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  1. There are times where the 68's do not look so good! Mike Wiltshire
  2. Bogie changes did happen. Here are just two sets of replacements under clerestories. Some of the dining cars switched from 6 to 4 wheel and vice versa. Many of K15 series Dean vans had replacement Americans. Mike Wiltshire
  3. JUst been reading it. My January Modeller arrived in today's post. Mike Wiltshire
  4. This has me thinking. Isn't time a Castle was seen running through LB? https://www.flickr.com/photos/david_christie/5375154070 Mike Wiltshire
  5. David's wife is at home for Christmas but will be going back into hospital in the new year. Trains of little interest to him at the moment. The business has not been sold. He still owns everything apart from the Mitchell range which he was only a custodian of. David now owns the Hayes range. No casting has taken place for some time now. As it is sub zero, in the north, casting is not possible until the spring. There is remaining stock, which i can access. What are you looking for? Mike Wiltshire
  6. Fond memories of the holidays in Dorset. Mike Wiltshire
  7. In addition to 9440 mentioned above at Newton, Three here at Truro https://www.rail-online.co.uk/p30480076/h6FBBA163#h6fbba163 And another at Exeter https://www.rail-online.co.uk/p30480076/h6FBBA163#hc3e42009 My Grandfather hated the 94XX with a passion. Towards the end of his driving career, after years driving the big stuff on top link, he was restricted to lower link duties due to cataracts on his eyes (can you imagine that being allowed today?). He often got the 'new' 94xx which had a screw reverser. Not good for shunting. Knowing this was a common feeling around the system, some sheds took the lever reverser off old Dean era panniers that had been withdrawn and fitted them to the 94XX. (I noted the owner of 9466, in 1985, did the same). With the constantly changing stock of locos coming out of the works, if it was a shunting duty, tasked with a 94XX, he would check out which engines had the lever reverser and ask the shed foreman to change the loco on his shift. Mike Wiltshire
  8. Just had a note from Paypal that funds have been taken, so it looks like mine are on the way. Thanks to all at Rails Mike Wiltshire
  9. May be of interest to the Eastern modellers, I have just noticed a recent addition to the Worsley Works site. Allen is producing etches for the West Riding and Silver Jubilee sets, though I am no sure what scale.(4mm in the web address) http://www.worsleyworks.co.uk/4mm/4mm_LNER.htm Mike Wiltshire Edit It is 4mm scale
  10. You better include me as well Mike Wiltshire
  11. Image of Kelham Hall with the tender here in the 1960's https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/leamingtonstation/leamington_locos/gwrls936.jpg Mike Wiltshire
  12. There were two original Falcon Brass kits, on sale at Warley, a Star and a Castle both supplied with the 8 wheel tender. Mike Wiltshire
  13. it looks like a K's 70's edition with the pre quartered wheels that fit into a keyhole frame. The frames have been modified as the original K's was designed to drive on the centre wheel with the K's motor fitting into a casting which a large whole to clear the brush mount. This one has been cut and had a brass plate added with positioning to take a Triang X04/MW005 or ECM. It should look like this. As for replacing with a Hornby...It depends if your are for or against K's kits. I am well known to be a defender of K's. Here is my 6843 Poulton Grange, named so after the farm that Sandpiper on here used to work. My engines have long trains and a hill. The Hornby one came and went as it could not pull this trains. A bit of effort, adding detail, brakes etc and the \K's are fine. Mike Wiltshire
  14. My pair still 'pending'. Mentioned it on the stand at Warley, but not able to advise if and when I will get them. Mike Wiltshire
  15. I had a long chat on Saturday. Going ahead. I was shown some new CADs. It is far from shelved. Mike Wiltshire
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