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  1. From what I’ve read, 90035 is fitted with a Class 800 pantograph and is drawing power but not under power if that makes sense? It’s being dragged by two Class 67’s, so is it being tested or the OHLE?
  2. Great Central Railway (North) seems to be used a lot for testing but I suppose any heritage railway with a mainline connection could be used. From what I gather, the 710 lump is second hand and by using that, the Class 56 bodyshell, it gets around tier 3 emissions due to “grandfather” rights.
  3. jools1959

    Hornby Clan

    Problem with that is that people staffing them are just office staff or those who “can’t say” because they think it’s commercially sensitive. I do think just emailing Hornby gets a better response.
  4. Reading between the lines on the Class 156 thread, is the “super train” Class 142 the next big project to push or you going to produce more 143/144’s or 156’s?
  5. Mainline testing is supposed to start in June, 2020.
  6. I’ve made a suggestion to my friend of St Bees and the Cumbrian Coast, and while it might not have Intermodal, it has nuclear traffic as well up until last year, Class 37’s on passenger trains. He has a Hornby Class 153 in Northern livery and if Realtrack do another batch in that livery, quids in.
  7. I think I’ll be ordering the ROG 37608 but I’d love to see a former DRS Harry Needle Class 37/6, especially 37605, 607 and 612.
  8. The room is 13ft long but his working space for the layout is 9x7ft. I’ll put the “looped 8” to him but I’m unsure of his wood butchery skills
  9. You’ve missed the point, he doesn’t want a double track layout but a modern day single track line with a passing loop in a station where trains can pass. His remit is that it was once double track but singled as a economy measure but has since become busy with Intermodal traffic using it as a diversion route.
  10. My friend lives in a modest apartment and his spare room has a size of approximately 9x7. He’s not much into shunting but likes the operational challenges of time tabling trains passing each other including a Intermodal train that’s slightly longer than the passing loop lol.
  11. LSL will have their work cut out with 60081 as it was initially stored with a “leg out the bed” and it has a noticeable hole in the bodyside where the piston punched it’s way out. Also with it being stored outside for so long, I dread to think what the internals are like.
  12. Any updates on the movements of the five Class 60’s recently sold. With spare parts from 60050 already being offered, I wonder if it will be scrapped on site?
  13. True but that’s not in the UK lol. What I think my friend is looking for is something like the Soham - Ely section. I did suggest that to him but he said that he had several Hornby Class 153’s in EMT and Northern liveries, a EMT Realtrack Class 156 and Class 144 in Northern livery, so he’s stuck with the area he wants.
  14. I hope you guys can help but I’ve had a request from a friend in the US who wants to build a mainline which was singled in the past but now becoming busy not only with passenger traffic but Intermodal as well as infrastructure trains. He wants to put a passing loop in at the station and though it used to have two platforms, only one is used now. He also wants to base it in the Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire areas and the only line I can think of is the “Robin Hood” Line but from what I can recall, it’s all Class 153’s and 156’s. I know it’s a long shot but any help would be most grateful.
  15. As others have stated, the original plan was to move the catering into the DVT but with requirements for the guard, emergency equipment and now the need for bike spaces. The idea of putting passenger accommodation in was quickly discounted by the DfT because of possible crash worthiness, especially after conversion work given it’s integrated construction.
  16. Can I put my 5 Cents worth in? Either a Class 37 or 47 if a loco, a 185 if a DMU or 397 if a EMU given their both TPE stock
  17. I believe that all stock that’s used by TfW is to painted into the new livery including the Mk4’s.
  18. If it’s to go as a static exhibit at Margate, could they not have also gone for the motor coach that went behind the power car? It would have shown exactly half of what Hornby produced in OO scale.
  19. As pointed out on numerous threads and Simon Kohler has stated, the original APT tooling (as well as loads of others) was destroyed by the previous management when they moved from Margate
  20. I suppose it will always depend on where you live, if your close to Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton or Stanstead airports, then it’s going to be more advantageous flying rather than travelling by rail and making connections to services to Glasgow or travelling into London.
  21. I remember reading years ago that the GWR moved a batch of S160’s under the direction of the USATC, still with all their rods connected. It was said that you could hear them gasping and wheezing as the pistons moved in the cylinders probably doing untold amount of damage lol.
  22. I was talking to a WCRC driver awhile ago about 47500 and from what he told me, the damage was catastrophic, not just outside but internally as well. When the insurers turned up, they just took one look and wrote the cheque but on the understanding that 47500 was scrapped. Like I said, that’s what I was told and with insurers wrangling between themselves, no wonder it lasted so long before the gas axe appeared.
  23. 56031 and 56311 have been stripped of everything and then sent to Marcroft for sandblasting, any bodyside repairs, primed, returned to EMD and put on accommodation bogies. I’m sure EMD are just doing the final tweaks before commencing work.
  24. I’m quite reliably informed that even though 56128 is ex Booth’s and heavily stripped, it’s body shell is in very good condition because when it was stored on the Nene Valley Railway prior to being sold on, it was largely kept in the tunnel and free from the elements.
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