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  1. It is just an old Ratio GWR 4 wheeler that had seen better days. Based loosely on various pics of departmental ones, I cut back to running boards to add the hand brake lever. I filled in various panels and blanked off some windows. Joys of working in plastic, I just thin plasticard the matched the depth of the panels and sanded down. I added a water tank to the roof with a chimney for the kitchen area fitted for departmental staff. It is the only vehicle I have fitted with plastic wheels. I did not fancy my chances of separating the solebars and besides, it was only ever going to be in a a sho
  2. It is an excellent kit. I use my crane on a signal engineers train with a new steel post signal on its way to replace a worn out wooden post somewhere. Mike Wiltshire
  3. Worsley list it as an F20 slip which is an E95 with the corridor end removed and a slip end in its place. The sides are the same for both the F20/E95. Blacksmith used to have a slip end available to convert their E95 to a single ended F20 slip Mike Wiltshire
  4. I have a couple of these and they work fine, if not a bit noisy but I put that down to the tender acting as an echo chamber. Worm and gear are inline on mine. if upside down, one of the gear sets does slip on one of mine. it needs the weight of the tender to keep it engaged. I cannot complain as my Dad built it in the 1960's and it is still going working. Mike Wiltshire
  5. Heavy Rail. Grand Central sets have to negotiate this curve on their way from Heaton to Sunderland. The Tyne Dock to Lynemouth and to Drax via Durham this route, as did D9000 when it was working for GBRF on freight trains. who says "Hornby HST's on second radius curves is unrealistic? Mike Wiltshire
  6. There goes any plan to model Gateshead Mike Wiltshire
  7. Rails reduced dc versions to £99.50 now. https://railsofsheffield.com/groups/3203/deal-of-the-day-large-prairies?utm_source=Mailing+List&utm_campaign=5da551864d-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_06_20_02_35_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_74d01bc2ed-5da551864d-5494973 Mike Wiltshire
  8. Coronation street. Roy cropper filled his flat with a model railway. An Olivia's trains class 77 was seen running. Lovejoy episode 'over the rainbow' actor Richard Vernon was seen with a Hornby O gauge layout (with original boxes) in a retirement home. Mike Wiltshire
  9. The level crossing is at Baynards Park, not from from Dunsfold airbase where they make Top Gear and shot the aircraft scenes for Casino Royale, Red II etc. The railway is long gone but the station still exists as a private residence. Mike Wiltshire
  10. The images in Russell are the queenpost - turnbuckle type underframe and the bogies shown are Fishbelly type?. As for length I cannot confirm if they are 8ft or 9ft as both were used under the original build. The preserved K36 at Didcot, no 1159 has Fishbellies. Due to lack of available Fishbelly castings at the time, mine has 9ft Americans as I had them in stock and there was much switching of bogies in the 1930's. I do have the Fish bellies to go under it now but not a priority. Mike Wiltshire
  11. Tyne Dock to Drax were back on this week. 60095 but had to put up with the old stock. Rounton Gates heading back to Tyneside Mike Wiltshire
  12. Not quite a Pullman train as Royal Scotsman liveried 66743 hauls a Belmont to Tyne yard PW Special through Rounton Gates last Thursday 1/10/20 through the rain. Mike Wiltshire
  13. 60011 towing 66051 from Tees Dock to Knottingley this afternoon at Rounton Gates Mike Wiltshire
  14. If you do not find one there is a 3D image one at Shapeways http://www.rue-d-etropal.com/3D-printing/3d_printed_sg-trains2-lms.htm Mike Wiltshire
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