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Found 19 results

  1. It is possible that in the period immediately following the final withdrawal of standard gauge steam in 1968 BR were concerned that steam loco running around in BR liveries might be mistaken for locos that they owned and were responsible for. They were very concerned in those days to promote the corporate image and rid themselves of the perception that they were failing to modernise. A few years later, the blue/grey livery and arrows of indecision had become very firmly embedded in the public consciousness, and steam had become part of the nation's noble engineering heritage, so the unfortunate connotations of steam being old fashioned, slow, dirty, expensive, polluting and symptomatic of an inefficient railway had gone, and those concerned with promoting BR's image were more tolerant of steam locos in BR livery. I'm not saying that I'd agree with any of this, but you can see why they might have thought in this way. Many of the earlier preserved locos could appropriately carry pre-BR liveries anyway. The early SVR never had any trouble with 43106, though, David Shepherd was able to keep Black Prince and Green Knight in their BR liveries, and AFAIK it was only the KWV and Lakeside and Haverthwaite that painted locos in these 'non BR' liveries. Perhaps it was a Northern thing; steam had lasted longer up there. Locos were painted for film work as well, which does not happen so much these days as suitable locos for a greater variety of periods or imagined locations are available.
  2. This morning's preserved railway photos are from the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway in Cumbria. A couple of the Windermere boats are included. Haverthwaite 9th Aug 87 C8867 Haverthwaite Bagnall Princess Aug 79 J6621 Haverthwaite Peckett 1925/1937 Caliban Hudswell Clarke 1366/1918 Renishaw Ironworks No6 Fowler Fluff Aug 79 J6619.jpg Haverthwaite Hunslet Cumbria Lakeside to Haverthwaite 9th Aug 87 C8878.jpg Linster Green Hunslet Cumbria Haverthwaite to Lakeside 9th Aug 87 C8896.jpg Lakeside Teal Aug 79 J 6628 Lakeside Swift 9th Aug 87 C8863 David
  3. Hi, Dave. I like the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway photo’s. Such a diverse collection of engines and stock, and in J6622, and J6626, at Haverthwaite, and Lakeside, you have two lovely photos of the Bagnall Princess. What a lovely engine. The ECML photo’s are as fascinating as ever, and Peterborough to Retford is such an important part of the line, and the photo’s capture it perfectly. In J6514, at Dry Doddington with 47514 on an up express in June, 1979, is a good example of a 47 plus eight. I wonder if it was standing in for a Deltic. With warmest regards, Rob.
  4. A visit made in August 1979 to the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway in Cumbria for this morning. Haverthwaite Fairburn 2-6-4T 2085 NCB Barclay and Peckett Caliban Aug 79 J6616 Haverthwaite Barclay Alexandria and Peckett Caliban Aug 79 J6617 Haverthwaite Hudswell Clarke Renishaw No 6 Aug 79 J6618 Haverthwaite Bagnall Princess Aug 79 J6622 Lakeside Bagnall Princess Aug 79 J6626 Lakeside Pier Swan and Swift Aug 79 J6625 David
  5. Hi, Dave. I like the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway photos, and I always thought the Fairburn tank in CR livery looked very good. The ECML photos are fantastic, The Deltic at Corby Glen, on an up express, in April 1963, in J033, has a Thompson CK as the third carriage along the formation. With warmest regards, Rob.
  6. The first photos for today are from August 1975 when Mum and Dad visited the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway in Cumbria. Lakeside station from Gunners Howe Aug 75 J4603 Lakeside Fairburn 4MTT as CR 2085 Aug 75 J4605 Haverthwaite Fairburn 4MTT 2073 Aug 75 J4610 Haverthwaite Hudswell Clarke 5 and Simplex Rachel Aug 75 J4616 Haverthwaite Fairburn 4MTT as CR 2085 Aug 75 J4618 Haverthwaite Fairburn 4MTT as CR 2085 Aug 75 J4620 David
  7. Hi David, I think you may find this loco is David from Millom Iron works (new to them) and is now at Haverthwaite https://www.lakesiderailway.co.uk/2333-david-barclay/ I am loving your thread, keep up the goodwork Kind regards Ian
  8. Hi, Dave. I like the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway photos, and I think the Fairburn in Caledonian blue looks quite good. The Scottish photos are delightful, and I also like the first one with a great selection of signals to be seen. In C6425 there is a lovely portrait shot of 37026. Complete with the Scottie Dog. With warmest regards, Rob.
  9. A trip to Cumbria to see the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway in 1975 for today's first set of photos. Lakeside Fairburn 4MTT as CR 2085 Aug 75 J4606 Lakeside MV Swan Aug 75 J4607 Haverthwaite Peckett 1 Caliban Aug 75 J4611 Haverthwaite Hunslet 94 Cumbria Aug 75 J4613 Haverthwaite Bagnall 14 Princess and Fowler Fluff and Hudswell Clarke 5 mius tank Aug 75 J4615 Haverthwaite Fairburn 4MTT as CR 2085 Aug 75 J4619 David
  10. Hi, Dave. I like the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway. The first photo of the Fairburn 4MTT reminds me of the former Wrenn BR 4MTT model that they put in that livery, and it looked very good. The photos of the L.T.& S. R. are a great reminder of a railway getting the basics right and moving thousands of passengers back and forth each day. The class 302 EMU's were a good and solid class of unit which clearly got the work done, and it's all so well caught in your lovely photos. With warmest regards, Rob.
  11. A visit to the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway today. Lakeside Fairburn 4MTT as CR 2085 Aug 75 J4604 Lakeside MV Swan Aug 75 J4608 Haverthwaite Class 03 ex D2117 Aug 75 J4612 Haverthwaite Hudswell Clarke 6 Renishaw Ironworks Aug 75 J4614 Haverthwaite Fairburn 4MTT as CR 2085 Aug 75 J4617 David
  12. Hi, Dave. I love the Haverthwaite photos. A fascinating collection of engines and stock to be seen. The Portsmouth photos are delightful, and the last photo has two vessels to be seen, but I aren't quite sure if they are ferries. Lastly, back to that DMU, at Chaloners Whin, and there were no class 104 DTBS's. As Clive has said, the misted window that is visible is the one opposite to the toilet. The rear unit being a Derby class 108. With warmest regards, Rob.
  13. I don't think I've posted any photos of Haverthwaite before. These are from my visit to the railway in February 1973. Haverthwaite Renishaw Ironworks No 6 Hudswell Clarke Feb 73 C1193 Haverthwaite Fowler 2 Fluff Feb 73 C1194 Haverthwaite Feb 73 C1195 Haverthwaite Class 03 ex D2117 Feb 73 C1196 Haverthwaite Class 5 44806 and Fairburn tank Feb 73 C1197 Haverthwaite Fairburn 4MTT Feb 73 C1198 David
  14. A trip to Carnforth station for today on 8th August 1987. I was staying in the area for a few dayy, I also visited parts of the Cumbrian Coat line, Ravenglass and Eskdale and the Lakeside and Haverthwaite. Before anyone asks photos of those areas. taken at various dates will appear here eventually. There are only about 32,000 more slide scans to post up to 2003. Carnforth 31247 down nuclear flasks 8th Aug 87 C8797 Carnforth Class 108, 54245 leading Lancaster to Barrow 8th Aug 87 C8799 Carnforth 144011 Leeds to Morecambe 8th Aug 87 C8801 Carnforth 142074 Leeds to Morecambe 8th Aug 87 C8802 Carnforth GP Tramm 68304BDX 8th August 87 C8829 David
  15. Hi, Dave. Great photo's today. That last one of the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway is of interest for me, for it is of Fairburn 42085 which worked on Inspection Saloon duties, when the York to Hull, via Market Weighton line was open. The Derbyshire photo's are interesting, and I particularly like the last of Great Rocks, with 47 532. It is something that is very modellable. Please keep the photo's coming, All the best, Market65.
  16. Last night my shower started to leak so this morning was spent ringing round plumbers to find one who could replace it. One turned up at 11.10, looked at the job, gave me a price, returned with the new shower at 12.40 and has now fitted it and dealt with another small matter as well. I am feeling pleased! While I was waiting I had a look at some photos and found these from 2003 and played about with them for a few minutes. I was going to post them earlier but had to turn the electricity off for the plumber and then the PC updated itself. They are from a holiday in Cumbria in 2003, again they are early digital photos. Silverdale up 175 Aug 2003 Silverdale up 175 Aug 2003 Now to the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway. Lakeside Aug 2003 Lakeside Aug 2003 Haverthwaite Aug 2003 More to come this evening, all being well. David
  17. These photos this morning are really something in the way of a test to see how well very early digital photos display. They were taken with a Canon A70, a then state of the art 3Mp camera in August 2003. I bought it on a wet day in Ulverston when I happened to park near a camera shop, went in and came out with a camera. The first three of the Haverthwaite photos were taken straight after unpacking the camera, before reading the instructions fully. After that holiday I gave up on slide film and took only digital photos. Haverthwaite 42073 Aug 2003. Haverthwaite Aug 2003 543970:Haverthwaite in rain Aug 2003 Haverthwaite Aug 2003 Arnside 175109 up Aug 2003 There will be the usual photos later today, from somewhere in the north east, as well. David
  18. Hi, Dave. Superb photo's of Haverthwaite, August, 2003. Then we have some remarkably atmospheric winter photo's of Skipton in January, 1967. The ones of Skipton are beautifully lit by the Sun, and with a bit of frost left on the ground, give a good sharpness to them. The locomotives are characteristically worn looking, and uncared for, with rustiness and general dirtiness about them. Even the class 101 DMU is grimy and sooty looking. Please keep these outstanding photo's coming. All the best, Market65.
  19. A few for the afternoon. In August 2003 I was having a short break in Grange over Sands and one wet day found myself in Ulverston. I did a bit of window shopping and ended up in a camera shop. When I left the shop I'd bought my first digital camera, a Canon A70, state of the art back then, 3MP, with a full set of manual controls - shutter and aperture priority etc. Also a supply of AA batteries to start with plus a set of rechargables and a charger. Within a month I'd stopped using slide film. The reults are nothing like as good as current digital compacts but I still enjoy looking at them - and once I'd paid for the camera taking photos cost almost nothing - what a change from film! These are a few of the photos taken in the first few days. Haverthwaite August 2003 Haverthwaite No 150 August 2003 Silverdale Class 175 up pass August 2003 Arnside 175109 up pass August 2003 Arnside 158759 down pass August 2003 David
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