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  1. Thanks Jack I might just do that.. If it were my choice to build another again, the DJH version isn't bad at all, the Whitemetal castings are excellent infact. A new internal tender chassis and running plate, either scratchbuilt from brass or kit helps too. As I haven't built a Nucast version of the the C2X yet I can't comment on it but builds from it I have seen looks very good. A very neat Ashpan on the L class. It looks like you are taking to your new GW rivet tool like a duck to water. I'll send you some photos via PM of the L class I built for
  2. Hello Jack, You made a lovely job on the J class and the I3.. I agree completely with Pete about the information in the Southern Way 9 & 10 for the C2X, drawings showing the modification through the lifetime and Ashford's overhauls to some class members. The below model is DJH with added details and lowered ride height (after looking at these shots again it maybe even slightly too low! So I'll have a check with the drawings later). Including a new cab roof from brass, as the real things from photographs looked quite flimsy and a heavy weathering..
  3. Hello Bryan, I built an L class a couple of years ago for my Father. The supplied DJH tender falls short to say the very least! In the end I bought a replacement Southeastern Finecast SECR tender and modified it to suit an L Class, using drawings supplied from the Railway Modeller. Regards Chris
  4. Hello Jack, It sounds as if the varnish you are using isn't going off completely, what brands have you tried? For a brass metallic finish I use 'ALC109- Alclad 2 lacquers Brass'. I'm not certain if they have now been taken under the MIG brand, whose washes and panel liners a superb for model railways too. Personally I'm not into wargaming or making kits of aircraft etc but railway modellers really should give some of these products a try... The metal finish Alclad's would benefit from a coat of varnish over the top as well just to give them abit more protec
  5. Hello Jack, For painting metallic finishes I use a brand called 'Alclad 2 lacquers' it gives an amazing finish, as close to the real thing as I have found! They're abit expensive but are well worth it in my opinion. Kind Regards Chris
  6. Hello Jack, I have thought about starting my own thread for years to be honest but have never got around to it! Though I will give it serious consideration as I have lots of project I am working on at the moment. My own modelling interest is exSECR/SR/BRS in Kent from 1950 until 1960 or stage two of the electrification, which saw steam disappear from the mainlines. Sadly though I was born far too late to see any of it. I actually have been watching your thread for sometime and am very impressed with your painting and weathering. Regards
  7. Thank you John and Jack for your kind comments. I thought I'd post a couple of photographs of the Non-Descript Maunsell Brake and Inspection Saloon DS1 for you too. The former is from a Roxey Mouldings kit with added underframe details and the latter from the Southwark Bridge range, which are now also available from Mr Hammersley at Roxey Mouldings as well. Regards Chris White
  8. Hello, The exSECR Continental Brake 3rd was built by myself a couple of years ago now along with a Maunsell Non-descript Brake 2nd, for the "Continental Short Sea Route" boat train. As a scratch aid the kits are pretty good in my opinion and with abit of work and added details they turn out not too bad. Regards Chris White
  9. Thanks Dave, I cleared the cache and it appeared! Could you tell me the width of the frames? Would just like to know if it can run my OO 14.8mm b2b before purchasing. Kind Regards Chris White
  10. Hello Dave, I see that the BR chassis and the LBSCR bufferstops are on the homepage. But when you click through via products,the chassis isn't anywhere to be seen. I'm running off the December page too, Any ideas? Kind Regards Chris White
  11. These L1's are built from modified Pdk/Crownline kits, with abit of scratchbuilding here and there. I hope they give you some inspiration for your planned model. Regards Chris White
  12. Hello, Have you any details of the Polish supplier? Thanks in advance. Regards C.White
  13. Thank you for the reply. Most imformitive and I can now get those ordered tomorrow. May I ask on your planned livery the T3 will be in? I have seen one of these in lined Southern Olive Green and it seems to suit the class very nicely. Although its out of my normal period of modelling, I just don't think I can bring myself to paint one in dilapidated plain black prior to the last of the classes withdrawal. Regards Chris White
  14. Hello lyonesse, Excellent work on the T3, could you please advise me on the exact gears you bought from Ultrascale? I am looking forward to getting my T3 to get done at some point. Regards Chris White
  15. Hello Dave, I must say I'm very impressed with the class 71. I do have a couple of questions.. Is the Golden Arrow Regila on the Hattons version etched and which nameplate manufacturer are you using for it? I only ask because it will influence whether I purchase a plain green version or the Hattons GA. Kind Regards Chris
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