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Found 31 results

  1. Hello to everyone on this last Bank Holiday before Christmas...food for thought! My name is Matt, I am based down in the South West (Chard) near the Jurassic Coast (God's Country), I am 42 years old and I am back into railway modelling for the first time since 1994...hmmmmm so much has changed...being the understatement of the year!! I have recently purchased an existing layout for an amazing chap in Cheshire who is also a 47 driver, it is already DCC wired and this will be my first foray into the modern world of fly by wire...what could possibly go wrong?! My aim over the next few years, is to transform this already lovely layout, into a small and compact Traction Maintenance Depot and fuelling point, based to the West of Edinburgh at the very much real location of Tynecasyle but as a fictional depot. Hopefully will be on the model show circuit, before we take on a slightly larger project... I will be doing a weekly blog which will include photos and videos, no doubt will be picking a lot of brains as I modernise the electronics, lighting, general layout and buildings. I can't wait to start chatting with some of you, hoping I can gain lots of information, help others and become a welcome member of this community. Thank you all Matt P.S please excuse my messy man cave (conservatory), being sorted this week! P.P.S that 46 on the table is not mine, I am purely BR Blue all the way...
  2. Having built several small, freight oriented, shunting layouts of the past few years, I felt it was time to have a go at building a small TMD layout. I came up with a simple track plan with a servicing shed and two fuelling roads. Two additional short sidings offer a little variety in operation with traction gas oil being deivered in TTA and TEA tankers. Working in my usual space of 9ft x 15ins, I was able to fit in 3 large radius points in the scenic area, a luxury on such a small layout. Track has been laid and glued in place.
  3. Hello I have recently joined RM Web, and thought I’d share my layout Eden Road TMD with the group. I will try and post regular updates on the layout as i am still adding bits an pieces to it to enhance the look and feel of it. Eden Road TMD is a representation of a Traction Maintenance Depot set loosely between 2000’s and present day to allow a range of motive power to be used. The depot is operated by Direct Rail Services (DRS) to service their fleet of locomotives. Visiting traction from other UK operators such as GBRF, West Coast Railways, Freightliner, Colas and DB Cargo can also be seen along with some coaching stock stabled. The layout contains a twin road locomotive shed, a smaller shed, refuelling point, a train wash and some storage sidings for basic maintenance. A fenced compound is used for storage of FNA nuclear flask carriers between movements. Eden Road TMD stemmed from the purchase of one of Dapol’s Class 68 locos and the plan to have a smaller layout that can be easily transported to shows by car. The name is based on the river that runs through Cupar in Fife, however the location has purposely not been determined to allow artistic licence. The layout is DCC using an NCE Pro-cab system, track is from Peco. The locos and other rolling stock are from Dapol, Hornby, Bachmann, Lima and ViTrains, the locos have been fitted with DCC Decoders mostly from Gaugemaster or Bachmann. Buildings and scenic detailing are from a range of suppliers including Bachmann Scenecraft, Scale Model Scenery, Gaugemaster, Knightwing plus others with some custom modifications to suit the layout. The layout is in three sections, each 4ft x 2 ft. It is an exhibition layout as has been to 6 shows since it was built in 2018, with two more booked for 2020 so far.
  4. Decided now is the time to move from planning topic to layout topic, Fiddle yard bottom left there is a yard for shunting in the contents may change dependent on mood eg, civils, coaches, preserved etc, the running line passes the Depot, to a small station with a wagon works in the old goods yard. And a couple of mock ups
  5. This post is an epic ramble so I've summarised in a second post after this Evening all, As a kid I built an 00 model railway with my Dad/Grandpa. I'm looking to get back into it after 20 years or so absence and wanting to build a my first 'proper' layout. I've been trawling the net for ideas and kept ending up here (which is a credit to you guys and this community) so I've decided to join and document progress here for myself really and if anyone takes an interest that's cool. My childhood layout was a standard two track roundy-round 8'x4' affair and looking back the interest stemmed primarily from the building work, saving up to buy things and trips to Dentons in Didcot. Once it was built I quickly realised that operating was fairly boring and I was just waiting for something to derail so I could heroically leap into action. It was built on the budget offered by a paper round salary so it operated very much on a Rule 1 basis. Smokey Joe and Mallard shared tracks with a class 92 and 58 all of them pulling anything from coal plank wagons through to some Dublo tin plate coaches. Very prototypical. In my teen years I acquired all my grandpa's old stuff when they moved into a flat so I have quite a loy of Dublo, Tri-ang and old Hornby stock and locos. I still have the layout and all my stock but it's at my parents and it's lockdown so it's staying there for the moment. So, to the new layout. These are my broad design decisions to date: • Rule 1 applies but I'd like to keep it prototypicalish. • Small enough that I can carry it round the house on my own and store it easily. I have limited space and a one year old. This led me to discover shelf layouts and the world beyond loops. No need for it to be truly portable as I can't see my work ever being good enough or me keen enough to cart it to exhibitions. • Must provide operational interest after construction. So loops out and Inglenook in. • Due to space constraints it will be a freight layout to make shorter trains look more realistic. • For initial cost and legacy stock reasons it will be DC but wired to enable easy conversion to DCC later. • Code 100 track. Would have gone 75 but google tells me that "vintage" stock wheels have issues with it and apart from perhaps running my Dublo stuff Google couldn't tell me where the division between "modern" and "vintage" fell so more importantly I was unsure if my childhood stock (circa 95-05) would have problems. • The plan was electrofrog but COVID shut down Peco so all my track is Hornby bar one Peco electrofrog Y. • Plenty of space for me to practice some scenic modelling (never tried this before). With my vague design decisions thrashed out I've decided I want to base it on some of the liveries from my childhood namely Mainline Freight and ARC. That would also fix my timescales to the early 90s. From my childhood layout I already had the beginnings of a fleet with a Mainline 08 and 58 (Hornby) and a Lima 59 and some PGAs though they remain at the other end of the M6, for now. eBay would have to suffice to build the balance of the fleet for now. Now to ponder the layout... I kept jumping around with my ideas, first it was going to be a quarry with loading facilities, then an urban TMD, I found some of the work involved in the impressive TMDs on here intimidating so I'd fixate on a rural marshalling yard before flipping back to a quarry again. Then I'd panic about being good enough to make believable cliffs so it was back to pondering the best retaining walls for an urban TMD.... I created dozens and dozens of layouts in Anyrail to try and visualise my ideas. Obviously my imagination got carried away and ended up with several designs that told the whole story from quarry to unloading station in a mile long diorama. Then reality muscled its way in and my layouts got brutally cut down to a manageable size. So I decided I'd focus on a mini-TMD and sidings and try and make the setting as quarry like as I dared as I went along. Inclusion of a fiddle yard got axed at this point though provision would be made to add one later, if desired. I started scouting out locations on google maps for inspiration such as the depots I was familiar with at Didcot, Reading and Toton plus the quarries at Hope, Torr and Whatley. And wishing to live dangerously, by typing random phrases into Google's image search to see what popped up. After much deliberation here is my finalised track plan. (Unsure how to insert an image in the middle of a post so I've attached it) I decided to make the sidings similar to the ones at Whatley with the sidings splitting off either side of a central line rather than like Toton or Reading where the depots peel off to one side of the track ladder style. I had to forgo Whatley's runaround at the end of the sidings, where they all come together again, for reasons of space. It also become apparent that I'd have to scratch build any loading facilities so that got binned until I had half a clue what I was doing with this modelling lark. For the TMD part I decided to put it at an angle to the sidings and quarry entrance to mix it up a bit and make it feel a little less regimented and parallel. My self-imposed space constraints didn't really afford me the ability to run long trains and add curves. And finally, the sidings can function as an Inglenook. I'll probably have to add some wagons without couplings at the end of the sidings to effectively shorten them to the right length. Phew, layout finished. I'll be impressed if anyone made it this far... I've spent a few weeks on and off editing this mind dump. Today I finally gave up editing and decided to post or I'd never get round to it. Hopefully, for everyone's sake, future updates will be short and sweet with more pics and less words. Ironically my English teacher was forever telling me off for being too concise. Toton
  6. Hello all. I've come up with this track plan for my LNER era steam shed. I already have the boards cut from whiterose modelworks (1050x450mm) and the turntable location cut. The idea is it can be packed under a bed when not in use, and maybe one day when I have a bigger home for it, it could be extended to the left and right and joined to a bigger layout, maybe as a longer through-shed. I imagine it is currently half an engine shed really. What do you think? This is my first modelling attempt so any tips on building are welcome. I would be interested in any protoypical information, any general background info particularly on sheds, like what an NE raised coal stage should look like. Thanks!
  7. Hi All, I’m Toby and I am relatively new to RMWeb, so a little bit about myself. During the 80's I grew up near Westbury Station (Wiltshire) and a friend and I would wander down to the station to watch the traction that frequented the area during that time, occasionally we were invited to mooch around the stabling point. Back then my parents bought me N Gauge set and then this was put away once I discovered the opposite sex. I am now progressing into middle age so I thought it would be a good idea to get re-introduced to the hobby that bought so much enjoyment back then as well as a hobby that will take me into retirement. After being introduced by a close friend to a local Model Railway Club that mainly operate in 7mm, I have decided that this would be a nice gauge to start my first project in the confines of my garage. Welcome to what will be known as Redding Grove - TMD. At the present time I am nearing the end of converting what was once a garage that stored everything bar a car and once it was cleared out this has become my railway room. I am limited to what I can actually operate due to modelling in O Gauge so hence why I have settled on a TMD as well as bringing back some childhood memories. I will post some pictures as to my progress once I have downloaded them from my phone.
  8. Made a start on my new n gauge layout Castlehill TMD. It is 4ftx18in, baseboard and track work is complete and initial wiring done.
  9. Evening all Not really posted here before but thought this might be a good place to start - apologies in advance if this is deemed to be in the wrong area of the forum. I'm looking for ideas to bounce off other modellers as to size/setting of layouts. A bit of background - I have been collecting model locos since I was probably about 10 or 12 years old, and mostly from the era depicting what I used to see when I started trainspotting around the turn of the century. As such I collected a reasonable number of Hornby/Lima/Bachmann EWS locos, most of which I sold a couple of years ago having never got round to making a layout for them. Since then I have amassed a collection of more modern offerings from the manufacturers, and currently have about 30 locos on the roster in EWS, Loadhaul, Dutch, Transrail and Mainline liveries. Some have been renumbered and the current fleet is as follows: 08665 EWS 20088 BR Grey 37055 Mainline 37057 EW&S 37174 EWS 37294 Civil Engineers 37371 Mainline 37405 EWS 37409 Transrail 37415 EW&S 37521 EWS 37668 EW&S 37670 EWS 37674 Transrail 37682 EW&S 37695 EWS 37703 EWS 37709 Mainline Grey 37710 Loadhaul 47760 EWS 47787 EWS 47793 EWS 56056 Transrail 56087 EWS 56094 EWS 56103 EWS 56119 EWS 58012 Mainline Grey 58016 EW&S 58030 EWS 60002 EW&S 60059 Loadhaul Forgive the listing of every single locomotive but I do so to illustrate my problem; many locos, but no layout to run them on! For 15 odd years it's been my dream to have a layout but size has always been an issue. I had a house sale in place prior to the lockdown but that has since fallen through, though I hope to find a property with suitable space for a decent 'railway room' in the coming months. My biggest issue however is a complete lack of skill when it comes to planning out a layout. I'm ultimately aiming for a TMD type layout but on a size hopefully similiar to layouts like Crimson Road https://www.staffordrailwaycircle.org.uk/layouts/members-layouts/crimson-road/ . However in the meantime I have a 6ftx4ft board to play with, but can't even decide on a workable track plan for this. I think having a go on a smaller scale before aiming for the big time is a wise idea (I need to work out how DCC works as having sound-equipped locos is a must for me but I find the wiring etc absolutely mind-boggling), but after many, many hours poring over ideas and screwing them up in frustration, I wonder if any members here would be kind enough to share any ideas they may have? Struggling with a trackplan for such a small place doesn't bode well for any future, larger project!
  10. Hi all, I thought I best start a thread for the layout now I’ve made a start. Brigg Road Depot is an internal shed built by British Steel as an outstation to the main site works so locos didn’t have to leave the area for servicing and minor work. It’s located next to the exchange sidings with BR for BSC Ancholme Works. The depot features a small brick built office and a portacabin for a workers welfare. The workshop itself is a modern (for the late 70s) prefabricated Steel building with one track long enough for 2 shunters comfortably or the odd visiting BR diesel. Locos come to the depot for servicing, fuelling and minor repairs, with lifting jacks for changing wheelsets and forklift trucks for moving pallets of spares and barrels around. The layout also includes the headshunt end of one of the exchange loops, allowing the first few wagons of a longer rake to be brought into view, for the BS loco to uncouple and allow the BR engine to take them away, or vice versa. Onto the actual Modelling. This is the main office for the depot, a Railway Laser Lines Toton Fuel depot kit, even featuring British Steel Blue paint on the doors! Fully detailed interior from Scale Model Scenery desk and chairs and cabinets from a Faller office kit. We then move onto the beginning of the workshop, here you can see the base built up around Peco code 75 flexi, with one of my sentinels repainted by Dave of the parish posing. I also ordered a pair of cheap 3D printed forklifts for the layout which came sprayed all over yellow which didn’t show the details very well, so after an hour and various paints, I think they now look more the part. Hopefully have more updates soon!
  11. Afternoon All, Been considering doing a small(ish) TMD layout for a while now since I took down my roundy roundy layout a few years ago (just track and a shed load of sidings) and wanted to do something proper with electro-frog points and the current situation has allowed me to do this. This is a fictitious TMD based in Hampshire near Petersfield off a single branch line servicing as a DRS hub in the south - possibly with a wagon repair part - tbc. The name may change, fancied furlough TMD or Corona Dept but didn’t seem to sit right The layout will be DCC controlled with probably the points also. DCC control system I have is the Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance 2. All track is PECO code 100. I'm using 2x 900x450mm w base boards from White Rose Model Works which are now assembled with butterfly/suitcase latches fitted and alignment dowels fitted. The top has been covered with 1mm cork as a modelling base. There won’t be a back scene due to the layouts proposed position being near a sloped ceiling. (not all of those cans are mine - just the Coke Zero) Below is the latest design done in anyrail. Main Branchline running along the bottom, 3 sidings up the left then the shed with concrete hard standing and inspection pits with a head shunt top right. Running parallel to the main will be a security fence in line with the catch point (SL-84). The 4 top left sidings with fuel point I’m undecided on at the moment, might shorten or remove the top left altogether, this would probably be some sort of wagon repair area also - still to be confirmed. The red line up the middle shows the board joint. Will most likely add a short off scene bit to the left to allow loco access, long term and space depending a traverser. Had an initial layout of the points and inspection pits, where I decided the small radius points. Had didn’t look right so have managed to source the additional mediums needed to suit the above plan. Once these arrive I’ll get cracking certainly with the right hand board and bottom left board. Rail joints down the middle will be done using C&L fine scale copper clad sleepers as thought this might look a bit better. Plan to clue these down and solder to the rails. I’m toying with the idea of re-spacing all the flexi track to make it a bit more prototypical as Richard at Everard junction has done but not sure how well it’ll look next to the un-modified points. Currently planning to solder the dropper wires for the sides of the rails once I’m happy with the geometry more for ease than anything at the moment. Looks very much track all over the place but think I’d prefer that for more operational interest than anything. Not sure on shed and other buildings yet, tempted to scratch build the shed and maybe get the railway laser lines Crewe Gresty bridge shed they do but not sure where to put that yet. Feel free to comment with any tips and tricks for this new layout modeller. Regards Ali
  12. The idea behind Milton grove is very simular to my previous layout. I wanted to create a layout with finer track details than the set track I use to use. So I opted to go finscale code 55 as I was unable to run my 08 shunters smoothley over the points on my old layout. I have never used electrofrog turnouts before or slips so this a new challage for which I am kinda looking forward too in a scarey way. The layout will have a 3 road TMD and a 2 road heavy repair shop. With a busy mainline running along side I used anyrail to plan it all out and printed out a full scale plan. Witch made it alot easier to see how it will look and cutt all my track to the correct sizes. I coloured the rails in on the plan to try and work out where to put feeds and breaks, Which I just cant workout at the moment. Thanks for looking at my plan Porkie
  13. Hello all, My name is Matt and after spending hours of looking at other layout topics, I have decided to try and document mine on here. I have started on a few layouts before but never really got past ballasting before deciding it was too complex or not running well, with this layout i will try and make it relatively simple with plenty of room for scenic detail. As i am sitting my A levels, the amount of work done on the layout will vary but i will hopefully keep you updated. Here is the small amount of progress so far:
  14. Its been a good while since I last posted, and a lot has changed in that time, I've moved house, twice, and all previous projects are long gone. Ive been away from the modelling scene for around 2 years now, and my small collection of locomotives (2x Bachmann class 47, 4xLima class 37, 1x ViTrains 37, all DCC fitted) have all been sat in a display cabinet gathering dust. Around December 2014, I suddenly got an urge to build a small layout purely to run my locos on. I live in a small 2 bed terrace so am pushed for space. It would need to be a small obviously, but I realised it could be bigger if it was to consist of more than one piece. I therefore went to B&Q to look for some wood. I settled for 2 sheets of 4ft x 2ft MDF (unusual choice, ive never used MDF for a layout before and was a bit cautious- but the price was right so thought it would be worth a shot!) I wanted minimal cutting, drilling, or anything that resembled any sort of labour, so in the end settled for the 2 sheets side by side, creating an 8x2 plank. It was seemingly obvious that the best choice, would be a diesel depot given that I only have diesel locos, and a small area in which to do anything. I have little inspiration, no ideas, so took to google. I ended up on www.freetrackplans.com and settled on the plan named "8x2 Trafford Wharf Road". I then took to the internet, bought all the track I needed- I have no patience- so the standard Hornby and Peco track was used. Between December 2014 and July 2015 I have managed to construct a baseboard (still needs some work, and some sort of stand as the girlfriend doesn't like it when I pinch all of the chairs from the dining table to set it up on). Ive glued all of the track into place, fit and wire all of the point motors, although I do still require another point decoder as it is all to be powered off the Hornby Elite. Come to mention it most of the electrical work is complete. The track is ballasted. I have constructed a Maintenance depot, which can be found on scalescenes, and I think its gone quite well for a first time attempt at a kit build. I have since started to construct hills and retaining walls for the backdrop, using cat food boxes and local newspapers. Very tight budget, and will look better than a plank of wood! Let me know what you think! Luke
  15. Start made on my new n gauge TMD layout. 4ftx18in Intention is to run two areas - 80s Scotland and 80s East Midlands (56s and 58s). Baseboards and track completed with basic wiring (enough to run locos) done. Power using NCEPowercab DCC. Back line is for a dmu service - there will be a platform in the middle. TMD track layout is loosely based on a previous oo gauge layout of Kelvin Barnes.
  16. Hello all This is my first post here, so I'm glad to 'meet' you all. I've been a model railway fan for years, but have not had a layout to use since childhood and one that my father built around 1999/2000. It was set in the 1970's on the Western Region and was a tail-chaser, so catered more for his tastes than mine. That being said, I can't stop the bug itching any longer and have decided to move ahead with my own modest layout, which will be my first attempt. I had originally amassed a collection of locos from EWS, Mainline, Loadhaul etc that comprised mostly Lima and Hornby products made in the 1990's, but I realised converting all these to DCC and DCC Sound would be impractical so sold them off (except for a couple of treasured models of sentimental value) and began from scratch with modern, RTR products capable of fitting with sound. To the layout; I intend to use a baseboard approx 6x2 ft, wired for DCC, hosting a modest TMD based in South Yorkshire in the 1998-2004 period - what I remember from my younger years when I was most interested in the real railways. The premise is that after the closure of my local colliery (Markham Main), the area where the colliery sidings once stood was bought by EWS and a small TMD set up to compliment Doncaster Carr depot and provide additional capacity for the area after the closure of Tinsley. (In reality it was partly turned into a wooded and grassed area, part into modern housing). Whether this is feasible or not I will leave to the experts to decide, but it's what I intend to go with! The depot is named Barton Lane, after a local public bridleway that runs the length of the opposite side of the slag heap from the colliery. The trackplan is something I have yet to finalise and would appreciate any feedback from more experienced modellers than I.
  17. PjKing1

    Garston Bridge

    Hi, I joined the forum a couple of months ago and posted a couple of pics but though it was about time I started a thread on my layout. I've been away from the hobby for over 20 years but having a bit more time on my hands and coming across this site thought there was no better time to start again. I was originally going to start in N gauge but having watch youtube clips of the models and the DCC sound chips available it had to be OO. After spending much time thinking of various layout ideas I finally decided to build a diesel depot based in the late 1960's, this will allow me to model br green and blue as well early br prototypes. I want to try and get that dirty feel of an old steam shed converted to diesel and the odd stabling point with overhead line for early AC electrics. Garston Bridge (a name I only came up with today) is based around the Liverpool area although it could be based anywhere in the Northwest, as it will allow me to run a decent variety of classes. As I am limited with space at the moment (in between houses so hopefully our new one will have a big garage or loft) the plan is to construct the layout in three possibly four 3'3" sections and I'm working on the first two wich include the entrance and departure roads, refuelling point and stabling sidings. I stated the layout about 6 months ago so I'll post some pics of the progress so far. Like I said I'm new to this after so long so all comments and advice are welcome. A few more pictures of some locos around the depot, please excuse the loco numbers I need to re-number most of them as well as add DCC sound, the class 47 and class 40 both have Legomanbiffo sound chips and I highly recommend them. I'll try an get a track plan uploaded soon. Managed to get the fueling point track layer this weekend and the fueling point built and weathered although not completely finished yet still needs more detail to be added and a bit more weathering. Got some of the track and ballast weathered tonight still needs more touching up though and a lot more detail adding. New arrival today of a peak, looks really good but needs a bit more weathering though and sound added.
  18. My second attempt at a traction maintenance depot as a follow on from my first layout, Shalmstry Cuttings TMD. It is to be called Ardlochan Junction TMD. My initial thoughts are that this will be a similar layout, if not the same as Shamlstry because as was mentioned in that thread, it had a good flow to it. I like how the locos could be moved about on the layout. After a recent visit to Crewe (for the first time) I got quite a lot of inspiration for this layout and seeing Gresty Road, where DRS have a base, I'd like to try and produce something similar to this. My first plans are to get a new 10mm plywood baseboard (1600mm x 400mm), and three sides (1600mm x 300mm) (400mm x 300mm) (material suggestions always welcome!), some track sorted, points, motors, wiring and switches. I'd also like to make sure there is potential for a fiddle yard in the future and when I have more space to play with! All thoughts and comments are always welcome! Cheers folks James
  19. Hi All Finally I have the space (although limited) and the time to get started on something i've wanted to do since i was a youngster back in the UK. Well after many months of reading, looking at the fantastic pictorials of everybodys work and finding out where things can go wrong I've embarked on my first ever layout. It's purely fictional and artistic licence will be used so apologies in advance for the purists out there. The available space was minimal and was broken by a door access and the wife needing to park the car in the garage. After starting out designing a narrow shunting shelf layout I felt it wouldn't offer enough longevity. I settled on a wall mounted fold out design comprising of two main boards, a drop in joining based board and a bolt on revolving fiddle yard (enter/exit left end of layout). It will be DCC running all track operations and point motors. The aim is to have signals and lighting run on DC. It really has been a steep learning curve so far and my old woodwork teacher would be amazed at my progress, but i'm loving every minute. More too come. Cheers Mark
  20. hey guys, I'm a long time viewer but first time contributor to the forums. I've been trying (for too long) to devise a plan for a tmd and station small layout. Unfortunatly I don't have much space (who does??), the max room the layout can use is 6x2 with an extra 18 inchs width at the right hand end You'll see what i mean in the pic. Apparently I can only have the corner of a room. What i'm really looking for as I said was a small tmd ideally with room fo 2car dmu and have maybe a end of branch station at the back. It also needs to have either sector plate if not a corner shape or fiddle yard so it looks as if the line goes somewhere. heres what i have so far.. new sector.xtc this is an old idea for a preservation termini that was never used but demonstrates the shape of the max baseboards isfield.xtc any help or ideas you have would be greatly received. Oh its OO gauge btw. Thanks
  21. Parkside TMD So a little background, I originally started modelling about 2 years ago venturing into 009 scale, I planned on modelling a narrow gauge branch line at the time and didn’t even know that 009 scale existed. After few month I realised I was drawn towards modern image modelling and after joining the 100s of pages on facebook really enjoyed the idea of a modern image TMD I began collecting EWS rolling stock and locos about 4 months ago as well as building baseboards to fit down one side of the garage. This gave me roughly 13ft of scenic area to play with. I do have the intention of converting the whole garage but that will be a few years yet! Parkside TMD? So the estate I live in is actually called Parkside, simple as that, the layout will be completely freelance and set roughly between 2007 and the present day. I’d also like to add a steel works/scrap area adding an additional scenic focus. I’m rather new to this hobby and have an awful lot to learn so and criticism/advice is more than welcome. As I write this my NEC power cab is in the post so that is the last major part I needed to buy to get started properly ill be spending the next few weeks soldering dropper wires and spacing code 75 track. Thanks for looking! Reece
  22. hey guys, I'm a long time viewer but first time contributor to the forums. I've been trying (for too long) to devise a plan for a tmd and station small layout. Unfortunatly I don't have much space (who does??), the max room the layout can use is 6x2 with an extra 18 inchs width at the right hand end You'll see what i mean in the pic. Apparently I can only have the corner of a room. What i'm really looking for as I said was a small tmd ideally with room fo 2car dmu and have maybe a end of branch station at the back. It also needs to have either sector plate if not a corner shape or fiddle yard so it looks as if the line goes somewhere. heres what i have so far.. new sector.xtc this is an old idea for a preservation termini that was never used but demonstrates the shape of the max baseboards isfield.xtc any help or ideas you have would be greatly received. Oh its OO gauge btw. Thanks
  23. Hi everyone, this is my first thread on RMweb and is going to be about a fictional modern image TMD in OO gauge i am creating from 2 old baseboards from an old n gauge layout me and my dad used to have. I hope to fully detail the layout and in time it would be a dream of mine to enter the exhibition circuit. The first job for me and my dad to complete is to add fold out legs to each baseboard and sort out how were going to attach each baseboard together. This so far is the plan i have come up with but it is most likely to change over time. The baseboard sizes are 42x19 and 36x19 giving a total size of 78x19 when together. Any comments and advice are welcome, thank you for reading, Rob.
  24. Hi guys, Me and my dad have decided to build this project on an old baseboard we had lying around. We decided to start this project as hopefully my step sister will be moving out soon allowing us to build our dream full size OO gauge TMD. This project will just be a filler until we get chance for a proper layout and will be a good opportunity for both of us to practice are skills and techniques in terms of some scratch building and scenic work. Anyway onto to plan, The layout will be built on an old baseboard that is 42x19 inches. We will not be using point motors and may in time in stall a lever system but for now the points will be hand controlled as we are only planning to use this layout at home. We feel if the layout is just for home use there is no point in spending a hundred pounds or some silly amount of money for something that isn't needed. We are using peco code 80 set track with some flexi track as we already have the track left over from previous layouts. I do hope however though to try my hand at installing buffer lights and depot flood lights. Here is the proposed plan: Me and my dad plan to lay to the cork board and begin to pin the track down and start testing this weekend. Please feel free to comment, any suggestions, criticism and ideas are welcome. Thanks, Rob
  25. 19th September 2019 Well, what an interesting evening was had by me last night, seeing the layout two thirds complete. I have attached a handful of pictures below - and I'm going to create an album for these.
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