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  1. not owned by the colliery but in the last few years of the Middleton colliery (Leeds) the 2-8-0s worked the then surviving part of the line from colliery to Beeston-Neville Hill line
  2. me and mark had a meet up at the club last night for the first time since March 2020, some locos were run up and down the layout and we now have a new member wanting to get involved, hopefully progress will restart. i dont know if he is okay being named here so for now we'll call him Mr C. i finally brought in the power supply box i made and with my Peckett made sure it all worked, Mark brought in the J83 No828 and his J21 No152 for its first run, lovely thing it is too with the red lining. Both of these have been numbered after those which are known to have worked the branch. Mr C has said he wants to build a J39 which will be good for the BR period 828 https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/118591-shezs-workbench/&do=findComment&comment=4303595 152 https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/118591-shezs-workbench/&do=findComment&comment=4141147
  3. started on the goods office, also shown is the ground frame hut
  4. i have now for the first time seen Scotsman in steam and in motion in person

    1. woodenhead


      And did it make you want to buy a Hornby trainset or just go meh another steam engine that isn't a Stanier, don't know what all the fuss is about?

    2. sir douglas

      sir douglas

      i dont model mainline stuff anyway, just noting something i havent done before

    3. Hroth


      Sounds like a report from a "Believe it or not!" book!


      TBH  The only time I saw it in the flesh, it was in the workshops at the NRM when they were trying to fix it. Eventually they gave up and sent it to an outside contractor.


  5. I'll have a look at the yard office now and at least draw it up These are 4 extracts from photos, top left is from Ernie's 1929 aerial photo, top right is a recent FB post from the 1948 flood taken from the road, bottom left is undated looking at the back taken from the river bank near the harbour and bottom right is an early one (maybe 1896) showing the end from behind up on the road. The thing is the height difference between the long half and short half. Looking at the '29, the top of the roofs are equal until sometime later as shown in the '48 when the short building has dropped over a foot in height. the undated also shows the original proportions. this is maybe worth noting for anyone modelling it later but for us will be modelled as built. It doesnt look to me like the short building is instead lower on slopped ground as on the '29 looks about level
  6. next episode coming next Thursday (29th) about the "romance car" museum mentioned in the last episode. interesting looking things, mutiple units which are also observation cars by moving the driving cabs onto the roof https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c2/OER_Romancecar_Hakone_-LSE_old_color-.jpg
  7. the little problem there is the crankpin on the rear wheel becomes a bit of a weak point and needs to be beefed up
  8. by chance, a few days i got a free download of it since somebody posted it a facebook group, i found the drawing but all it said about it was what we already know,an L&Y 2-2-2 built by Bury, no measurements, nothing about the rebuilds or life span
  9. the 2ft locos in WW1 had them as well, though it caused problems when taking from shell craters, mud would get in and build up in the balance pipes between the tanks causing the loco to be off balance and fall over on rough track
  10. i'm going to leave the lettering at that, the tare and load weights are in a fancy font so i'm not even going to attempt it or at least any time soon. Some day i might get transfers for them. Just some light weathering to do now and this van is done. I like making stock names and numbers into jokes or references, this van is No 34 in my stock list and i wondered what that is in binary (i know absolutely nothing about this, its just a load of 1's and 0's to me) a quick google says that it is 100010, which purely by chance fits the region of numbers of many surviving mink bodies which are in the 90000's and early 100000's (i also know nothing about GW wagon numbering) as listed in the RHRP register
  11. Not done but nearly, it seems ive lost my GW stencil from doing the Peco wagon, though its easy enough to remake
  12. didnt notice that, this could also suggest this is one of the rebuilds and they didnt want to or couldnt have the coupling further out from the wheel. the only other way around this would be to move the cylinder out from the frame
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