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  1. Sorted issues out, I sent it back because when I put it on the track, lights came on, motor ran but no movement in either direction. I could have taken it apart to try and fix but in the end, I just decided to send it back and wait until another one became available.
  2. As @andyman7 pointed out, there are no switches underneath and I have a sneaking suspicion that the previous owner or owners have had the body off as one of the cab interiors had been broken off the chassis and glued in place using superglue, but it wasn't square, so had to be prized off and re-glued to get it to fit properly. I'll have another play with it tonight and maybe in the darkness, I'll see them better.
  3. When Hatton’s do a second run, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t come with a £200+ price tag. I think the days of new mainline diesels under £150 are now just a distant memory.
  4. I recently purchased a 32-652 Class 44, 44004 as I had recently seen it on the Nene Valley Railway and at first really pleased with the purchase, but then noticed a few things whilst fitting a decoder which surprised me. When I removed the body I noticed some copper contacts on the body and I then assumed that it was fitted with working lights, but when I gave it a test run, no lights appeared. I was wondering if in fact it’s fitted with working head and taillights? I also noticed that one of the bogies is loose on it’s pivot point, allowing it to move slightly backwards and forwards. Can anyone suggest a simple fix for it?
  5. I’ve quite happy with the announcement and I think, something for everyone, so I’ve happily pre-ordered R30226 BR 45157 “Glasgow Highlander”. I think R3030225SS having a smoke generator is just a gimmick, and had i ordered it, I would have removed it.
  6. When Bachmann announce a second run, I really hope that they include a WCRC 47/8. 47802 seems to be really common in this neck of the woods, might be nice to model it.
  7. Without trying to contradict myself, but I’m both optimistic and pessimistic about their arrival. The optimist in me is glad that the light is at the end of the tunnel and the wait is nearly over, but the pessimist in me see’s the Chinese New Year as a huge elephant in the room and they won’t arrive in the UK until March/April time. Either way, I’m 100% sure I’ll have mine for my birthday in June
  8. It would seem that Class 46’s were more common than Class 45’s north of Perth, I’ve no idea why that would be. It would seem that 45’s were cut off their cross country trains at Edinburgh Waverley, then given a quick refresh at Haymarket before heading back south.
  9. I know that Class 45's got as far north as Glasgow and Edinburgh, but did they venture even further north to such exotic places as Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen or even Inverness on a regular basis? The only pictures I seem to find of a type 4, are Class 40's and 47's; so with the Class 45's having a similar wheel base as Class 40's, I assume that their RA would be the same but traction knowledge might be a different matter.
  10. Don’t you mean 153385? That’s as high as the 153 numbering went.
  11. I’m considering detailing one of my Hornby EMT Class 153’s into Network Rail’s VIU unit’s, and I was wondering if anyone has done or planning to do the video equipment which hangs off the front end. As you can see, there are also two windows plated over with louvre’s, which appear to be on one side only. Because of the way it was parked, I couldn’t see if 153376 had video equipment at both ends or just the one. 153311, which seems to be Network Rail’s other VIU unit, has a black NR logo on either side of the body, whereas 153376 doesn’t, but it’s nameplate has been removed.
  12. As it will be all units and short platforms, I assume that a calling on signal won’t be needed?
  13. Sounds like a plan but I’m sure you’re aware that the trip pin should be hanging down rather than up, as you have now. Keep up the good work.
  14. I was thinking of using Dapol’s LMS style working signals, so I should be okay for the home and platform signals, not so the calling on and shunt signals as ideally I’d like them to work as per the prototype. I don’t suppose you know roughly what page the signalling diagram is on? Saves me wading through page after page, then loosing the will to live
  15. I found this thread by accident and I’m really impressed by the kit, vinyls and the modelling considering your a relative newbie. The only thing I would suggest is fitting/using close couplings to close the gap between the cars. Apart from that, awesome effort, well done
  16. Without wading through all 101 pages, has anyone done a signalling diagram for Minories? As I’ve always liked the track plan, would love to do it in the East Midlands Trains era to go with what stock I’ve already got but with semaphore signalling, pretty much like a last outpost.
  17. I’m aware of that, but I thought I’d reinforce the idea and add some additional pictures.
  18. As Irish Model Railways are doing the Mk2b BFK with a generator, I’m wondering if Accurascale would consider using the tooling to create Riviera Trains BFK 17105 in shabby blue or the recent repaint of blue/grey.
  19. As there's going to be four announced, knowing Rapido, one will be way, way left field, one will be something Jason likes, one will be mainstream and the last one will something we've all been asking for, for ages.
  20. Years ago I was given a formula by a friend, sadly deceased, regarding the makeup of wagons in a freight train prior to 1948. It would be the home railway, neighbouring railway or railways and private owner wagons, so if we take the GWR for example, it was basically; GWR 50% Southern 20% LMS 20% PO Wagons 10% I’m not saying that it’s correct but when he ran his freight trains, they always kind of looked right.
  21. You just gotta lurve Spacehoppa's and chopper bikes
  22. I finally got to see one of the new Class 47's, with all the sounds, bells and whistles, working fans, tinted windows and mighty impressed I was. Would I buy one? No. As good as it is, I just think were heading to the realms of museum quality models which just makes me think it's possibly on the "fragile" side with more things to go wrong, drop off or just plan lose. The other thing with models of this calibre, can they take the pounding and abuse on some peoples layouts? As I said, I'm far from detracting from a superb model, I just think I'll get the bog standard one in a livery I'm after (WCRC) and add sound at a later date.
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