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Found 6 results

  1. Well, I think it is about time I threw my hat into the ring. I have been meandering here for some time with a few builds but now I need to have something for them to run on. My interest originated as a boy with a trainset and my then neighbour had a wonderful model layout in his spare bedroom, which I watched him run. Good times, wonderful days. Welcome to Chippenham. My intention is to build a prototypical based layout of Chippenham mainline through station and the Calne branch line. Track plans will be based in the 1920/30s as will the structures. Both will be roundy roundy. The rolling stock will range from early to late Great Western. I will try to keep train formations correct but not all at the same time, i.e. an outside framed Pannier freight may be passing a King hauling a rake of Colletts on the main line. About thirteen or so years ago I hastily built baseboards to start building my planned layout based on a prototype mainline station with a branch. I had only one station and branch in mind. With a 20ft x 13ft space available, I knew a few compromises would be essential regarding the track plan and how to merge the branch into the space. The space itself is a loft. I could have waited until I was able to afford a loft conversion so it would have been a very comfortable room. That could be a long time and runs the risk of finding a different use for said space, so I made good what I could and got on with the layout. This was all pre RMweb for me and many lessons learnt since. Once I had the track plan down on paper I squeezed the available space to the max. Adding a few more sidings plus increasing the shed space into something more suited to Swindon or Bristol. At one point I had the layout completely wired and working but it just did not feel right. I fell out of love with the layout and modelling for some years whilst life took over and new events and projects undertaken. A change of job meant a change of focus. I discovered RMweb and started lurking, like so many. Totally seduced by the fantastic layouts and projects on show by the members here, I started to rediscover my enthusiasm. Eventually I was persuaded by my colleagues to start my Great Western Hercules loco project. The help and encouragement from the web members not only motivated the build but reignited my enthusiasm for the long stagnating layout project. After being invited and subsequently attending the RMweb Didcot day hosted by Castle (thank you Sir) my determination to complete this project is completely set in stone. I am under no illusion that this will be a quick build I expect the project to take many years to complete possibly at least 10 years to get it exactly as I want it. I had collected a lot of pictorial research, maps and books as I still had a general interest in the station, branch and surrounding area, after all my Great Uncle was a driver on the bunk. Unfortunately I never had chance to talk to him about his career. This was a great help as I did not have to start completely from scratch. Looking at the layout as it stood I again felt the lack of motivation, something was just not right about it or the track plan I just could not put my finger on it. However I know that if I continued rebuilding it I would never be happy so I have decided to dismantle the entire thing and start again. Whilst deconstruction commenced the reason behind my dislike for the track plan hit me. LESS IS MORE! I have viewed numerous wonderful layouts on this forum and enjoyed reading about their development as well as the banter. I had fallen into the trap of getting as many sidings and lines on the board as possible, whilst still true to a general over-view of the chosen station I had increased the amount of sidings and shed area. This can easily be rectified especially as I am completely rebuilding from the boards up. I do not want a layout to run to a timetable as I like having my trains just running, so as the next kit is being built I can watch the trains roll by. I really enjoy building kits and collecting/running RTR stock. I will have to scratch build all my buildings and will attempt to recreate these as accurately as possible. As previously mentioned I had already started this layout and have already purchased my track and points etc. Unfortunately (as I did not know any better then) I have electrofrog pointwork. There are far many too many points and cross-overs to be able to afford replacing with livefrog. The existing track is Peco 100 again too much to think about replacing with either bullhead, code 75 or making my own. I don’t have enough time to realistically build my own especially as I expect to be building all the structures myself after researching them. Like most others I also have a decent amount of rolling stock kits to keep me distracted. I have mentioned RTR stock as well and have a good collection of this. So the layout will be DC controlled. As much as I love seeing and hearing all the DCC locos and appreciate everything they can offer I am a little old school and enjoy wiring up sections of track. Plus the initial outlay is quite high especially as I have DC controls already. I regrettably do not have any pre-existing knowledge of railways; model or prototype. So I do not necessarily know names and terms used for locos, stock and infrastructure. I have learnt a lot and still learning. This also includes ALL modelling skills from the basic track down to the weathering, detailing of buildings and stock and use of equipment, i.e. soldering irons, airbrushes to what materials to use and when. Modelling time is still at a premium and will be for some years to come, building will be slow as a single handed project but I intend on producing a layout that I am 100% happy with. I would rather spend three weeks getting a small detail right to the best of my ability than three hours just to get it done and in place. So here is an idea of the main station layout. Unfortunately I am not very good with computer programmes so I have drawn the plan; Calne will follow in due course. The track plan is much simpler, being a smaller market town terminus. Additionally the branch will have to be inclined to a different level to the mainline in order to be able to incorporate it. All comments and conversations are encouraged here. I would like for this thread to become more of a conversation as well as a sharing point for ideas, skills, knowledge and banter. Hopefully it will become a good source of information for all of those visiting, as well as an enjoyable and amusing read. After all, we are here because we share the same interest but for many different reasons. My postings may be sporadic due to available time but updates will be documented.
  2. Hi again, just another update to the layout, i have a bit of time looking and thinking about the layout and wasn't happy with how it was looking or the running of the locos so i have made further changes..... basically i pulled up all of the track and started over, i wasn't happy with the baseboards either so i gave them a bit of a touch up, firstly there was two parts were the track left the main area to run around the loft on the left and right, this caused a lot of running issues especially with coaches as the up and down movements made them de-rail or uncouple, so now there is a nice flat transition from ply base board to timber I have also decided to run a third line to run around the entire loft, i haven't managed to install the boards for this area yet but is definitely in the pipe line, my previous thoughts for a branch line to join to the main line off scene but this limited running of trains around the layout waiting for a dmu or 153 to make a full circuit. ive attached the current layout plan, please post comments and suggestions, would really help me, the branch line will be the top line of track coming from the 3-way point the line below that will be for a small TMD, with works shed, wash down and re fueling point. on the other side the bottom line that runs past the terminus station is the access for the fiddle yard, i was planning to put this the opposite side of the loft but having all the points were i cant see or access very easily due to life stock kept in the attic i thought it would be easier, please it makes a nice scene of trains leaving and then a different train re-entering. thanks for reading, any comments and suggestion appreciated.
  3. King's Hill has had a few guises over the years but to be honest it has never really got anywhere near what you would call a finished layout. The track has been up and down up and down and nothing more than a test track every really evolved. A change to O gauge got me thinking again about the layout in the loft, what was the point in having all these OO gauge locos and stock with nothing to run them on. Should I sell them? leave them in their boxes in the loft or actually do something with them, so I decided on the latter although I did sell some of the stock to feed the O gauge addiction. King's Hill is actually in Kent but my layout is based somewhere in the Midlands/ North of England which is reflected in the stock that I have, no EPBs or VEPs here, so why King's Hill. King's Hill is actually built on the site of RAF West Malling and West Malling has a connection to where I live now as all the streets are named after WW2 airfields. The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour was filmed there as well and reflects what it has been like building this layout, a bit of a mystery. Entering under the bridge from the right the layout passes the cement works (under construction) The cement works buildings are a mixture of ready to plant and scratch built. Then past the signal box and through the station. The signal box is a generic scratch built ARP type box not based on anywhere in particular. . The terminus platform works on a Gaugemaster shuttle unit, this allows a DMU to shuttle in and out whist attention can be given to movements on the mainline and depot. Finally exiting under the bridge to the left. Backscenes are from Townscene with some buildings mounted on card to give a bit more depth. There is also a diesel depot to the front of the layout for servicing locos. The fuel tanks are based loosely on the ones that could be found at the depot in Buxton. Operation of the layout is by 2 Gaugemaster Prodigy 2 DCC controllers, one for the mainline and the other for depot operations. This is an on going project and have included some pictures of the progress so far, further updates will follow when the temperature allows. E
  4. The double-track main line has now been properly trimmed and laid. Cutting and re-spacing sleepers is very time consuming! I decided that the concrete sleepers on this section would benefit from being opened out to 8mm centre-centre. After gluing and adjusting - 5mm coffee stirrers are perfect - the track does look better, even though it's all a compromise in 00. The station area will be bullhead, so no chopping and spacing will be needed there. The other time-consuming element was aligning track at board joins. Because the boards are supported on shelf brackets, and the need to remove the elevated section for occasional cupboard access, getting the horizontal and vertical alignment spot-on was, er, challenging! So then on to the crossover at the station throat. Even with the cut-and-solder mods for DCC, pointwork was fairly straightforward to lay - despite my continued tendency to prune rail lengths just slightly short. But it looks reasonable and hopefully will look much better when painted and ballasted. Before going much further, a check was made for clearances on the curve: This is worst case, assuming I've not overlooked any longer rolling stock. Not too bad is it? Now to lay track in the station area... and then under-board wiring... and point servos... and... eventually see trains run!
  5. Hello, I am building a loft layout based around the SDJR between Sturminster Newton and Broadstone. I enjoy modelling and photography and hope to share my layout if anyone is interested.
  6. This is ultimately what I'm working towards... maybe not exactly, but using this plan as a guide. My layout measures 18 x 10 ft, so I have a little more room to play with compared to this plan. The layout is permanent, but i decided to build the baseboards in sections so if I need/want to move it, I can do so relatively easily. Each board is made up of 18mm MDF on a 2x1 baton frame. 12 boards make up the lower level, joined using split-pin hinges and a large bolt securing them together. This forms a rock solid base elevated on wooden legs with adjustable feet. Boards have been coated with dark grey primer. Being a loft layout it has it's pros and cons... I can only really work on it during the day as once the kids are in bed I can't go knocking about above their heads. This has meant that to get to this stage has taken quite a while, what with work an' all. Deciding on the size of the layout The dimensions of the workable space in the loft measures almost exactly 18 x 10ft, plus a couple of centimetres, so i figured if I measured precisely it would fit like a glove.
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