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Found 4 results

  1. Sad news from the middleton railway which has been posted on their facebook page On Tuesday 8th February, a group of people entered the Middleton Railway's premises at Moor Road and vandalised the EM2 Locomotive Society's Railbus DB998901 "OLIV" by setting fire to it. Police are investigating the crime and the vehicle is being examined to assess the damage received. Until the assessment has taken place no decision will be taken on the vehicle's future. FURTHER INFORMATION DB998901 was built by Baguley of Burton on Trent to an order from Drewry and worked as an Overhead Line Inspection Vehicle, earning it the nickname Olive. Originally ordered by the London & North Eastern Railway in 1947 for use on the Woodhead route. The nationalisation of the railways just a month later saw the order put on hiatus and it wasn't delivered until 1950, by this time going to British Railways' Eastern Region at Shenfield. After a number of years out of use it was handed over to the BR Research Department at Derby in the early 1970s. It was then used to maintain the overhead lines on the BR test track at Old Dalby in Leicestershire. It was purchased by the EM2 Locomotive Society and transferred to Middleton Railway in November 1997 where it was converted to passenger use. It won an HRA award for its restoration. With fairly limited capacity it came out on quieter days and events. Any comments or further requests of information please contact: Ian Smith Vice President, MRT https://www.facebook.com/MiddletonRailwayOfficial/photos/pcb.1130658683625676/1130655160292695/?type=3&theater
  2. I am currently building stock for a projected layout based on the metre-gauge Tramways of the Correze (TC) in France. As I also model the LSWR in P4 gauge, I am making the models to 1:55 scale on P4 trackwork. This means that I have to make everything myself. Over the years, the TC ran several types of autorails (railcars), the early ones being single-ended, meaning that they had to be turned at the end of the trip. There wasn’t always a turntable available, so that the autorails had a mechanism which could be wound down to engage the track (this is not my model) and the autorail could then be turned by the driver applying his shoulder to the body, as here: Thinking about how to replicate this in model form, it occurred to me that this could be done using RC to control a servo or a small motor to raise the autorail off the track. I would then use a model figure attached to a wire to replicate the driver turning the vehicle, before the servo operates in reverse to lower the vehicle. I guess that a second servo/motor could be arranged to turn the autorail through 180 degrees, rather than use a model figure. As I will be incurring the expense of Tx and Rx modules, I will also power the railcar through the RC system. The first couple of railcars that I am making will be powered by the High Level Kits “Pacer” gearbox, with a Mashima 1020 motor. For a later model, I have just found that Hollywood Foundries do a replacement chassis for the Dapol Park Royal railbus and the chassis of this is just about right for my autorail. Also, I have drawn up plans for a pair of the 0-6-0 Piguet locos which the TC ran and I also plan to power these by RC. The TC was a true tramway, and the trains ran through the main streets of the towns and villages. It would be great to run the trains alongside some motorised road vehicles as they run up a hill and through the town square to reach the station. This has just a passing loop and one siding, with an engine shed on a second spur off the end of the loop. On the RC side, having read the various threads here and on NGRM Online (and Dead Rails in the US), I am planning to use Deltang items, purchased through Micron. I propose to buy the Tx22 transmitter, as I will have several vehicles to control, and will use the Rx61-22 receiver. For the battery, I intend to buy the Hyperion G3 CK 240MaH Lipo, together with the E-flite Celectra 0.1-0.7A 1S LiPo charger. I will also buy a Pololu 9v booster in case I need more voltage than the 1S battery can provide. Additionally, I will need a charging socket and lead and an on/off/charger switch and, I think, some additional leads and sockets. I intend to get some LEDs for the front and rear lights of the railcars. I would welcome any comments on these intended purchases. One thing I am not sure about is what would be an appropriate servo to buy; this will have to do more than those used in steering road vehicles, as it will have to lift the weight of the railcar (which will have to be well-balanced over the centre of the lifting device. The railcars will be quite light, being constructed from plasticard, but I suspect that small servos will not have the torque to lift the weight of them. I would thus welcome suggestions for a suitable servo. Mick Ralph
  3. Thought I'd put this as a separate thread. Six liveries to start with, two GW and four BR. https://www.hattons.co.uk/NewsDetail.aspx?id=342 I must confess that every time I see that Heljan have announced a new 00 gauge model, I hope it will be the Class 120 DMU in 00, but every time I am disappointed... I wonder if I will be persuaded to replace my Limby GW railcars? Or my Bachmann Class 25/3s?
  4. I recall once seeing in Maurice Early's book "Truly the Great Western" a photograph of an AEC Regal bus fitted with railway wheels. Can anyone shed some light on this vehicle as I am hoping to modify an efe model bus to represent it. Ideally I would like to see more photos but more importantly I need to know the colour scheme. I'm guessing it would be some kind of AEC standard as it has Regal on the side as opposed to a bus operators logo. Also can someone tell me how to dismantle the efe regal bus without doing too much damage.
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