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Found 13 results

  1. Grouse101

    Going Digital

    One of my biggest gripes with model trains when I was a kid was that you could really only run one train on one track at one time (I didn't know about blocks or isolating sections at the time and probably couldn't have been bothered with them even if I had). Not very realistic in my opinion. Trying to run two trains through one controller usually ended in disaster and even if you had separate tracks and controllers, flicking the wrong set of points could result in some expected behavior. When I discovered that DCC was readily available at a reasobale price I knew it was something I had to implement. I've always been pretty good with computers and technology so when I read that I could build a DCC base station and control trains via the computer for significantly cheaper than buying an off the shelf digital controller I was sold! I opted to build a DCC++ base station (https://github.com/DccPlusPlus/BaseStation/wiki/What-is-DCC--Plus-Plus) using a generic Arduino clone from Amazon with a generic motor shield plonked on top (I'd never heard of Arduino before and I don't know how, it's amazing! I now use three on the layout to control everything, more on that later). The code to upload into the board is available free from the genius that designed the base station (what a amazing guy). Total cost was probably around £20. Tornado is DCC ready so I purchased my first decoder and wired it all up. Nothing happened. My brother was visiting at the time and, as he's pretty handy with computers, I'd got him involved with it. After a few hours of messing about with settings and connections I think he was ready to pack his bags and head home. The main issue we had was that the only power supply available to us was one I'd mutilated for a project many years ago and I suspected this was part of the issue. I eventually bit the bullet and chopped the end off my brand new Hornby power supply to expose the wires and hooked them up. HAZZAH! Lights appeared on the motor shield and Tornado took her first trip under digital control. I started off using the DCC++ graphical user interface which was developed alongside the base station, which I don't think is supported any more. Then I discovered JMRI. I now use this to control all my locomotives, points/turnouts, sensors, signals and whatever else I can attache a servo to. More on JMRI later as I'm still getting it set up. DCC++ and JMRI is such a powerful (and cheap!) combination if you're prepared to put the time into understanding it and setting it up. I Digital
  2. We are delighted to announce that the upcoming Garden Railway Festival, in Llangollen, on May 30,has over 50 confirmed traders. New leaflets and posters and banners too.. £7.00 admission, on site parking, bar, food ect
  3. Season's greetings RMwebbers, Look what has just gone live! This new digital video download features a great selection of steam era layouts, and given it's Christmas, we've thrown in some great heritage railway content too! ***10 Great steam era layouts inside*** ***1 hour + of steam era action*** WATCH THESE FIVE LAYOUTS: Liverpool Lime Street (OO) Loughborough Road (OO) Garsdale (O) Horfield (OO) Kingswear (2FS) 6 GREAT LAYOUT ARTICLES: Much Murkle (OO) East Wheal Dream (O) Halland (OO) Penmaenpool (OO) Wellbridge (OO) Kingswear (2FS) PLUS WATCH: How to clean wheels easily Scratchbuilt pioneering and pre-grouping locomotives on test A guided tour of Didcot Railway Centre, a leading heritage site A driver experience course on the Severn Valley Railway Get your copy today for just £4.99, whether you're on tablet, PC or MAC to watch and read it this Christmas. Preview and download your copy here
  4. The printed edition of BRM has now been going since 1993. Over the years it has evolved and continues to do so, in-keeping with the times and the readership's demands, needs and wants. What it can't offer you though is movement. Plain text and static images often leave the layout to be 'imagined' as a whole by the reader and in today's world where an increasing number of layouts are being operated by DCC with sound and lights, it just seems a shame to neglect these aspects. This is where video comes in. Our digital edition of BRM features (whenever possible) layout videos that I have shot when 'out and about' on my travels. Last year in September at the Accrington show organised by Blackburn & East Lancs MRC, I filmed Mick Bryan and Peter Taylor's 'New Bryford'. Something that I liked and wanted in the magazine. The quality of the layout reflected the talents of both modellers and it was a pleasure to spend time filming and interviewing them. New Bryford is in the June '14 issue of BRM on sale now. Another of my favourites was Monks Bay that I shot in April of this year on the coast at Mablethorpe. If you have children that are interested in railways or the beach, why not combine the two for a great afternoon out? If you'd like to see more of these videos, simply subscribe to our youtube channel or take out a digital subscription to BRM. Let us know what you think!
  5. Hello, I'd like to introduce myself. My names Andy and ive just opened a model shop in Earlestown on the outskirts of Newton Le Willows in Merseyside. As many of you are aware this area was home to the Vulcan Foundry. We opened on Saturday May 24th at 12pm and Mr Pete Waterman came along for the day and opened the shop and spent time with guests and customers chatting, taking pictures and signing autographs. We had a buffet and a charity raffle and raised just over £70 for a local charity. Ever since i was a child ive been interested in model railways and my dream was to open a model shop which i have now achieved. i have a 10 foot by 10 foot layout which is dcc sound and can be seen on my youtube: andyfriarsjunc the layout is not at the shop tho as its too large. Hope to see you all soon Best wishes Andy Sawyer Models address for shop: 27 Bridge Street Earlestown Newton Le Willows Merseyside WA12 9BE
  6. Hi there I'd like to buy my 4 yr old son a digital set for Christmas and maybe Hornby track packs C, D and E. We have a Thomas set. From a loco perspective I'd like (might be a bit for me too!) to go for the Bachmann Class 25 set, but it doesn't seem to be widely available anymore. But is the controller any good? None of the current DCC sets really appeal. I'd like BR Blue or at least a half decent loco. With him being young, so not going for anything super detailed, would it be an option to go for a non DCC set and add a controller and DCC the engine that came with it? Or go for analogue? Thanks in advance!
  7. Model Rail 201 October has appeared on my news stand app and appears to be ready to download but when I try to download it, I get a box coming up saying there is a technical problem. Has anyone else had the same problem? It could be something on our side as our download speed is painfully slow at the moment. Regards Veronica
  8. I was surprised recently browsing the Hornby International site to find that Arnold are introducing a range of continental TT stock. Scale 1/120 which means that 12mm gauge track is spot on for standard gauge. UK TT used to be 3mm = 1 foot or 1/100 which means like 00 the track represents nearer 4' than true standard gauge. As the motor argument no no longer applies is there an opportunity ro 1/120 scale TT British outlines. TT say it all as TT supposedly means Table Top. A decent compromise between N and 00. I am not really interested in big 00 layouts as I do not have the room. However I find N a bit small. Something in between would do nicely. It could be introduced fully digital from day one, tied in with computer operation as an option. Maybe even Blue tooth for an element of wireless control. Am I a lone voice?
  9. To anyone who tinkers with digital electronics and micro-computers, a logic analyzer is a great tool to have. Unfortunately they used to be quite expensive. Nowadays ... no more. This tiny, 8 channel, 24MHz sample rate, USB module can be had for as little as €4,-. Combined with the free open source 'sigrok / pulseview' software it makes for a very capable and fun to use logic analyzer that anyone can afford. I tried one and I can only say "wow ... what fun'. Old times revived. I remember form my studies and my first job around 1980 that we had large table top equipment from Hewlett Packard, Philips, Tektronics that cost thousands and had fist thick user manuals on how to use them. Now similar things can be done with a module the size of a match box. More info and a video on how to connect the module and about the software features can be found here: link to the video.
  10. Hi everyone!! I'm Ruth the designer of BRM paper and digital issues. As an added bonus for our digital subscribers we'd like to offer an extra article to the digital content each month. We were all wondering whether any of you experts had any ideas on which ones? The articles can be anything that have featured in BRM over the last 3 years that you've found interesting or useful. What do you want to see?!
  11. Is there a searchable on line index anywhere to what was in past BRM copies? For example, as I am a newbie to DCC it would be useful to find all the various articles on DCC without having to open the contents page of every edition. I also recall recently seeing a feature by Phil on the underground Ernie chassis, but can’t find it in my YouTube history so I am guessing it was on one of the BRM TV DVDs I recently browsed.
  12. hi there I have just built two Hornby railroad hst power cars which I have upgraded with running lights cab lights etc. I built them both to replace the dummy car as I find that running a hst with the dummy car is ok in one direction but can derail very easy in the opposite direction when pushing a full rake. I have had both power cars running with a full rake in dcc and both directions and is floorless but my question is will using to power cars one at each end effect the sound when I install the sound decoders? I just want to be sure before I install them any help would be great or if anyone has done this themselves thanks mike
  13. I have decided to use cobalt digital to operate the points on my fledgeling layout, the diagram below shows a portion of the layout where I am using a diamond crossing, does any one know either how I should wire using cobalt digital switches for automatic switching or can you point me to a thread where this is covered. Track is PECO code 75 Having looked at the cobalt instructions it is not clear (not to me anyway) exactly how it should be wired, it mentions putting switches in but I would like to avoid this if possible.
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