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Found 6 results

  1. I thought I'd start a layout topic as a place to put some photos.It won't be a blow by account as the majority of building/trackwork is complete.Inspired by Westerners 'Wencombe' I intend to give you a flavour of it and to share my rolling stock etc.Forgive me if I repeat the same shot angles with different locos but its not a massive layout to showcase my stock. I will start with the cattle dock area using Ratio bits and Slaters plastikard for the walls.Scenics are from Green Scene using their mats with added static grasses using a Noch puffer bottle.Done before the Grassmaster appeared ! Along here is one of my favourite locations to show off my latest creations. The fencing is also Ratio with the added use of EZ wire. The trackwork is code 75 Peco ballasted using 2mm Green Scene ballast in a mixture of colours.
  2. I have just noticed a problem with one of my locomotives, Hornby R3409 'King William IV'. I think that I have only noticed it now, because I have another King, so this one does not get run very often. When run, it sounds as though the wheels are not correctly positioned on the rails, for there is a rumbling sound as the locomotive runs. Yet when looking closely, I found that all the wheels were correctly positioned. However, The rearmost set of driving wheels appeared to be oscillating as they went round, as if the wheel is not fitting 'squarely' on its axle. When looking at the underside of the locomotive, I noticed that there is more play on the movement of the rear driving axle, than there is on the other two; to the point where I can pivot the wheelset slightly in the horizontal plane. It also have more up-down movement. The locomotive has never been dropped or in any way handled carelessly. There is no indication of any damage. Yet the difference in the amount of 'play' between the wheelsets is noticeable. I am running on Peco finescale flexible track which has been ballasted; all of my other locomotives run well on the track. I have just sent off my query to Hornby and will be interested to hear what they say. But I would also like to see if anyone else has this, or a similar, locomotive and have they experienced this problem too? Thanks.
  3. Hello all, First time poster here. I am in the midst of repainting a Hornby King - 6009 'King Charles II of R3401 - into the purple livery which was experimentally worn after nationalisation. I am using some scans from Colour Rail (mostly BRW129, BRW1662 and BRW332 for those concerned) and a dash of artistic license when it comes to a few prototypical details on my base model of the King. I have, however, two queries: • Were the outside cylinder covers painted purple too, or were these kept black and lined out? I cannot be sure from online scans. • Which lining should I use? Research suggests it is LNWR/BR mixed-traffic lining which would be red on the inside, black and then white/cream on the outside (obviously different on boiler bands). I am looking at the mixed traffic lining at both Fox Transfers and HMRS but the thumbnails of the sheets appear to be ordered red, white and black instead. Is this just a trick of the online thumbnail or do I need to look for some specific lining suited to experimental purple? Thanks in advance, Henry
  4. A recently purchased Hornby Loco drive King just about run in is proving very slippery footed. Our standard load for a 5MT 4-6-0 is 240tons 7 bogies up the 1 in 36. A 4MT 6 bogies, The King took 7 with a banker, it was slipping and the banker was pushing 5 and the King pulling the other 2, the coupling was slack between 2nd and 3rd coach. Obviously the King needs to take at least 7 coaches so does anyone have any suggestions as to improve the haulage. I am planning to strip out the Tender pickups as a first step, but has anyone successfully weighted one of these?
  5. I have a short post this week. I bought a Woodland Scenics Static King at a reasonable discount. Store I bought it from had used it once for the store layout. I payed about 70% of list for the applicator itself. Why do I mention this in my anything goes blog? Why would I not post this in my trains blog? Boom. and a cruel close-up of one of the pauldrons; I'm OK with some patchiness. This is supposed to be a horror-movie sort of thing. I must be mad, though. I will use the applicator for a layout. Sometime.
  6. I'm looking for a big, powerful sound for a GWR King class (the recently retooled Hornby King). I'm prepared to perform major surgery on the model to get good sound reproduction. I like Zimo's Active Drive feature (which YouChoos call ImmersiveDrive) but would be prepared to go with any equivalent alternative. So here's the problem: Normally I'd go for YouChoos straight away but the preview recording on their website sounds a bit weedy to me (sorry guys!). It also has the little chirp from a valve that seems to be peculiar to 6024, King Edward I. (That chirp is really pronounced on many YouTube clips of 6024 but not 6023, which is the stated source of the YouChoos recordings, confusingly.) Locoman's version seems to have a good strong sound but it's not clear that either the ESU or Zimo projects support anything like Active Drive and the range of sounds seems to be less than YouChoos. The Locoman website also doesn't explicitly state exactly what decoder you're buying and that's crucial to know exactly how to package it in the loco (tender) with the best speaker(s). All the other possible suppliers I've looked at (Digitrains, Olivias, Howes, SW Digital, Coastal DCC, SoundTraxx UK) fail by, A. not offering previews of their sounds on their web sites and/or B. not mentioning Active Drive or any equivalent. And they variously have other failings for King sounds. So, what do you think? Is there a good King sound out there that I have missed? Am I being too picky? Any other thoughts?
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