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  1. The 3H van is now finished, i procrastinated for a long time as the weathering was slow, tedious and i was quickly getting bored. This time i did the rest with a wash The dry brushed side done previously and note the difference with the washed end. i prefer the look of this side but my patience couldnt keep up The "main" side done Yesterday, and today the rest of van was added
  2. it could have been owned by someone with the surname or nickname of sulzer
  3. The companies fully owned the wagons but each wagon had to be registered with the mainline company to run over their line and as a way to make sure they are kept up to a good enough condition to run on the mainline. i don't know if or how much money is payed for this
  4. apparently yes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanley_Holloway
  5. have you seen the handlebar moustache on one of the workshop team?
  6. The second tank wagon which was finished in April 2019 has been lettered. The lion and Albert was one of Stanley Holloway's most popular routines, this later has been known as Albert and the lion. i first knew of, and liked his stories from a CD my dad got many years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaw-savyK0s&ab_channel=bearzrecords ... and No30 for the year it was written by Marriot Edgar, 1930
  7. farmers bridge made from concrete sleepers cast iron coal hole in a wall drive way gate disappearing into ivy fence made of rail at Crofton depot
  8. Museum curator David Willey presents the topic of modelling with Chris Barrie, various guests and photos submitted from many people around the world
  9. rolling on, the Hunslet diesel is back on the bench which i think i last posted about in April last year. All the louvres are now on and ive done what i can with the chunky radiator grill, i could have just put some mesh in but it wouldnt look right and needed the depth. It is made up of strips with slots cut in to interlock. I also had a go at the Radiator name plate instead of getting an etched one. The cowcatchers will be the next tricky things to make
  10. all ready and waiting for the Wenslydale to push in one day... maybe
  11. i had a look at Milner lane in 2017, both rails still there but one hidden under the muck
  12. ive not been to many preserved line so just for childhood memories sake, Middleton Moor Road pre 2005 rebuild. Tan-y-Bwlch's S bend is a nice aesthetic Keighley, when more than 1 platforms are occupied at once (including 1&2) oozes the busy commuter junction feel
  13. i know its going to be hot an very dangerous and have no plans on doing it without the precautions. Also forgot to clarify that the 100g is just the swarf but the tub of bits is much more. its going to have to wait until a warm day when the window and door can be left open if i pluck up the courage to try it myself
  14. i saved this photo back in 2012, maybe from the preston services website
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