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Found 37 results

  1. Does anyone know of model in 4mm of a line side mail bag recovery apparatus as used on the GWR/BR?
  2. AlfaZagato

    Kaempfer 1

    Sorry for the gap. Spent a week fussing with Magic cards. Hardly worth posting here. In the past week, though, I took on a commission from a friend. He has a kit he wanted painted. This is a kit of a Kaempfer (should be spelled with an umlaut, but I don't feel like finding it.) A 'bad guy' robot from Gundam. This week was priming. There's still a little more to prime. I ran out of primer before I finished tonight's lot. Annoying. I'll pick up more tomorrow night. He wants it in gloss white. This will be lovely. We'll see.
  3. Having acquired a freelance 0-4-0 tender locomotive, I thought about making some more freelance coaches of my own. The Queen Mary bogie brake van interests me as I see potential in short bogie coaches reminiscent of the old Bing O gauge coaches from the Pre-War era. These are the coaches I intend to recreate using two Queen Mary brake vans chassis-wise. For the coach bodies, I would use either Hornby's 4-wheel coaches mainly the old Annie and Clarabel coaches from the old Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends range or Budget Model Railways' Coach Kits merged together. Once I obtain the parts needed, I will be taking photographs of the coaches in progress.
  4. Finished up about what I could with the Opel; Bunch of detail here you'll never see. No provision for opening hood (bonnet to y'all,) deep, narrow cab hiding the pedals. Built a box. She's mostly straight. Just a little warpage. Should be fine. Braced the box. All these brackets lift the box maybe 1/4" clear of the frame. The lift also gives space for the fenders. Barring some small details I didn't photograph, this is as far as she gets until I get more primer. Annoyingly, there's no way to fit the tires after assembling the rear dualies. I'll have to paint everything before I can get her on her feet. The scooters all have their own narrative. This little Honda needs more primer, to see if I filled the holes properly; I can't quite manage the yellow on these two. If I can't straighten out the color on another coat or two, I'll likely bin the...not-Vespa. I want the Vespa, though. I like the ivory here, though it laid thick in some spots. Helpfully, those spots are spots I think I'd need to overpaint black, anyways. Finally, I like how this red is coming along, though I'll need another coat or two. All work shown here stops until Illinois allows 'nonessential' businesses to reopen. I need primer & blades from a hobby shop, and little eyedroppers I use for decanting jarred paints form American Science & Surplus. I'd rather wait for the locals to open. They'll need all the help they can get. I'll likely crack open another simple car project. I really don't want to brush paint right now. We'll see.
  5. Slowly working more on the Opel. I'm dying of boredom, and this isn't helping; I also managed some airbrushing. Started doing color on the scooters. Then it has been waiting. Can't do much with the rain; They'll all need further coats. Thankfully, I'm getting better with the airbrush. I just need to keep working at it.
  6. Welcome to my/our coach, carriage and wagon building thread. This will be used to share and learn different methods and techniques so Please feel free to add any comments, tips, ideas, your progress, questions and any other crits you may have. This thread is primarily to show how I do things and will hopefully inspire others, I mean you the reader, to have a go at building something bespoke to your requirements for your model railway. The skills shared and learnt here are quite transferable to locomotive, structure and vehicle modelling. My preferred scale is 4mm or OO, but what happens in this thread can be for most scales. I'll start off by listing the main basic set of tools you'll need. Vernier calliper - used for marking out dimensions. My weapon of choice is a 10" mititoyo. Make sure the the end by the anvils are flush as this is the edge you'll use for marking your dims. Knife - use something your comfortable with, I personally use a scalpel with 10A blades Rule - has to be steel, I use a 6"/150mm and a 12"/300mm rule Square - a good steel square is a must Drill bits - various sizes from 0.2mm and up. Some reamers and dental burrs are handy as well Files/abrasives - a set of needle files and varying grades of abrasive sheet will not go amiss Dividers - I use a steel type with one leg sharpened to cut radii G-clamps - can be useful too. I have some small clamps I made as an apprentice at Marconi And that's about it, tools wise. Apart from the books you'll need to build the coaches from the only other expense would be the vernier, which you can get from about £10 for a 6"/150mm digital type but the longer the better, as you don't get many carriages that short! Consumables Plastic sheet - varying thicknesses. I mainly use 0.8mm for the bulk of construction Plastic strip - Evergreen pre cut strips of differing widths and thicknesses are useful as cutting your can be difficult, well, I haven't found a way of doing it successfully anyway. Glue - I've used various manufacturers such as Mel Pak, Humbrol, Revell contacta etc... but my favourite yet is Tamiya extra thin cyanoacrylate - (super glue) in its varying forms. On reflection I should have used a thicker super glue on the bars of my CCT windows Two part epoxy - may come in handy on certain occasions but I do not use it regularly. Mustn't forget the books!!!! I'll be using Nick Camplings book, Historic railway carriages Vol 1 LNER and constituents That's it for now, However there'll be other stuff that crops up from time to time like brass and white metal detailing bits, pin point bearings and wheels etc... Hope to have your company along the way..,, Scott
  7. until
    THIS EVENT IS NOW CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS EPIDEMIC AND WILL RETURN IN 2021 Third Immingham Model Railway Exhibition for what is now becoming a popular annual show. 15 high quality visiting layouts, trade stands, plus access to 2 large Immingham Museum layouts of Immingham Shed (steam 1950's) and Barnetby - Wrawby (modern image). Saturday May 16th 10am to 5pm and Sunday May 17th 10am to 4pm. Visiting layouts - Norwood Park (00), Tytton Hall Yard (00), Halifax King Cross (P4), Millfield Depot (N), Coal Hill West (N), Operation Bolero (00), Aldergrove (N), Betton Street Depot (00), Wardwood (00), Bushfield Sands (N), Entering the Yard (00), Mill Lane (0), Cherry Tree Halt (009), Hoglington (N), Hornby Railway Collectors (00). Traders - Caistor Rail, Elaine's Trains, CM3 Models, Country Scenes and Trees, Paul King Books Societies - Great Central Society, Peak Rail, Lincolnshire Wolds Railway, WEA Demonstrations - Batterdale Scenics, Building a model railway Adults £3, Children £1, Families £7 Refreshments available, ample free parking, disabled access to main exhibition area. No5 bus from Grimsby Town station every 20 mins on Saturday and hourly on Sunday
  8. AlfaZagato

    Slow Week #2

    First off, let me get this out of my system; F*** G****** TAMIYA F****** DECALS! ABSOLUTE WRETCHED B*******! TEN SECONDS MY A**! G****** F****** WOULD NOT LET GO CLEANLY AFTER 60! Anyways, I was doing more work on the Tamiya Alpine-Renault on my bench. Weather is still a bit cool & damp for airbrushing Tamiya acrylics. Once the weather improves, I need to spray the drivetrain. Most of the rest of it is done. There is a bit more to do. Most of what I need to do yet mounts to the body. I don't want to attach too much before I go flexing the body to fit the guts. To explain the self-censored blue streak, see below; Not a single decal off of the sheet came out cleanly. I manage to lose one of the gauges outright. I almost always have problems with Tamiya decals, though. Absolute nuisance, still. Thankfully, the Beetle from Tamiya I'm also working on has none at all, only metal transfers. The metal transfers are positively cool.
  9. Today the painting has started. The silver grey and yellow are spray cans, the black is brush painted to save on masking !
  10. Good morning everyone, This weekend is the Leyland Model Railway Exhibition which myself and my good lady will be attending. 12 layouts, 4 demonstrators plus traders & a children's activity corner according to UK Model Shops website. Layouts Banesleigh Bottoms (OO) Children’s drive it yourself (OO) Easingwood East (OO) Rock ‘N’ Rail (OO) Newbie Bridge(OO) Oakworth (N) Winter Scene (N) Lowmoor (N) Keep on Shunting (N) Shunting Puzzle Coyote Creek (N) Steel Republic (Z) Traders Aire Valley Models Booklaw Mandy Taylor Model Roads & Tramways Northwestern Models Power Bond Glue Sawyer Models Todmorden Model Supplies Demos Wagon Loads Brian Davis Weathering Les Nehrlich How to George Nutter Kit Building Tony Bates All the best Charles
  11. A friend, who is an ex bus driver, has a birthday coming up. Both he and I are very interested in vintage buses (as well as railways) and he has a collection of 1/76 scale ones. We normally give each other bus or railway orientated books for birthdays and Christmas, but this year I decided to build him a model bus depot in which to display his collection. Modelrailwayscenery.com supply a card kit download, and having made several Scalescenes.com models in the past I thought this would be fun to do, so one was bought. I chose the corrugated asbestos roof and blue brick version. You never know when those particular textures might come in handy on a model railway!! And so work started with a month to go before the big day! I printed out the core templates on ordinary copier paper and the wrap sheets on laser paper with the printer set to high quality. There are a lot of sheets to print out - 40 or 41, and some have to be printed twice, not including the instructions! (I was building the double fronted version) The kit is designed to use thin card, approximately 1mm thick, and I stuck most of the core templates to the printed side of cereal packet card, which is about 0.7mm, collected over several months. Some parts are to be laminated to 4mm thickness (beams etc.) Rather than try and cut up to six separate cores to laminate together, I stuck two sheets of 2mm greyboard together and fixed the templates to that. Although cutting these was much harder, at least it meant that the beams were all square and true, and I doubted I would have achieved as good a result following the kit instructions. Although an expensive way of doing it, I used High-tac Mount Spray obtained from my local stationers shop for adhering the overlays, and, to start with, the cover layers. So, a couple of evening later, I had a lot of core templates and had started by sticking the front wall overlays onto them.
  12. A little road vehicle bash for a change. This year I've been making a few customised christmas presents for some friends and family. This one is a miniature version of my friend's unique AEC Matador Timber Tractor, which has been in his family business since 1946. It's been rebuilt by both Automower and Douglas, the chassis has been shortened quite a lot compared to a standard Matador. The model isn't a 100% accurate copy, but I wanted to capture the look of it. I started with the good old Airfix Matador and 5.5" Gun kit. This shows the markings where I took approx. 7mm out of the chassis. The real tractor has the roof hole plugged so a circle cut from card does the job. Shown here with the cab mocked up on the chassis. The base of the WD rear body was used as the rear deck. Sliced in half, then the support struts cut off to give the right angle. Raves fitted, made up from pieces of the WD sides. The raves and the decking were scribed to represent planks. Next up was the jib. The real one is bent but for ease I made this one with straight sides, styrene strip fixed with brass rod at the bottom. The pulley is made from one that came off an old crane kit. It's slightly too large but does the job. A stand fabricated for the jib, and glued together. The windows (none provided in the kit) were made with a mixture of clear plastic and glue 'n glaze. The support cables are just some black wire glued into small holes. I couldn't resist a little bit of weathering powders washed in to the cracks. So there we go! A little automotive diversion, something different and a copy of a real vehicle. I opted not to put graphics on it as it's so small and I didn't want to rush and mess it up.
  13. I've seen people review model railways and model railway rolling stock. Shall I give it a go?
  14. http://www.weymouthmra.org.uk/category/news-2/exhibitions/ 16mm scale Weymouth & District Model Engineers live steam tracks O Gauge Connaught Road; Bodmin North OO Gauge Orchard Road; Moor Lane; Shillingford; Bunbury Mills & Bunbury Quay; Westwood Yard; Holm; Thomas & Friends; Wykechester; Margate Road; Hornby Live Steam Roadshow; Axford; Kingbarrow Railway Centre; Ridgeway Vale Test Track; Bridehaven; Lower Cragmere; Sheddington Yard; Franwood OO OO Three Rail I Ad That; We’re Just Visiting EM Gauge Suffolk Street 16.5 mm Gauge Over the Top N Gauge Portatrack; Bincombe Cutting: Craig ye Hesg Quarry oo9 Narrow Gauge Green Pond Mine; Tavas Yn Bogh HO Ferrocarril Sanmaria Gandia 2mm Finescale Burnham-on-Sea Displays & Demos Model Traction Engine Display; Jack Chalkey Weathering Depot Societies Gauge O Guild Traders Aspire Gifts & Models; East Somerset Models; Ray Heard Model Railways; John Henderson; Robrets Models; Ron Lines; Railroom Electronics; ABC Model Railways; Felser Trading; Limited Edition Wagon Sales Stand
  15. THURSDAY 18th - SUNDAY 21st OCTOBER 2018 WARWICKSHIRE EVENT CENTRE THE SHOW FOR MODEL ENGINEERS This year, the ever-popular Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition will be returning to the Warwickshire Event Centre from Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st October. It is established as one of the leading model engineering exhibitions and the second longest running show of its kind in the UK. At four days in duration it is a comprehensive and full exhibition for everyone to enjoy, This is THE show for model engineers. Over 50 of the leading suppliers to the Model Engineering world will be present - check out the confirmed list of trade attending on the website. The exhibition showcases hundreds off models from over 40 societies and individuals for visitors to enjoy along with a wide range of outside attractions, workshops and lectures. There are also a wide range of outside attractions to see, like the well regarded 5” gauge outdoor track, operated by the Coventry Society of Model Engineers and the Polly Owners Group, who will return with the magnificent Fosse Way Steamers. There will be demonstrations from the Gas Turbine Builders Association and also Noel Shelley with his foundry work. 2018 marks the 80th anniversary of the world speed record, when the Mallard achieved 126mph (203km/h) near Grantham, in Lincolnshire in 1938. To celebrate this great achievement, several exhibitors will have Mallards on their stands and the Gauge 3 Society’s ‘Style and Speed’ display is expected to include some Mallards featuring larger scale models of locomotives, carriages and ephemera from the golden ages of railway travel. The exhibition remains focussed on the core model engineer modellers who have a real passion for what they do - whether they be new to the hobby or experienced and acknowledged modellers. Why not be part of the show and enter your work? Entry is free and there are 32 classes of which 16 are competition and 16 are display. These classes include: Locomotives, Rolling Stock, Stationary and Internal Combustion Engines. Models still under construction can also be entered in the display classes. A commemorative plaque and exhibitor’s certificate will be presented to every entrant, with trophies and cash prizes awarded to winners - please call the organisers for an entry form on 01926 614101 or download it from the website. See www.midlandsmodelengineering.co.uk or call 01926 614101 for full competition details, further details of the show and to book tickets. Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition Dates: Thursday 18th – Sunday 21st October 2018 Venue: Warwickshire Event Centre, Nr Leamington Spa On the Junction of the A425/B4455 (SAT NAV CV31 1XN) Opening Times: 10am – 5pm daily. Closes at 4pm on the final day. Online Tickets Full Price Tickets Adult £9.50 £10.50 Senior Citizen £8.50 £9.50 Child (5-14 inclusive) £3.00 £4.00 Online tickets at discounted prices are available via the website. Full price tickets are available on the day from the ticket office. Web: www.midlandsmodelengineering.co.uk Facebook: Meridienne Exhibitions Ltd Twitter:@MeridienneEx
  16. until
    PLEASE NOTE: The exhibition is a week earlier than usual to avoid clashing with the UCI Road cycling World Championships in Harrogate in September 2019 Opening Times: Saturday 10:00am until 5:00pm Sunday 10:00 am until 4:00pm Prices: Adults: £7.00 Children (Under 16): Free if accompanied by adult (maximum 3 per family) else £3.00 N.B. No Concessions Confirmed layouts (Main Hall): Holegn Bridge (009) Hope Street (O) St George's Riverside (N) Hungerford (EM) Effingham Street (OOfs) Conistone (OO) Rockville Montana (HO) Sandy Bay (N) Tanner's Yard (OO) Callaton (2mm fs) Vals (HO) Halifax Kingcross (P4) Ryburn Bridge (N) St James (BR/W) (O) (Upstairs) Scar Ghyll (OO + OO9) Clayton (EM) Templecombe Lower (OO) Sunny Days Confirmed Trade: Along Classic Lines Booklaw Publications Digitrains Elmet Images Frizinghall Model Railways Millenium Models Milnsbridge Models Todmorden Model Supplies Club Sales Stand Parking: Free onsite parking (on grass) Disabled parking on hardcore area next to centre
  17. AlfaZagato


    Sorry I've been quiet. Just haven't taken time to write here. Firstly, I finished the two cars I've been dragging out. The Volkswagen; Paint did not come out perfect, but still. This has been sitting half-built in my backlog for over a decade now. Lack-luster paint was less important than finishing the build. Next, the Alpine-Renault; Paint is markedly better, but the decals tweaked on me. I've had bad luck repeatedly with Tamiya waterslides. I'll still use them, though. I don't really want to spend more money on these kits. Number three here is kind of a bonus; The car in the back is a Tamiya Mini Cooper I built a number of years ago. I saw how the Lego one was marked, and I just had to grab it. I'll let you all guess. You might remember I entered a Gundam build contest, to build a Leo. Well, this; ...won me second place! Not the picture, mind you. This Leo looks better in person. I lost to this; I'm OK with that. He started with the same kit I did. Where I only cribbed weapons and a gimmick piece from other kits, he kitbashed his Leo with one of the trashy Tallgeese kits from the 90's. I don't know if you in England had access to those kits, but don't feel like you missed out on much. The winner did one hell of a job making Vesuvio from blight. Kudos to him. The contest was last Sunday, but I finished the two cars and the Lego two weeks ago at least. I haven't really done much else since. Rain and a return of the chill shut down the paint shop. We'll see how things go.
  18. Both clubs I am part of, the British Train Society, and the European Train Enthusiasts club, Chicago Chapter, showed at the annual All-American Railroad Show in LaGrange, IL today. I only took a few pictures.
  19. Happy New Year to all !!! Our house full of party guests have now left and we are still wide awake. So here is the video I compiled this afternoon from a running session this morning. My Lap top didn't like processing the 6min film in HD so the quality is not as good as I would like but it gives a good idea of the two On30 modules in action (more or less ready for the Crewe Exhibition this month0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsYBNyUDJnY I also managed to meet my goal of getting my website up to date by 2010 !! Take a look at the site Here John
  20. Had a wonderful trip through Norway last year, train from Oslo to Trondheim, then from Trondheim to Bodo... This was our traction for the latter trip. Now, I know nothing about these, but they do sound good! Does anyone make a model of them? (Even if it will look a little out of place in 1960's Dorset!) Geoff
  21. ​Hello everyone, If you know me on Facebook then you probably know that I have been planning this layout for a couple of years! Red Rock will be a 2ft by ? layout set on Mars 131 years in the future. The layout will be a mining colony controlled by the E.A.F (Earth Alliance Force), The Mining community or known as the W.O.M (Workers Of Mars) are at there limit and near breaking point, Mining for a special type of Rock known as POLLENTIA which is Latin for Power Pollentia is highly valuable and can only be found on Mars. There will be more to the back story soon. The layout will be 100% Scratch Built which means I will be designing my own Locomotives, Wagons, Buildings and even the Track! I have had a lot of interest in this Project and I'm hoping to start it very soon. If you have any Questions I will be happy to answer as best as I can.
  22. AlfaZagato

    More Tau

    Partly false title. Some work has transpired on the Magister! I laid down the green for the topside. Currently looking for Silly Putty for the hard-edged RAF camo. This lot was the last of my RAF Dark Green, though. Just a little bit more of the Tau needed spraying. This time, the weapons for the Crisis battle-suits. Naturally, a different shade of green than the suits. I started picking out the fabric on the uniforms. I had decided to use Vallejo English Uniform. I have a few bottle of the stuff. My stock of it is a few years old, from when I built & painted 15mm Paras. And the cruel close-up. I do sincerely hope I can find the Silly Putty quickly. I think winter is upon me. Until next week.
  23. 01.pdf
  24. Good evening all, On a trip to Cologne earlier this month, I happened upon a small model shop in Cologne which hadn't shown up in any searches. It's on Trimbornstrasse which is the street linking the station of the same name with Bundesstrasse and the Arcaden shopping centre. It's a small shop packed from floor to ceiling with railway models and plastic kits (mostly aircraft). The railway stuff I saw is mostly second-hand continental HO but some of the displays are partially hidden by boxes piled up in front. The owner speaks English and explained that it is more of an office for his eBay shop (sammlefreund-1, although I can't trace him on eBay) than a conventional retail shop. It's hardly the biggest or best model shop in Germany, but that said, it's the kind of place where you might find an absolute gem if you were lucky! The current opening hours are Monday to Friday 1400-1830. Might be worth popping in if you're passing!
  25. Wincanton Model Railway Exhibition 10/11 Nov 2018 Sat 10.00 - 16.30 Sun 10.00 - 16.00 Adults £5.00, Concessions £4.00 King Arthur's School West Hill Wincanton Somerset BA9 9BX Easy access from the A303 Free Car Park Refreshments thanks to Carol's Cafe Trade Ray Heard Model Railways Railroom Electronics Gartell Light Railway Harley's Halt Frome Model Centre Turleigh Models Layouts O - Bowman O Gauge (Live Steam) O - Rosedale O - Large Test Track O - St Martins Wharf O - Large Bassett Lowke Display (4 Tracks) 16.5 - Ott (Over the Top - Flanders 1918) On30 - Angell Creek OO - Shillingford OO - Marsh Junction HO - Rio Chama 3 Rail - I 'ad That Oo9 - Aniems 1918 Tracks & Trenches Oo9 - Firkin Karr Brewery N - Half Penny Halt N - Longmoor N - Brockleigh Displays Somerset & Dorset Railway Trust F&WHR Gartell Light Railway
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