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Found 9 results

  1. Hello all, Revolution Trains are offering the powerful Class 92 electric locomotive as our next model. image (photo courtesy Tom Smith) This project has been in development for some time and we have secured the cooperation of Brush Traction, who have already supplied us with complete drawings and other assistance. image1 (10) The Class 92 is a logical follow on from our Pendolino, class 321 and has even hauled our TEA tank wagons. 92032 23/08 by wetbag, on Flickr These locomotives were originally built by Brush Traction for Channel Tunnel freight and sleeper trains in the early 1990s, and while some of the traffic did not materialise, in the years since they have proved to be stalwart performers on intermodal, steel and general freight traffic both in Britain and abroad. image (photo courtesy Tom Smith) Some have recently been introduced onto Caledonian sleeper services. Brush have advised us on minor alterations being made to the class for this and where appropriate these will be incorporated into the model.. IMG_5701 (photo courtesy Tom Smith) We have in place permissions and licences from all major operators and we are proposing models in original Railfreight, EWS, grey with EWS branding, DB Cargo red, GBRf and Caledonian sleeper. Details about the specific loco identities, and why they have been selected, are our website. Images are shown below, but these are illustrative artwork only and not to scale. The model will feature an injection moulded body with, where appropriate, etched components, detailed poseable pantographs, working switchable lights, flywheel drive, DCC Sound and DC options and some exciting and new additional features that will be revealed in due course. /Having seen deliveries begin this week of the UK's first crowd-funded models - the Revolution TEA tankers - and with progress well underway on our Pendolino, KFA flat among others - we feel we have proved that our crowd-funding methodology works and that Revolution Trains are best placed to deliver a high quality model in a timely fashion. We will be opening the order book in the next few days, and are investigating a staggered payment system as feedback is that this will help our supporters and will give more information on this, and the expected prices, in due course. We will be attending this year's Warley National Model Railway Exhibition with Rapido Trains and look forward to meeting supporters and discussing our plans there. cheers Ben A
  2. Received a flyer this week from C-rail announcing a new FSA / FTA Freightliner container flat! Those of in N gauge are getting seriously spoiled these days Apparently to be offered as twins (outer-outer), triples (outer-inner-outer) and fours (o-i-i-o). Photo of flyer....
  3. No comments needed, really. Just watch it grow if you want to. You'll know it when it's done...
  4. Plankton is my first layout. It's intended to be a small fun shunting layout where I can develop my skills and play with ideas, set in the late 70s somewhere in the fictional Scotland in my head, where rail transport receives subsidy that's at least proportional to that of roads, and air-braked wagonload freight fits between turn-up-and-go passenger services on lines purposefully worked close to capacity. I've always had an interest in railways, and had a few 00 models as a kid, but layouts never progressed beyond ambitious track plans. I came back to railway modelling when I found I could make a cheap base station with DCC++, cheap block detection with current transformers and an Arduino, and thus build a layout with working signalling and interlocking. Not that I've managed to get the block detection to work yet, but I'm working on it! Plankton started out as a 1200x200mm baseboard for an unknown modeller's uncompleted layout. It sat in my local MRC's scrap pile for a while until I nabbed it in 2017. I quite quickly laid down an Inglenook layout, stuck the DCC++ base unit underneath, made a homebrew controller based on another Arduino, and was up and running. The points are motorised with SG90 servos superglued directly to the underside of the baseboard, and with some adjustable feet underneath it has a semi-permanent home in the living room on top of the piano: The original plan had been to cram in Timesaver alongside Inglenook. Perhaps Timesaver could've been a wagon workshop, and Inglenook the marshalling yard for arriving and departing wagons. But when I placed the tracks down it looked very contrived and cramped, with a requirement to stable wagons on the turnout linking the two sections, so I abandoned that idea. This is the new plan - a branch terminus with a run-round loop long enough for a Type 2 + five 15ft wagons (or two coaches), with a crossover to the yard. I've suggested where signals would go - PL is "Position Light", either shunting or subsidiary, and YPL is a yellow position light shunt signal for movement over the crossover onto the main line. Inspired by @Izzy's Priory Road, I think I can get a 450mm sector plate overhanging the edge of the board which can fold out of use - possibly a train turntable. Alternatively the line would continue to the board edge, with a kickback siding for stock storage. The operating pattern would be: 1. With eight wagons and a shunting engine in the yard, assemble five wagons as per Inglenook rules 2. Freight train arrives with five more wagons and is signalled into platform 3. Train engine leaves wagons in platform and runs round back to the home signal 4. Train engine backs onto prepared train in the long siding and departs (into the sector plate road it came from, filling it) 5. Shunting engine collects wagons from platform into yard (pulling forward into an empty sector plate road) 6. While shunting takes place, DMU or prototypically short loco-hauled passenger train arrives and departs from the third sector plate road, giving a rationale for not using the extra space of the main line and loop for shunting. I want the signalling to be colour light, partly because I like colour light signals but also because I am deeply unenthusiastic about making working lattice-post semaphores in N gauge. Also because the idea of building an NX panel is what brought me back to railway modelling. Now, "colour-light 1970s branch terminus" is a bit contrived - maybe it's a short urban/suburban branch included with the resignalling of a larger station and controlled from its signalling centre as a rationalisation measure and operated under Track Circuit Block. Or maybe the line is Absolute Block and there's a signalbox and signaller at the terminus, and scope for simulating block instruments. I was scratching my head a bit about how to signal freight trains departing the yard. Should they get a starter signal, should they just proceed under the authority of the yellow shunting signal, or should there be another Up signal on the other side of the two turnouts to the platform starter? Since making the diagram I've decided there'd be another signal a short distance down the line. Next steps will be to get block detection working as this will inform how the rewiring goes, lift some of the track, remove the controllers from the board edge, then give the whole thing some paint. I'm pretty tired of staring at the blue board!
  5. WOW, look at this: http://www.revolutiontrains.com/pep-talk-from-revolution/ This is awesome news - one of the trains of my childhood. I reckon the ‘OO’ modellers will be jealous....! LOADS of other announcements too; in fact, too many to mention here!!!
  6. Hi all, I've recently downsized from OO to N gauge, but can't make up my mind on a layout design. Attached is a SCARM representation of my baseboard with dimensions and a basic Peco Setrack loop shown. Layout will be DCC with 2nd radius curves for the overall loop (as shown). I'd prefer the terrain to remain flat as I'm hopeless with terrain modelling and inclines. The perimeter loop would be for both passenger and freight services, with internal sidings/marshalling yard for shunting wagons etc. Current locos: DRS-liveried Class 68 DB Schenker Class 60. Current Rolling Stock: 3x SPA Steel Coil Wagon Potential Future Purchases: Class 08 or Class 20 for shunting DMU or Mk1/Mk3 coaches (to go with the Class 68) for passenger services various hoppers, box and aggregate wagons Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gareth.
  7. So Shapeways was having a free shipping sale and this was enough inducement for me to buy these two fine models from Damin Keenan. And then since I needed a chassis for the steeplecab, I went and ordered it plus a loop of Tomix track including some tram pieces from Japan. Still waiting on the later order, but the prints came: Since the photos I've given them a soak to take the wax off. I"m probably going paint the steeplecab orange with a black roof. Still consider options for the RPO but leaning to Pullman green. Well for now I'm just planning to set the track up on my work bench, but hopefully soon I'll have some space for a proper micro, and eventually something bigger.
  8. Thought I'd post another blog to see how it works and to include my Thomas and Friends exhibition layout. Sometime ago, reading one of the forums I came across this: "Just got back from the WHOLE day at the show, we were reasonably pleased with the layouts present although, many of them seemed a long way off what I remember exhibition standards used to be, but it is around 7-8 years since I last attended a Model show, I enjoyed the trade presence and found lots of little goodies but no major purchases. One last thing, my 11 year old son has just summed his day up with " Really enjoyed it Dad, but not sure I will go again, totally "fed up" (not the words he really used ) of being pushed out of the way by Ignorant Smelly Old Men". Now that got me thinking and It really did hit home how inconsiderate some people can be. So I thought about making a layout just for the kids, as most exhibitions I've been to if they don't supply a box for them to stand on they can't even see the layout! So the seeds were set, it also had to meet certain criteria that I had set myself:- 1. I wanted it to be amusing for the kids so I thought Thomas the tank engine and friends always onto a winner! 2. I not only wanted them to see it but also have a go a playing trains, the easiest way for me to do this was to make it DCC operated. 3. I have loads of Scalscenes kits so all buildings had to be made from the kits I had or scratch built. 4. As I already have a 'train-room' It had to be fairly small so I also went for N-gauge. 5. I wanted the layout to be fairly easy and straight forward so that if any parents saw it they could think, yeh I could do that. As I'm pretty sure that after they have strolled around an exhibition the quality of the layouts is enough to put anybody off! Thinking I'm never going to get anything to lool like that! So that little lot was my target! 1. First the layout, fairly obvious really to me......the Hornby TrakMat, lets be right mum and dad go out at Christmas buy little Johnny his first Hornby trainset and it will be the TrakMat, it just so Happens Hornby do a Thomas TrakMat as well!! This is the OO Thomas TrakMat, the only difference between this and the other TrakMat that comes with the other sets, is the locos that are run on it! I thought this would be perfect, kids can have Thomas running about when they want to play, then dad can get his grown up locos out when he wants ago! ANY OF THE SMALL PICS CLICK ON THEM TO MAKE BIGGER! So there was the plan, a full TrakMat including all accessory packs A-F, with aq bit of working out copied this layout but using all set-track in N-gauge. Which gave me my N-gauge TrakMat Layout:- Oh and the red and black dots was working out where to put power feeds, although with where they are positioned here nothing much would work!!! I started laying the track, but fitted the point motors to the points while building, made sense to do it now so if I wanted to I could power them up later. I built the baseboards in the usual way, but made the height very low, perfect for my nephew to sit at and play trains! All of the buildings are Scalescenes, I adapted the terrace houses, to try and give a cottage type feel to them. After reading another forum on "build a layout in 6 weeks" Thought that the idea to build a transport box was excellent! So I did the same thing for this, will protect the layout when put away or transported! The front flap I fixed with hinges so this could swing down and hold the controllers, worked much better than I thought it would!! In the end I went for electric control of points, as it's the EZ-command I used switches and indicator panel, which I actually prefer having used accessory decoders in DCC I also made them easy to disconnect by fitting 15 way plugs to the back of the control box, the switches are just spring loaded toggles. The layout complete, the EZ-command is at the back hidden by the trees. This is from Mansfield exhibition:- Cheers Ian
  9. Really enjoying getting back into modelling and making good progress on Harpers Road. I thought I'd just post an overview photo showing the layout standing on it's relatively new mini-legs. These are made from eased-edge construction timber (100mm x 47mm I think) and are attached with a 10mm carriage bolt. The idea is that different size legs for different uses: shorties whilst modelling at home, long ones if I ever get to a club or exhibition. Because my house is a tiddly little Victorian terrace (no complaints, it's beautiful, I love it and will probably never leave it) I have to keep my "workshop" compact. By lucky hap' the layout fits exactly over the hearth of the unused fireplace in the dining room and all my tools and modelling bits'n'bobs fit neatly underneath
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