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Found 15 results

  1. Shipping of the Minerva 0 gauge RTR GWR OPEN A 5-plank open wagon starts next week. Sadly, they will not arrive in time for Christmas and Chris B and Chris K apologise most profusely for the five-week delay in delivery. The model represents Diagram 11 with Dean-Churchward Mark 3 brake gear. It will be available in four liveries: 1903 GW 25", 1923 GW 16", 1936 GW6” and British Railways unfitted grey. Three different numbers for each livery will be offered and parts for fitting an optional sheet rail are included. The photos show decorated samples, which will be on display on the Minerva stand at the Reading trade show on Saturday 7th December 2019. Minerva will be announcing another new model at Reading for delivery in Spring 2020. Regards, Chris Basten and Chris Klein
  2. To all our friends, We are pleased to report that the Minerva Blue Circle and Ferrocrete cement vans are on the high seas and scheduled to dock in the UK in the second week of April. Subject to the postal service being available, we expect to be able to dispatch the models after Easter, and we will take orders at this time. This is a limited edition production run. Three different running numbers are available for both vans. The price per van is £47.50 with a flat postal charge of £4 per order irrespective of the quantity. Owing to cancellations, the next shows we expect to attend are RailWells in August and STEAM 12-13 September 2020 at Swindon. The full range of Minerva products is available through our internet webshop, the telephone and email. A normal dispatch service will continue subject to any restrictions imposed during the current pandemic crisis. We will keep you advised Minerva as news is received. Meanwhile, keep well and happy modelling. Chris B and Chris K
  3. Minerva is pleased to report that the first engineering prototype (EP) of its 0 gauge RTR Class 14 0-6-0DH locomotive has been delivered for assessment. The project is running about 3 months late due to the Covid-19 situation. We are pleased with the general appearance and detail of the EP. The cab interior is fully detailed and the model will be wired for the Plux22 DCC decoder. The EP weighs 1.15kgs and runs smoothly through Peco Setrack curves. Some minor changes will be required. The photos exclude the push-fit headcode lenses, which will be supplied loose to enable owners to fit headcodes of their choice. The locos will be finished in the British Railways two-tone green livery and a sheet of Railtec decals will be supplied enabling all members of the class to be represented. We hope to have the model available in the autumn of 2020, subject to the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Prices are DC £290, DCC-fitted £345, DCC sound-fitted £415 and carriage is £9 per loco. Order forms are available on the Minerva website https://www.minervamodelrailways.co.uk/ Please contact Chris Basten or Chris Klein for more information.
  4. Morning all. Has anyone picked up one of the new Bachmann slate built engine shed? I'm looking to use one for a OO industrial layout and would like to know the size of the entrance to the shed, height x width. Could anybody measure their hole..........so to speak? . Many thanks. Rob.
  5. Hello This section letsyou know of any developments and releases from myself. The range varies from 2mm scale to 7mm scale covering a wide range of periods, areas and gauges as well as mainline, light railway and industrial. The range also includes the former manufacturers ranges Bal models Clarke kits Albert Goodall Regards Robert RT Models Www.rtmodels.co.uk
  6. Whilst I am waiting for the weathering paint on the 74XX chassis to harden off, together with the matt varnish on the loco body, I've set up my circle of Lima track again, to run a few RTR offerings in. Yesterday I gave a Hornby W4 Peckett (PoLA blue livery) and a Model Rail Sentinel (WD livery) a good few hours stretch each. Both are destined to be 'military' locos on 'Bethesda Sidings', making occasional trips down the light railway to Bethesda yard. New nameplates were obtained from Narrow Planet some time ago. Currently on the circuit is this B2 Peckett (sorry for poor focus): I'm not sure what to do with this one. I had originally planned to keep it as an OO model and run it on both 'Bethesda Sidings' and 'Bleakhouse Road', but I have a feeling that the flanges on the B2 are (for some reason) very slighly larger than on the W4. The reason for saying this, is that the W4s all run very happily through my 'OO-SF' A5 crossover on 'Bethesda Sidings', whereas the B2 doesn't seem to like it as much and I get flanges impacting on the chaired track. If I'm right about this (I haven't measured the flanges as yet or compared them in close up), then it's likely that the B2 will have to be converted to P4 and used on 'Callow Lane' as an NCB loco. Whether that involves waiting for a replacement chassis kit or perhaps scratchbuilding a chassis, I don't know either, although quite possibly the former, given that converting it to P4 isn't very high on the priority list (pity, as it runs rather sweetly on the Lima circle of track). Next up after the B2 will be a Hornby 'Terrier', on which I suspect the slightly larger flanges are also present. This one didn't run quite as sweetly as the B2, so if running in doesn't improve it, a replacement chassis might be the order of the day.
  7. No, this not a new thread about an oriental restaurant or take-away. Instead, it is the first bulletin in a series of periodic reports describing the adaptation of my Tonfanau Camp layout from a 1950s/60s British Railways station on the Cambrian Coast line with a private siding serving an army camp to a small wayside station in East Anglia serving an RAF airbase in the same period. I intend the the layout to be easily switchable between the two scenes. The buildings and signals will plug-in replacements and the ER station is inspired by Pulham Market on the erstwhile Waveney Valley line. First off the workbench is this little LNER platelayer’s hut. It is built from the Roxey Mouldings resin kit, which is a robust model of just five parts. I carved away part of one of the corner posts and inserted a small length of wire to represent an exposed portion of the steel reinforcing rod. Pre-cast concrete can be quite difficult to simulate convincingly. For this model, I used Woodland Scenics Road System Top Coat Concrete paint (ST1454). This is a thick acrylic paint that looks like newly laid concrete and can be stippled to provide a little texture if desired. The colour was too bright for my taste so I added some drops of Vajello black and dark earth to tone down the rawness. I then applied a thin black wash and finished with some matt black enamel mixed with a smidgeon dark brown brushed into the corners and then manipulated the paint with a cotton bud. It’s probably best only to tune in occasionally as there will be long periods of radio silence between bulletins. Chris K
  8. I have a confession to make. I have recently been smitten with an affliction, which I know has affected a number of other members of RMWeb, and have somehow managed to end up becoming the owner of a Hornby Peckett W4. Having done the deed, I desperately tried to justify the purchase by seeing if I could find a legitimate use for it. As you know, I like to model railways in close proximity to where I live, so imagine my delight on finding photographic evidence that not one but two Pecketts were employed at Cawdor Quarry, in Matlock, Derbyshire, just eight miles from home. My grateful thanks go to Pete Hackney for allowing me to use photographs from his Flickr account. This is the first loco, works number 1555 Copyright Pete Hackney, used with permission And this is the second, works number 1749 Copyright Pete Hackney, used with permission From Pete's photos you can see that whilst 1749 appears to be painted black, 1555 looks like it might be Peckett works green, and after a bit of digging I managed to find a colour photo by J W Sutherland whose photos I've used before: Copyright J W Sutherland, used with permission. For the purists, neither of these locos is a W4, 1555 is an M5, and the origins of 1749 are unclear, it may be a W6 or an R2, however I think the differences are such that for 1749 at least I can invoke Rule One and ignore them. So that's the justification for this thread - a layout to run a couple of Pecketts on. In a subsequent post, I'll enlarge on the location. Thanks for looking, Al.
  9. Hi there fellow RMwebbers Could anyone advise if they know of any pictures of "Gamecock" or any other UK based 0-4-0 Cranmore class Pecketts (we are not aware of any others, but welcome being proved wrong)? So far we have only been able to locate this: http://www.irsociety.co.uk/Archives/53/GAMECOCK.jpg We're 9/10'ths of a way through construction of a 5'' model, and are wishing to paint/name in an appropriate Uk livery. There is one on the Puffing Billy railway in Australia, of which we already have many pictures. Many thanks Paul A.
  10. As Wheal Elizabeth is about to make an previously unplanned exhibition appearance at Scaleforum, I thought I'd better try and get the T9 ready for service. Have given it a light touch of weathering with the airbrush, applied smoke box number and route disks and given it a couple of coats of Dullcote. Just needs the crew, the front coupling (I had it here somewhere) and the shed code plate. I am rather pleased with how this has turned out. Oh and it runs too, though it hasn't pulled a train in anger yet. Also in the paint shop is the Peckett, seen here after initial coats of its final colour. Why yellow? Why not... It's a well known fact that certain clay works purchased ex Swansea Harbour Trust locos from BR at the end of service...ahem. Real reason is because my son wanted it to be yellow and given the choice of name it seems rather appropriate don't you think? Edited now S4um confirmed.
  11. Can anyone point me in the direction of 4mm kits for the Peckett 'R1' or 'R2' (or 'W4') 0-4-0ST locomotive types? I'm looking to be able to build a model of 'George Jennings' that used to work the South Western Pottery line out of Parkstone station: George Jennings TIA Ian EDIT: added W4 to list of types, as it could be 'George Jennings' is a W4.
  12. While waiting for the Great Electric Train Show to open on Sunday morning, I visited Tony's Trains stand and relieved him of a Hornby Peckett. I went back 20 minutes later and complained about the condition of the box contents . . . . . . .
  13. Hi everyone, Over the years I have tried, and failed, on a number of occasions to build a small working industrial themed layout in 00. Starting off with bodged conversions of Hornby 'Smokey Joe" types into variations on a Neilson theme, I progressed onto variations on a 'Sentinel' theme. It was the former (possibly because of the make-do-and-mend approach to modelling) that got me most excited, but that was over thirty years ago. Now, with the release of the Hornby B2, I am enthused to do something again. It will be freelance, drawing on a few lines of inspiration from some of the gifted folk on this forum. Here's the rub; what to build? At present I have permanent space for a 6'x1' shelf. I have some early 50s rolling stock in BR and big-four liveries. I also have, as posted elsewhere, 'Sherwood' and 'Westminster', though both will be renamed and the latter will lose the APC logo. Any prototype suggestions are welcome at this time. Thanks for taking the time to read, and I'll update you all soon. Hopefully, some modelling will be seen too! Regards, Alex.
  14. Daddy Pig was sat at the breakfast table hidden from view by the latest edition of the “Porcine Gazette”, house journal of the Hogs’ Own Guild, or HOG for short. From behind this august publication there emanated a succession of grunts, squeaks and snorts of indignation. Peppa Pig trotted into the kitchen just as Daddy Pig sounded off a series of snorts that sounded like a superannuated English Electric Type 3 diesel-electric locomotive being unwillingly coaxed into life to head the first passenger train of the day from Rhymney to Cardiff. “Good morning Daddy” said Peppa cheerfully. “You don’t sound very happy today. Has something you read in the paper upset you?” Daddy Pig snorted again as he lowered and gently folded the Gazette and laid it to one side of the table. He then picked up a napkin and fastidiously dabbed off a small fragment of the vegan chickpea pancake topped with tofu-simulated lardons, avocado, hummus, red pepper flakes and a spicy cashew nut cream that he had eaten for breakfast. “No Peppa”, replied Daddy Pig, “It was what I did not read in the Gazette that has upset me.” “Oh”, said Peppa. Daddy Pig continued, “Last year at the AGM of the HOG in Slopshire, I asked the board to consider removing sausage rolls, bacon sandwiches and all other porcine items from the menu in the café – you can’t really call it a restaurant – at the annual convention. Well it seems that after months of talks, consultations, polling and general chit-chat my request has been rejected. So yes, Peppa, I am rather cross.” “Oh”, said Peppa, again, wondering how she could stop Daddy Pig from being so grumpy. Just then Mummy Pig trotted into the kitchen. “Oh Daddy Pig, you do look rather grumpy this morning. I hope the tofu-simulated lardons were not off.” Peppa quickly explained why Daddy Pig was unhappy. “Oh”, said Mummy Pig. Mummy Pig thought for a moment as she prepared a mug of vegan peppermint hot chocolate topped with coconut whipped cream. Mummy Pig tentatively sipped at the hot brew and then asked, “Could you ask for a special meeting of the HOG to reconsider its decision?” “That’s a brilliant idea, Mummy Pig!”, exclaimed Daddy Pig. “As you know, I am rather an expert on everything and I am sure that Article 6.3.13b of the HOG’s articles of association allow members to ask the board to convene an emergency general meeting; they call it an EGM. I’m pretty sure I could rustle up some support from my friends in the HOG,” said Daddy Pig. “Well, while you’re doing that, we need to think about our summer holiday,” said Mummy Pig. “Oh yes please”, said Peppa and George Pig. “Can we go to Tonfanau again? The beach is very nice there” they pleaded. “But it rained all of the time when we went there two years ago”, said Mummy Pig. “It always rains in Wales.” “But not last year”, chipped in Daddy Pig. “Last summer they had a heatwave and those clever chaps and chapesses who read the weather on the television say that we will have the same this summer. I know the Commanding Officer at Tonfanau Camp and he might be able to provide some accommodation. He was my CO when I was doing National Service as the regimental mascot of the 1stBattalion The Foot and Mouth Regiment. He’s a splendid chap; name of Courtney-Bigunslately and a keen angler.” “Well that settles it”, said Mummy Pig, “and Daddy Pig can write his motion calling for an EGM of the HOG while he sits in a deckchair on the beach”. Daddy Pig left the table and went off to make the necessary arrangements for the holiday. Later that day, Daddy Pig announced that everything had been organised. “We shall travel by train”, said Daddy Pig. “The nice people at the railway have even laid on a special surprise special carriage for us because we are out of gauge. I don’t what that means; perhaps it’s the Royal Train?” The Pig Family arrived at the railway station and were shown to their carriage. “But it hasn’t got a roof”, whined Peppa. “Don’t worry”, said Daddy Pig with only the very slightest hesitation. “The weather forecast is for hot sunshine and it will be like travelling in one of those special observation carriages with a splendid view.” And so the starting signal clunked off, the guard blew his whistle and waved his green flag, the engine tooted, the cylinder drain cocks hissed and they were off. To be continued.
  15. I suppose everyone is now fully aware of this http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/96810-minerva-model-railways-a-new-o-gauge-manufacturer-is-launched-and-announces-peckett-e-class/ As soon as I seen it I thought mmmm il have one of those!! I've always liked the absorbed industrial shunters in and around South Wales and I've been long looking for a South Wales based Prototype to model. This will provide a contrast to Ranelagh Bridge as instead of big prestigious locos in an urban grotty environment it will be small shunters and goods locos in an industrial grotty environment The behind the scenes badgering is continuing and hopefully the above will be available through Heljan at some point in the future. A lot of my locos both current and future will be able to be used on both layouts. Swansea East Dock will most likely be built in sections so I can exhibit it in the future. As for buildings the two main structures are the coaling stage and the shed, both will be sourced through Phil (brush type 4 ) of Intentio designs, see his link in my signature below. I'm going to jot a track plan down based on the real location although their might be some compression to get it all in and hopefully my Freind who did the templot for RB can also do the same for this project. So there we go, I know I've started a few threads recently but this one will go ahead as I've been looking for a South Wales based prototype for a while and now I've found something that ticks all the boxes. Now where's that Agenoria Catalogue??
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