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  1. Hi - ref 9074 at York - baseboards are for track, and scenery goes on the bits where you can't sensibly put more track! A good B&B just to the right of the Church regards Peter
  2. Usually go on Sunday, but this year it had to be Saturday - noticeably busier, but went to Hall 3 and worked back. A great show - easy to get to, easy to park, easy to find your way around. And well done to the staff involved with the Casualty and trying to keep part of the dining area clear at lunchtime - hope he was ok
  3. Manchester Victoria - the L&Y wall map is about the oldest thing in the set - and just about the only thing you could see now!! Thanks again for all the photos kind regards Peter
  4. Scapping? I thought they were new. Until I saw the pic from 1989!
  5. C15309 Yesterday - now I know you have really been everywhere - you even have my house! Still enjoying the thread
  6. My first post on this wonderful thread. Going back to the recent discussion of online maps, I use the OS site www.old-maps .co.uk. There are editions for c1880, 1898, 1923, mid 30's, 50s, 60's and 70's, but not everywhere was surveyed for all dates, and some later railways escaped altogether. ( aside - Devon County Council planned the dual carriageway trunk roads using maps from 1903) The later OS maps are marked in 100m squares. For initial planning purposes this equates to four feet in 4mm and two feet in 2mm After all, nobody builds a model to the exact size, do they?? ( and its's four foot three and three quarters for those who do)
  7. Really enjoyed seeing this layout - and almost on my doorstep . And thanks to Innocentman and friends for letting me operate - not everyone gets a chance to drive the trains they saw from school past the house where they live. Now I'll go and run my Britannia, Jubilee 8f etc
  8. Hi Dave - Glad we are back in business - ref the picture C8395 of Workington on Monday - the centre tracks have been removed but the ground signals are(were) still there - presumably to avoid changing the interlocking.
  9. Check that you haven't got the inside of a wheel touching the point blade. ( How did I know to suggest that??)
  10. Happy Christmas, David. Thanks for all your posts. From one of your regular viewers Peter
  11. The viaduct in the first of today's photos is on the remains of the LNW line to Ashbourne. It provides an interesting prototype for modellers in that loaded stone trains go both ways, and returning empties go both ways. They run round in the sidings adjacent to the old steam shed in Buxton (mysteriously called Donaghue or Donaroo) which are currently being extended to allow longer trains. Trains between Tunstead Quarry and the cement plant at Hindlow have another run-round at Great Rocks/Peak Forest.
  12. I'm just glad BR didn't repaint Jubilees, Scots 9F's etc so frequently - I've thought of modernising my layout to the current time, but my local trains have had four livery changes in two years.
  13. I can't have missed many days in the four years of this thread. Thanks very much for all the posts - and for the foresight to take all the photos.
  14. Any more Morris Dancers out there?
  15. Single railcars were used on the Buxton-Milers Dale shuttle, so you could run one as empty stock non-stop. ps is there a shortage of Hyphens in Leeds? Here are some spares for Chapel-en-le-Frith - - - - - - - - - - - -
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