene. just like how i make my o gauge fireboxes, the ends are made up of 2mm with something thinner wrapped around and then the corners are filed down. the tender bogies came from a LNER phosphate wagon from my old layout. the body is held dow by bolts ad captive nuts, one in the firebox and one in the smokebox, the rear nut & bolt also holds the trailing wheel on, The drawing i made and is continuosly being added to and changed as i decide how each bit will be done and how it will look, the tender has since been redrawn on a seperate sheet. in my recent search for reference material i came across the National Archives of Australia website with digitized GA drawings of Tasmanian Gov locos and Tenders in high resolution which helps but i cant see how the front face of the tender should look exactly aprt from the tool boxes and brake column (24-01-2020) tender chassis with knuckles fitted
  6. sir douglas


    or look at http://www.lostrailwayswestyorkshire.co.uk/E&WYUR.htm
  7. could you not modify a Backwoods kit
  8. i dont know the details but yes, our club has DCC layouts that have point control done through the hand held , one of which is Burnroyd works which will be at Pontefract show next weekend
  9. Yesterday was a good day overall, i felt that i didnt do much in the morning but made up for it in the evening. Morning/mid-day, i had a go at fitting an operating wire to point one that came in the box but it wouldnt throw and what has already been suggested to us is that we need thicker piano wire. Instead i fitted the front panel hooks onto board 3 and some cable clips underneath 3 boards and Mark cut out the river and road pieces of ply from ply left over from making the boards panel hooks (top) and clips (botton right) another pair of clips (middle), the pen scribbles on the left are to warn of screw points sticking out River pieces cut and sanded by Mark on boards 2 and 3 Last night i was able to hook the panel on the front and the power was croc-clipped on, the plugs were all connected and all 5 motors moved when the switches were flipped. With the logic that when the motor moves one way, the blades go the other because of the fulcrum part that the piano wire goes through, if i set the blades the right way to replicate the wire being there, i can set the track feeds into the motors and test run a loco over, last night i did this with my controller and the usual rig up with croc-clip and chose Nautilus to the job. i tested each point one by one and swapping the wires over if needed. now all the track board wiring is done, just the controller wiring to do when we get it
  10. last week somebody commented on the guild forum about my R.Carder wagon which was based on a photo of an N gauge example, he says that he grew up in Lancaster and never knew of a coal merchant of that name, but there was a R. Gardner which he suggests could have got mixed up at some point, though he does also say that he cant remember if Gardner ever had any wagons
  11. i get what you are saying, whats the point in this idea not that you dont understand the thread, it would be interesting idea to try considering that most of my locos dont have any room in them at all for a little circuit board and battery pack
  12. thanks, ive been wondering for a while because i find a bit of a tedious task cutting them out individually
  13. that was always filmed at Wakefield Westgate
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