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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I have decided to start a layout in n gauge which will represent a stretch of WCML north of Warrington Bank Quay at Dallam. The area I will be modelling will be between the 2 road over bridges, Folly Lane and Bewsey road for those of you local to Warrington. The period modelled will be 2001, so plenty of variety of stock which can be modelled, Virgin West Coast and XC,EWS,DRS, Freightliner, First North Western, Parcel trains to the Railhub, Serco test trains etc Here are a few pictures of progress so far (The Arriva XC TGS was picked up cheap for clearance checks): Managed to make a start on Bewsey Road overbridge. Track will be Peco code 55. I am not sure if the rail served warehouse was being used by rail in 2001, the sidings outside certainly were, VGA's and Bogie Ferryvans present in this video clip on Youtube around 1:00 min in Will need plenty of James Irlam road trailers. The dimensions will be approx 14ft x3ft. Over the coming weeks work will focus on fitting the pattern makers dowels and ensuring the baseboards are nice and flat where the baseboards meet. Also lay cork tiles prior to track laying. In between this, I need to sort out my 4mm stock that has been lying in the loft, some of the items I forgot I had bought or even the reason I bought them. Also need to finish my 4mm crane and now build a smalller version for this layout! Cheers Simon
  2. SCROLL DOWN TO THE NEXT POST FOR THE FIRST PHOTOGRAPHS! Evening all, There are a few people on rmWeb who regularly post images from their archives, which have over the past couple of years brought me much pleasure and interest. I am fortunate in having a digital photo archive that comprises over 125,000 images, spanning almost 20 years, and a print/slide archive covering in the main, a further five to six years before that, although almost 1000 slides and negatives go back to the early 1970s. So, I thought it might be time to share some of them, in the hope that people may find it interesting and of use. With the various connections that I have, I have been extremely fortunate over that period to go behind-the-scenes with the railway network and look at areas that we, as enthusiasts, never normally get to look at. I am very grateful for the co-operation and help that has been given, and I hope the images will be of interest to people, and maybe provide reference material, or inspire other modern image modellers in their layouts or loco repaints. I would welcome people to comment and add any information they feel is useful - we are a community after all, so everyone is welcome here. Some posts may have more pictures than others, but I hope people find them interesting. I will attempt to post some new content here every couple of days. Should anyone wish to use any of the pictures on their own threads within rmWeb, please do so, and just include a link back to this page. If your using them outside of rmWeb, drop me a message first, using the PM system please? I am unlikely to say no, especially is common courtesy is used! Please do not however, attempt to sell them on eBay or post them elsewhere! Thanks Rich
  3. Layout Background August 2020: The era of the layout is set 1995-98 for the station. I have been collecting new trains to run during these years. Any suggestions are welcome, hope you will be following my progress...
  4. Hi there and welcome to the beginnings of my first N layout. I'm basing it on the Ais Gill Summit part of the line with the Signal Box and 70's track plan. So far the baseboards and track laying/wiring has been well progressed, terrain building is the next big task. You can see the first video update here: Any comment/advice is welcome...
  5. Hello, I am so new to modelling that all my layout consists of a box in which items are collected for that one day when they will actually run but I had a question about the precursor to First North Western, North Western Trains, and in particular the livery. I know that North Western Trains had a dark blue livery with a gold star but all the pictures I can find of this livery also has "First North Western". What did the trains have on them before FirstGroup bought out the other shareholders and changed the name in November 1998? I'm trying to collect for a layout that will ultimately be set in this 1997/1998 time-frame so I'm curious. Also, and now that you're here reading it, how do you go about finding out things like 'how many coaches did the London-Holyhead intercity service have?' and 'what was the difference in the types of cargo pulled by Freightliner and EWS?' The sort of questions an absolute beginner (like myself) would ask.
  6. Hi, Since our last working session at our club meeting, we have been able to get together a couple more times after work. The first job now that the Cork had been installed to form the track bed, was to offer up the track, shape it, cut it and work out where the droppers were going to be placed. In a departure from the rest of the layout, we have decided to use Concrete Sleeper rail on the End Loops. In hindsight, our initial decision to use wooden sleeper track just doesn't sit with a modern image layout. So as well as the End Loops, in due coarse we will start an upgrade process on the Heworth Main Line, the work being carried out mainly at weekends to avoid disruption to the network Here is a shot of the track being put in place on Module N. A shot taken after the track has been laid and propped up with 1/32" styrene to super elevate. Knowing that we had to join rails on each of the End Loops, one of our members suggested that we stagger the rail joints so that the fishplates wouldn't straighten the track work mid bend. Although these joints are a little bit more tricky to work with, the end result is rewarding, as there is little or no discernible effect to the curve of the rail. This picture doesn't do it justice, so I will try to get a better one and update the blog with it. As we now had the track laid on both of the End Loop Modules N / F which attach to the Fiddle Yard, we then needed to attach them and secure the rail ends, using our method of soldering the rail to screws placed close to the end of the modules. We also needed to fit some track to the ends of the Fiddle Yard as we had left these until the End Loops had been ready. These were put in place last night, so now we only have to lay track on the End Loops that attach to the Scenic Boards (Modules M / G) and fit the track on the Scenic Boards to meet these and we are running Cheers, Mark.
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