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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I've been slowly working on this layout for a little while alongside my main layout. I love the atmosphere that you get with the London Underground and I've tried to capture it as well as I can. Theres still quite a bit of work to go but hopefully you can see it taking shape!
  2. Hi folks, I am sitting here looking at a copy of 'Red Panniers' and specifically a colour pic showing one of these locos hauling what look like two unfitted BR tube wagons ( I am assuming that's what they are as they look very similar to other pics of what are tube wagons and to the Parkside kit). The picture raises two questions for me: 1. one of them seems to have corrugated ends, while the other looks planked; is it my eyesight or was that a build variation or repair? 2. the livery looks to be so pale a shade of grey as to be almost rail grey; is that just fading, something to do with the photograph's age, or were they really that light a shade. I have seen, in the same book, pics of LU engineers stock of a very similar shade; the vehicle are just far enough in the distance for me to be unable to clearly make out the lettering. Many thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and for any answers. Regards, Alex.
  3. I was watching the second part of Channel 5's surprisingly interesting programme Inside the Tube: Going Underground which focussed on the Central Line and noticed in the section about relaying track on a tightly curved section that the rail appeared to be bullhead though with a short foot. I use the Central Line quite often and know that there used to be some bullhead at White City now replaced but didn't know it was still being used in the tube section. Is there something about BH that makes it particularly suitable for tightly curved section or is this use just because this section hasn't yet changed to Vignoles (FB) rail?
  4. Oh, dear. I just had to start this. I have enjoyed and indeed been impressed to no end by the Bromley North project and its subsequent re-birth as the Highgate Woods Sidings project elsewhere on this site. So much so that it has catalysed a number of thoughts in my mind based on some scribbles on the back of an envelope focusing on possible layout projects revolving around Highgate. The background is that I lived for a while in Highgate - Shepherds Hill - so Highgate tube was my regular route to work for years. During that time my eyes wandered over the fence wondering what the remains of Highgate High Level was all about, then listening intently for the reconstruction of the depot on the other side of the tunnel. Add to that walks through the woods, loomed over by the remains of the Park Junction 'box and the wheels started turning - albeit very slowly. So my aim here is to prompt thoughts about getting it all onto plywood in a workable form - in N gauge probably as the size of the project would make the 4mm/7mm scale versions the topic of club projects or the complete take-over of someone's garage/basement/attic. I am the sort who likes to be able to move things around, so my mind and the dimensions are, for the time being, N gauge. Initial thoughts focus on four baseboards, two deep, two wide with a loop at each end that wil allow modular working. I'll share a drawing or two soon, as I am still re-scribbling, but for now, lets look at what might be the prototype raison d'etre for it all... War certainly broke out, but the Northern Heights project was undertaken. Yes, LPTB did build lines onto existing tracks to Ally Pally and kept on running up to modern times. Realizing the advantage of dual voltage stock from the mid-80s trains for the Northern Line ran in and out of Moorgate (no crash in '76) but so too did 313/314s that ranged further afield. Freight continued through the intermediate years as yards at Woodside Park and so on vanished or became revenue sources from light industry built on previous yards. Now, the only missing bit is the excuse to run 'proper' trains... Well, the exhibition at Ally Pally (not that one) saw some preserved locomotives displayed there - that would have run up from Finsbury Park. Somehow trains out of Kings Cross could be diverted through the Finchleys and back onto main lines in the event of signal failures/engineering works and so on... So our combined Highgate/Park Junction endeavour could feature LT Tube stock, dual voltage EMUs, freight of all kinds (don't forget, the lowly Portishead Branch is home now to 66s hauling cars from Royal Portbury Docks) as well as the earlier DMUs runing in and put of Finsbury Park and beyond, steam hauled locals, diverted expresses and even preserved locomotives. And the fun part? That depot and the sidings function as a publicly visibly fiddle yard (do we need one round the back behind the scenery, then?) on which to display our lovely stock... Just an idea thrown out there for some comments - enthusiasm would be nice as it might get saw applied to wood and so on... But, in the mean time we have the current Highgate Wood Sidings to look upon and admire greatly - and fond memories of Bromley North. Best, Marcus
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