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  1. might be a EB wilson long boiler? https://imechearchive.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/190-end10-2-3-2.jpg?w=700&h=&crop=1
  2. I've got a 100w iron the other day and i'm now making good progress with the North British carriage, its looks a right state but will clean up.
  3. recently came across this by chance, 143 pages about goods sheds and warehouses of many shapes and sizes, which can be saved as PDF https://historicengland.org.uk/images-books/publications/railway-goods-shed-and-warehouse-in-england/the-railway-goods-shed-and-warehouse/
  4. The cab steps next, these are made up of nickel and screw in onto the inside of the chassis. They locate in place by sitting in slots in the main frames. strenghtening plates on the backs keep the L shape while also stopping them from being pushed against the wheels Patching up and replacing missing parts on the Three Aitch van. I wasnt happy with the solebar ironwork so theyve been cut off and re done. there will be only so far i can go because the solebars cant go on the van until i get wheels for it The Peco GW 10 ton is back together but i'm having trouble getting the brass slotted cap to stay on the piano wire type buffers at one end. the body has 2 coats of grey
  5. new boiler and smokebox made up, the chimney, dome, safety valves and the bracing angle across the top are salvaged from before The old sand pots are back on after being cut down which means it'll need a repaint. the plastic whistle keeps breaking so i might make one out of 1/8th brass rod. the now properly shaped smokebox door with proper handles makes the loco look a lot better. i still need to replace that missing bit of running plate under the smokebox. a solid coat of grey is o as undercoat. the tank tops were also done as they will now be black.
  6. increasing coal capacity on older tenders https://digitaltmuseum.se/021018120020/solvesborg-olofstrom-almhults-jarnvag-soej-lok-1-och-soej-lok-2
  7. last week ehen i went out with my dog i could easily feel how cleaner the air is. i'm thinking of taking photos of the sky but keep forgetting, when will we ever again see a sky without jet trails. it may become something unique to this year
  8. there is a section for industrials https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/145-uk-standard-gauge-industrial-modelling/
  9. i knew it would happen, the day after i said that, tighter restrictions are coming in every day and its just best to not go to club, especially by bus. We were thinking of going in by car occasionally but even thats looking doubtful with the travel restrictions in today, its just a no go and i accept defeat since i got a good reference for the building colour i finally made a start on some painting, i dont have anything close so a custom mix was made with Tamiya flesh, buff and white, i originally tried just flesh but that was too strong and then tried the mix, an unintended bonus was the mix came out a bit thin because of one of the colours not shaken properly before being included so the flesh shows through giving random shade variation. also shown is my first attempt at the canopy valance. I'm not happy with the size of the holes and the overall proportions. its a good thing i only need to make a few inches to go at either end. it looks like down the platform side was plain but it did have the brown batten
  10. 2 problems sorted and its going well, the thing about having to hold it in a certain way was found to be a split croc clip wire and another was the idler gear. To not put the lessen the wear and load on the gear i double 2 up which were the same diameter but didnt notice that they had a different number of teeth though luckily i have a third of that size which matches 1 of them. there now isnt any electrical or mechanical problems, the motor and gearbox is in the chassis and next will be the pick ups
  11. A welcome reprieve. ive found that the motor only runs when it and the croc clip wires were being held in a certain way and one of the motor contacts was loose, the contacts are strips of copper that are soldered into slots. so ive wedged it back in with a thin strip brass so its in solid, likewise wedged a bit of brass into the other one too. since the soldering of the frame wasnt working, the plates are bolted on with 10BA
  12. finally got the gearbox together for J Aspdin by bolting the plates on instead. i was just test running it and after a minute of running smoothly it stopped, even when i take out the idler gear, the motor still wont turn for no apparent reason. ive had enough of having to constantly fix gearboxes and replace motors, if the motor doesnt run again later or tomorrow, i'll just box it up, put it away and forget about finishing it . Im getting fed up with locos breaking. J aspdin is now on something like the 4th motor and 6th gearbox.
  13. adding all the handles and handrails to the Hunslet. There is an angled cap either side on the running plate which i assume are the sand pots Now for an interesting ebay find, a job lot of wagon parts which ive already sorted out into packets and threw away 2 things that are rubbish or 2 broken to use. its one of those that you get a box full of bits ad have to work out how much of each thing youve got and what goes with what. Starting top left a pair of solebars and an end which look like they belong together adn maybe parts of a slaters box tar tank, then tot he right a par of whitemetal solebars with axle boxes, some wooden body arts with paper ironwork, chunky wooden solebars with screw in brass buffers, a slaters chassis, a chunky plastic chassis side, another pair of whitemetal chassis with buffers included on the ends, a Three Aitch midland van with the roof curved cut off, a Slaters midland 4 plank with a missing end, all the parts of a Peco GW 10 ton ad some coarse scale chassis in various missing parts. we (me and my dad) have no interest in the coarse scale stuff so we'll just sell them on at some point all the wagon parts came covered in old glues around the edges, the peco was partially together but i took it apart to clean. what was together came apart really easy. The 3 Aitch is reassembled after cleaning the parts, i'll need to make replacement end tops for the roof curve as for some reason they were sawn off, the doors and solebars are in the packet but missing the door runners. The old plastic buffers were all broken so theyve been cut and drilled out for new ones. Like wise on the midland. it had broken bufferstock with the bent wire still in one of them. the old stocks were machined off with the dremel and bufferbeam drilled, the back of the solebars have been cut to take the new buffer bolts, the inside was all scribed and the parts went together well, a new end was made for the missing one. its missing a W iron and axle boxes but i have spares and a W iron which matches. For the state it was in, the Peco is luckily all there and just needs some paint stripping and reassembly. the paint has built up in the corners and especially thick in the solebar channel
  14. got the transformer box pop rivetted together on Friday. the position of the track transformer has been drilled and the hole for the plug cut out, once the wires are soldered, both of them can be bolted in place. it still needs the hole cutting for the point transformer plug and plenty of ventilation holes drilling
  15. its always on my mind and if the government says no to absolutely any unneccasery travel or things start getting crazy then of course i'll stop but until then it would be nice to keep some progress going, even just 1 day a week
  16. looking at colour photos of the preserved one, the thing is brass so i was guessing a cylinder lubricator pot but then its connected to the hand rail, ive noticed before that some locos have a pipe running from the cab to the smokebox which also acts as a hand rail. the smokebox handrail stops in a knob just in front of the brass thing. this photo als has a valve just below that https://railway-photography.smugmug.com/LNERSteam/Thomas-W-Worsdell/TWWorsdell-Tender-Locomotives/Worsdell-J21-BR-Service/i-HCjpg6z/A about the backhead, i have no idea how acurate this 3d modelling is http://victoryworksts.blogspot.com/2019/03/lner-j21-ner-class-c-cab-wip.html
  17. for now i think i will still go in during the day, if i'm on my own its okay. the problem is a gathering of people
  18. i wouldnt be surprised if people started using the ackworth plague stone again
  19. i think i found the best match for the brick colours and it not far away https://www.alamy.com/ruined-world-war-ii-brick-building-john-muir-country-park-in-scots-pine-forest-east-lothian-scotland-uk-image218506193.html
  20. i am doing in a sheet not individual planks
  21. i tried making a short piece of canopy valance in styrene but wasnt sure of the proportions so ive gone back to the photos and thought of working it out by extrapolating whats off the photo from what is. and while doing this ive realised that the plywood that the canopy is built on will show through the slots its only a rough guess on MS paint. where the front horizontal edge meets the vertical corner gives the height of the valance and the silhouette of the other end gives the proportions for the holes and slot. the copy of other end is taken from the better version of this photo but that is cropped at the top which only shows the bottom few inches of the valance. One plank has been completed by copying and flipping the bottom part of the slot using a different photo to try guessing the size of the planks from the width of the building. even though this doenst have the valance anymore, the measurement can be passed over onto the one above. while looking at it, i think the gutter line of the canopy is higher than on the RM drawing. It looks like my canopy is about 3mm lower than it should be as it was built from the drawing, so i will have to squash the valance proportions
  22. just when i'm trying to get broken locos back into action, another has died on me. This time its the little cream petrol "Skyrack", i took it down to the club on monday so my dad could run a wagon on eyemouth that he has just built, it ran about 6 feet and the motor has died. in better news, im continuing with the Hunslet diesel and doing the odd bit here and there on the NB 16 ton
  23. "Otome Youkai Zakuro" translates to something like monster girl Zakuro, Otome is girl and Youkai is a term that covers supernatural beings like monsters, ghosts, fairies, mermaids, vampires etc. Zakuro is the main character's name. its set in the Meiji period (1868-1912) when japan was opening up to the rest of the world such as adopting the Gregorian calender and the first railway in japan was built (1872). Episode 2 the characters visit Tokyo, have a ride on a horse tram and see the train as they pass by (sorry its a bit blurry and there's a fence in the way its a vague representation of the first train and station, Shimbashi, now known as old Shimabashi because of a newer one nearby, old S closed in 1909 and demolished but replicated on site in 2003 as a museum, i recognize it because Japan Railway Journal has filmed there a few times model of the first train by Minicraft in 1:45
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