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  1. Are you planning at all to do the yellow air-braked version with the 8ft wheelbase plate bogies rather than the 5ft 6 plate bogies? Cheers
  2. I Investigated the car park pricing difference online before visiting. The organisers of the motorbike show partially subsidise the parking for their visitors - hence the lower rate. From the motorbike live website:
  3. Final 2020 O gauge 33 line up confirmed from the new catalogue Also a photo of 33012. Ben confirmed this is the actual factory weathering
  4. Is the model of 33008 in green an exclusive for one of the retailers? Can’t find it advertised anywhere
  5. Just been shunting with this beast this morning...
  6. I tried contacting Heljan a month ago to see if they could supply the correct type fuel tank for me to swap it over myself, but they have failed to respond to my email
  7. Just been looking at the pictures of these upcoming locos, and I notice that the model of 33111 is fitted with the wrong type of fuel tank. 33111 has only ever carried the original style fuel tank with the cutaway section. Would it be too late for Heljan to rectify an error like this?
  8. TCs were all fitted with a single compressor and MG under the brake coach
  9. The only photos I can find of 8022 without the NSE flashes on the gangway doors also show it without the NSE branding on the sides i.e. Pre NSE
  10. Received my model of 8022 with NSE branding yesterday, it's a fantastic model. My only minor complaint is that when 8022 carried NSE branding, it had the NSE flash on the cab end gangway doors and this is missing from the model but other than that it's spot on.
  11. I purchased the wagons below from a show at the weekend, and I'm trying to identify the manufacturer. They appear to be kit built, with a one piece plastic or resin body. Unusually, the chassis have A, B, C, etc - F moulded on them, and the bogies have 1 - 12 moulded on them, with corresponding numbers moulded on the chassis. Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks Edit: apologies for the upside down pictures, not sure how to rotate them!
  12. Hi all, looking for either a Ks or NuCast 15xx pannier tank. Can either be finished or an unbuilt kit or somewhere in between... Cheers!
  13. Thanks for the reply John. I tried the digitrains version as I had ready ordered this by the time you replied. It is impressive, however I'm not satisfied with the sound on full power. Class 52s should have a very noticeable "scream" on full power, a bit like the HSTs used to, and the digitrains version doesn't have this. It is am demonstrated well in this video: Does your version have this John?
  14. Thanks for the advice so far. Compbck which company's sound recordings are on your ESU decoders?
  15. I am going to purchase a sound chip for my 00 scale Dapol Western.... Please can anyone recommended which is the best as there are so many to choose from? Not fussed about multi start Thank you
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