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  1. for (currently) £21 a year you get 4 magazines a year, same as other magazines, articles, reviews and adverts, the emphasis on the trader adverts. there are a number of exhbitions a year but you may only be able to get to your nearest depending on where you live. the exhibitons provide a £5 discount entry to members of the standard £10. the exhibitions are mostly traders, i think Doncaster is about 50 traders to 5 layouts. there is an oval test track that any member can use. if you want sell anything go to the Bring & buy stand which runs on a 15% commission. and of course a chance to talk to people and share ideas. thats how i see it anyway
  2. yes apologies for that not being clear the the Reform Group wish to encourage more members to join the Guild and improve the way that the Guild's finances are managed?
  3. On the Guild Forum its is being debated the outsiders view of the guild and the guild organized exhibitions to get better understanding how to better promote the guild and its exhibitions to non members and potential future members. i have no connection or endorsement officially by the guild or any of its officers other than being a member and the information sought is in regards to "the reform group" a portion of the membership and 4 of which are standing for office in the next AGM that wish to improve the stagnating membership numbers and the mismanagement of the guild funds Please give your honest thoughts, positive and negative are both wanted but of course nothing outright offensive or slanderous, we want the views of anybody that isnt a member of the guild, particularly anybody that is or was a potential future member, we do not seek current and ex members as we already have a good understanding and would have bias view one way or another i don not wish to be inflamatory to the guild or its current officers when writing this, but at the same time stating the aims of the reform group, im trying to be impartial
  4. ive been thinking for a while if uPVC could be used to make a lighter stronger board frame than timber but still with a ply top, you can get planking that is hollow but corrugated like so https://www.roofingmegastore.co.uk/media/product/594/hollow-upvc-soffit-board-anthracite-grey-5m-ac1.jpg
  5. the loco sheds & workshop buildings in Hamrun just up from Valetta also still survives and is by the scouts. this is the station building adjoining the sheds http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-vEN7vQHaetY/UOmaEytvgzI/AAAAAAAABew/b9lwzG9SQuA/s1600/Hamrun_101209_8975.JPG the is a facebook group with lots of photos in https://www.facebook.com/groups/maltarailway/photos/ i also have that Bonnici & Cassar book
  6. im going to have to have a look at them next time im in the station,, didnt know they were there as ive never beeon over to platform 1... or have they now been removed because of the new platform?
  7. are you on the NGRM forum? theres lots of narrow gauge on there
  8. would they have to build the carriages on modern chassis for them to go on mainline like using MHA ballast or TTA tank chassis
  9. definitely kirkgate, the hill in the centre is Black Hill, the building just to the left of the loco is a canal gate keepers house on the Aire & Calder and up on the left is the Eastmoor estate
  10. some un identified manning wardles from somewhere around vancouver Howe Sound & Northern RR Western Fuel No2 and No3 Western Fuel No4 (could be MW) a MW somewhere int he US, unfortunately the name is covered up, the boards say 10 but there is a No4 plate on the bunker
  11. All the main work is done now and just detailing to go. The curves on the front of the running plate and the valancing have been added, there is a hair line gap inbetween the top of the curve and the top running board as the curve is part of the chassis and the top is part of the body so they need to be separate. The curves around the chimney, dome and safety valve have been added with milliput. The safety valves arent stuck in will be though after painting. what is more pleasing is that i havent yet broken the "horns" on the cab sides, though i mght have just jinxed it.
  12. only one way to find out. somebody give to give it a go as a board joiner go and review it.
  13. Mark Smithers' book "locomotive builders of leeds: EB Wilson and Manning wardle" say that 1877-84 they got larger wheels an cylinders as for drawing, there is one in the book but online this is pretty much the same EBW goods built for GNR https://www.gnrsociety.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/G.F.Bird-Drawing-fig-16.jpg
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