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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All, As it isn't usual Didcot Railway Centre Activity, I though I would let all the diesel fans out there see the line up for the the gala over the bank holiday weekend. Confirmed Visitors already on site: Class 37 - D6700 Class 41 - 41001 - The Prototype HST Class 47 - 47292 Class 55 - 55002 - “The King’s own Yorkshire Light Infantry” If they are available to be released from traffic on the Saturday and Sunday will also be: Class 43 - HST Power car 43024 'Great Western Society 1961- 2011 Didcot Railway Centre' Class 57 - 57 604 'Pendennis Castle' And from the home fleet: GWR Diesel Railcar No. 22 Class 08 - 08604 Class 14 - D9516 - her first appearance at her new home! Additionally you could do some of this too: Radstock Signalbox Open to Visitors Black Python real ale bar open Visits to the Thames Valley Signalling Centre There are a few pictures of the visitors as arrived on my Little Didcot thread here: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/51212-little-didcot/page-24&do=findComment&comment=1452352 I hope to see some of you at the Gala - the No. 4079 team will be in residence and working on the locomotive - so come to the loco works and make yourself known! All the best, Castle
  2. Whilst travelling down the M66 today, a pair of Class 14's passed over the bridge by junction 2. It reminded me of the 14'[email protected] event at the East Lancs Railway and I came across this pic of nine of them working a train. Looks like DCC is the way forward! Cheers, Mick
  3. With the news here that Heljan are likely to produce a Western in 7mm - perhaps we can look forward to all Hydraulics appearing RTR in this gauge. Anyhow I'll pin this thread and put together a list of all discussions on 7mm models, including kits. Please post links in here and I'll do the rest. Phill Dyson formerly of this parish will be very pleased with this news I'm sure. Had been hoping to steer clear of 7mm (financially and space!) and needed strong will power to resist buying a Deltic, but life without a 7mm Western for me is just impossible. RTR Heljan Hymek http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/83571-Heljan-o-gauge-hymek/ Heljan Western - Rumours? Dedicated thread Heljan Warship http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/72386-Heljan-7mm-class-42-warship-and-more/ Kits JLTRT Hymek http://www.justliketherealthing.co.uk/class-35-hymek-o-gauge-loco-kit-p-195.html?cPath=46 JLTRT Western http://www.justliketherealthing.co.uk/class-52-western-o-gauge-diesel-loco-kit-sale-p-19.html?cPath=46
  4. HI all, This young lady came in for what i suppose you could call a re-identity from the British Steel numbered to D9517 which was based in monmouthshire in the late 60's which is where the customer asked it to be (south wales area) Here she is with the number removed And with the new number applied Just awaiting on the BR Roundals to arrive in the post and then it will have a bit of corrective weathering and then it will ready for trip home. I also have had this little bit of etch porn arrive :-tasty In the pic we have the following: Replacment chassis for the DJH big goods 2 X Jones Double deck sheep vans 12 X Drummond Double deck sheep vans 2 x Meat Vans 1 X 6 Wheel 11T brakevan (another couple still to arrive) 1 X 4 wheels 20T Brakevan 2 X Open carraige truck So a little bit of soldering work and burning of fingers to do Cheers Simon
  5. Ok here is a question I had recently after my discovery of the Glasgow Class 14 Tanks and how similar it looked to a certain Blue E2 after his rebuild. But how common were Side Tank Extensions? I know the E2s had them (batch two anyway), Some of the aforementioned Class 14s and in fiction I know that two examples exist of Tank Engines with Side Tank Extensions. I do als think I've seen a Pannier with added side tanks that give it a look of extended side tanks but it's the other way around here. I am honestly wondering how many engines out there had these installed to improve their running distance as I can only think of that as a reason to even do such a modification at all.
  6. Hi folks, May I first say that I am not sure if I have put this in the correct section, as it could easily have been in 'Prototype Questions' or 'Media', but as it's about an hydraulic locomotive I thought that those of you here who have specialist interest and knowledge may point me in the right direction. I am looking for any magazine articles on this class. I have searched the net on and off for the last few weeks and found plenty of helpful pictures and allocation histories but not a lot else. I have the relevant edition of MLI but I have been told that, since Hattons announced their 00 model, a few other articles have appeared. I am interested in any aspect of their pre-preservation. Any help greatly appreciated. Regards and thanks, Alex.
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