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Found 4 results

  1. I was chatting to Andy Hanson on Thursday evening and he mentioned that Peter's Spares are currently listing various PECO Jubilee body parts on their website. We both confessed to having examples of these in our gloat boxes. Mine has been there for over a decade, along with a Nigel Hunt chassis etch and all the bits and pieces necessary to complete the model... with the exception of that vital spark motivation to actually build it. Well, Andy has now supplied said spark - a challenge to complete a finescale Jubilee in time for the 2mm Scale Association's Diamond Jubilee. Apparently Nigel has sold over 100 of his etches, so there must be plenty of others sitting in gloat boxes up and down the land... but if you're feeling left out, Nigel has got plenty left, which no doubt he will have for sale at Chelford next weekend. (He also has a version to fit the Farish Jubilee.) Anyway, the gauntlet has been laid down, so if you need an excuse to get cracking on a loco project, join us in the Jubilee Jubilee Challenge! (and post your progress here). It would be amazing if there were 60 converted Jubilees at the 60th anniversary, but even if there are only 2 (so long as they are mine and Andy's!) I'll be happy. I'll be starting in a couple of weeks (once I've finished exam marking), but in the meantime the bits are all ready to begin...
  2. After the success of Tony's Shop 2 thread, I thought it would be a good idea to have a new thread on the subject of 2mm products, both from the association and elsewhere. As the current Products Officer, I will use the thread to ask questions of the membership about possible Association product developments and to update you all about what we have going on behind the scenes. Also, I will stick my neck out and offer to point folk in the right direction for other products. As many products from members and small manufacturers get launched and then go quiet, newer modellers may not be aware of who does what and where certain items can be purchased. So a variation on any questions, but specifcally aimed at products for the discerning 2mm modeller. If you see a question posted and can answer it, do feel free, as I certainly don't have all the answers. I am often asked at shows where such-and-such an item comes from, and the aim is to do the same on this thread. I hope you all join in and make this a useful resource for 2mm modellers. All the best Nigel Ashton
  3. RichardW1

    Prototype Notes

    Prototype notes I promised that I would give some background to the model. In doing so I must point out that the accompanying pictures and illustrations are taken from Roger Waring’s book ‘The StoneBridge Railway’ published by Brewin Books. Copyright is acknowledged. The station was also known as Coleshill, but I have chosen to retain the earlier name of Maxstoke (modeller’s licence!). The track plan, as can be seen, was very simple. For interest I have extended the siding to form a loop. This pretty picture of the station in 1906 was the key inspiration for the project. As I mentioned before there is a lot of detail to add yet. The odd levels in the platform can be clearly identified in the picture, as well as the short length. By the end of the war the line was virtually derelict. The local coal merchant’s name was Rollason. I believe the family still lives in the area. And finally my model of the wagon seen in the yard photograph.
  4. Hi all, The original build topic can be found here. Before this challenge started I had a few layout projects on the go at once with no motivation to finish them. As is usual with me when I get a 'good' idea, I start straightaway then lose interest. This challenge gave me the opportunity to start something small with the hope of actually completing it. The idea of a nuclear flask unloading terminal came to me straight away as I already had an interest in DRS workings. After a suitable prototype had been found I knew I wanted to use the diorama as a test bed for some scenic ideas and as a platform for photographing rolling stock. I started by drawing the track in Templot as I wanted to build 2fs track. I exported the Templot file to Autocad in order to work out a baseboard shape as I didn't just want to build a rectangular board and fill the corners with unnecessary scenic items because I felt it was too bare. Below are some images of the 3D renderings and newly built baseboards. In my first post of the challenge topic I set out some things I wanted to build or use. This changed a few times during the course of the build but the layout idea stayed the same. Now that this diorama is finished it has given me the motivation to design and build a small 2fs layout which will incorporate some of the details from this diorama. I am pleased with the overall feel of the diorama and think the lights look brilliant for a first attempt. Here are the best images I could produce with the equipment I have: Cheers Martin
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