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Found 24 results

  1. The Dorking Garden Railway in 4mm scale mostly features 1950s and '60s trains. The layout at present is a single track continuous run of almost 70 feet, with plans for double tracking. The emphasis is on running trains - and videoing them. Here are some typical scenes: There's a playlist of Dorking Garden Railway videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/Dorkingian
  2. The W&LLR re-opened on 1st August. To discover what is on offer please see this short video.
  3. I’ve built a new ‘one-size-fits-all’ traverser for my Farthing layouts. My latest layout - The Stables - has two levels, so I needed a traverser which could accommodate that. After I had proposed various harebrained schemes, Stu suggested the principle that I have sketched above. This was clearly the way to go. But how? After mulling it over I looked at my old traverser (above) and realised that I could kill two birds with one stone. I prefer to have just one traverser for all my layouts, and the old one has served this purpose well. I called the old traverser “The Bumblebee” because it defied all sorts of basic engineering principles – yet still worked. The old Bumblebee was nevertheless beginning to show signs of wear and tear, so I decided to build a new one that could serve all of my layouts, including the new two-level one. For this version I used wood instead of foamboard. With woodwork I just sort of bumble along, so the 'Bumblebee' moniker is also appropriate for Mk2 . On Mk1 I used tubes to guide the traverser. It worked but was noisy, which led to certain domestic tensions when my wife wanted to watch TV and I wanted to shunt! So I found these “linear sliding guides” on ebay instead. While not as silent as I had hoped (woe is me!) they do slide nicely. The angle braces are from various strata of my “can’t be bothered to sort all this” drawer. Masonite from a broken Ikea frame. Adjustable legs from a Danish timber merchant. I have now standardized on them for my layouts. The rubber pads are a heavy duty type from 3M, essential as they prevent the legs from sliding on the tabletop. The cassette was re-used from Mk1. One end of it serves my three single-level layouts (track 1-5). The other end serves the new two- level layout (track 6). In order to serve all the layouts, I had to come up with a simple way of shifting between regular single-level operation on my existing layouts, and two-level operation on the new layout. To accommodate this, I made the cassette hinged. When shifting to two-level mode, it is tipped to one side, a strip of cork is placed on the wooden blocks, and the cassette is tipped back in place. The adjustable legs are then raised on one side of the traverser only. With this, Stu’s original principle has been achieved: Rising gradient, level track. For operation, traverser and layout are simply pushed together. The 3M rubber pads prevent any sliding. The adjustable legs make vertical alignment easy. At the bottom level, a simple stop block is used to ensure that the cassette stops in the right place. This can be rotated down when the traverser is used on my other layouts. At the upper level, the traverser is stopped automatically as it reaches its outer limit. To avoid the cassette sliding down from this position, I have tentatively fitted some slightly tapered wooden blocks beneath the cassette deck. When they engage the angle braces there is a slight resistance, enough to hold the cassette in place. I'm wondering whether this particular solution will last, but let's see. I have tested the traverser on all the four Farthing layouts, and so far I’m pleased with the operation. Here it is working the Down Bay on the (extendable) dining table. The stop block is a recycled kitchen sponge, which squeezes into place. As you can see I am not one to worry about scenic breaks! With the traverser done I can now run trains on the new layout . Below is a 1-minute video to celebrate.
  4. Just a follow-up video clip here to illutrate that good old whitemetal still has its advantages...
  5. Just a silly little video clip here, fooling around with an off-cut from another Farthing video. It seems Shunter George "Bulldog" Mullins had a bit too much of the good stuff last night.
  6. Storm Dennis swept across Mid Wales on 15th & 16th February. The River Banwy runs parallel to the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway for about two miles. The river rose rapidly over the night of 15th February and by eight o'clock the next morning was less than a foot below the track in some places. I took the linked video during a couple of track inspections that were made before passenger train running commenced on Sunday 16th.
  7. Same video as last post but having resolved my laptop problems I managed to publish and upload the HD version to you tube !! Enjoy or not ?!?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4i6TxY5wp4 John
  8. Well I finally got the courage to make a video showing Calshot... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Unowx8SrKw Comments welcome.
  9. I have just found this old 1960's film about a day on the West Highland Line. Note the observation car on the back of the train at the beginning. http://youtu.be/ZHhL3xBXJFg
  10. After a few weeks of procrastination, I've finally edited the short video of trains running at the Accucraft UK open day last month:
  11. This one is worth watching! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSCNbcjkz9A Phil
  12. Hello everyone, I’d like to introduce a little project called ‘Tales from Brookford’, a collaboration between Paul aka PLS and myself. As some of you may know, Paul has created a masterpiece of a layout, Brookford, which continues to grow and change. Paul’s story-like layout updates inspired me to compile and adapt a few of the stories into video form, and the result is here. This story is called ‘The Party’, and we present the first three chapters here. It is my intention to add a new chapter every week, which I’ll link on this thread. Some of you may know the story already, but I hope all can enjoy! Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 If you haven't already seen it, the main Brookford thread is on NGRM-Online and is well worth a read.
  13. Hi All, My brother had 2 fleischmann n gauge stater sets tucked away for many years. We had no real areas to build a layout, so we came up with an idea to build one into a new dining table. Over the last few years my old man, my brother and I have been working on this project. It was our first real model railway and we are extremely happy with the end result. I hope I have shared this in the right place, we are keen to hear some feedback. We are now planning a couple of new builds that will be a little more complicated. Thanks, Glenn
  14. Season's greetings RMwebbers, Look what has just gone live! This new digital video download features a great selection of steam era layouts, and given it's Christmas, we've thrown in some great heritage railway content too! ***10 Great steam era layouts inside*** ***1 hour + of steam era action*** WATCH THESE FIVE LAYOUTS: Liverpool Lime Street (OO) Loughborough Road (OO) Garsdale (O) Horfield (OO) Kingswear (2FS) 6 GREAT LAYOUT ARTICLES: Much Murkle (OO) East Wheal Dream (O) Halland (OO) Penmaenpool (OO) Wellbridge (OO) Kingswear (2FS) PLUS WATCH: How to clean wheels easily Scratchbuilt pioneering and pre-grouping locomotives on test A guided tour of Didcot Railway Centre, a leading heritage site A driver experience course on the Severn Valley Railway Get your copy today for just £4.99, whether you're on tablet, PC or MAC to watch and read it this Christmas. Preview and download your copy here
  15. Hi all. I've lately been playing with the concept of making YouTube videos on the subject of railway modelling. I'm kind of feeling my way at the moment, trying to figure out what works and how to improve. I was inspired by talking about the hobby with a number of friends who have expressed an interest in getting into the hobby. I wanted to create videos aimed at beginners, people who aren't necessarily super-knowledgeable about railways or modelling, to give them an accessible introduction to concepts within the hobby. These are the videos produced so far: The Hornby 4-wheel coach analysed Frankenshunter A Victorian locomotive Improving the Triang mineral wagon, part 1 I have a couple more lined up. The aim is to have one up every Friday evening. There's a sort of overarching storyline to the videos, as it were, building up to the construction of a simple micro-layout. Feedback is welcome - like I say, I'm new to this, so I'm aware that improvements can be made.
  16. Time to play with test the layout! I took a short video and had a go with some free editing software, not the easiest thing to get the hang of... Filmed on my rather tired Windows Phone camera, maybe Father Christmas will get me a better one? The Terrier is working well, as are the points and controller. The remote uncouplers still need some fettling, although I think that's mainly down to my test wagons all being old Wrenn/Hornby/Triang items with all the tension locks at different heights and different states of rusty!
  17. This 4 minute video spans the period 1867-1947 on The Farthing Layouts. These 4mm layouts are normally set in 1907, but occasional forays into earlier and later time periods has allowed for a bit of pragmatic "out of period" modelling and operation.
  18. Hi all, Found this on YouTube (click ahead to 1:05). I must say it made me gasp when I saw it. This is a really cool machine! Does anyone know of any models of it that may exist? It would be impressive to see one on a layout, either sitting dormant in a siding or in actual operation. I could imagine the headaches it would cause the scratch-building modeller as she/he tries to get all the tiny motors to work to run the conveyor and the truck. Kind regards.
  19. The Railway Preservation Society of Ireland (RPSI) will be holding its first Model Railway Day at Whitehead Railway Museum on Saturday 9th November 2019 with a line-up of over two dozen marvelous miniature model layouts, full-size steam train rides, refreshments, etc. All this, and the Museum exhibits too! Opening: From 10am until 5pm. Models: There will be many model railway layouts positioned in the various galleries around our Museum. Train Rides: Visitors will be able to see at close hand how the magnificent locomotive works and enjoy a short ride on the steam train. Trains will be running every 15 minutes or so between 12 and 4pm. Refreshments: Enjoy a visit to our award-winning Edwardian Tea Room. On this day only we will also be serving refreshments in our LMS NCC and CIE dining cars in the Carriage Gallery. Suitable for children of all ages! Adult £10, Child £6, Family (2a+2c) £25 (Come by NI Railways and get 20% off admission) Coming from England for the day? Fly into Belfast George Best airport and hop on the train at Sydenham NI Railways station.
  20. The Latest Episode from The Railrag Video Blog is here!! Featuring - Fall Rail fanning - Chesterton, IN - New York - Model Railroad Action!!
  21. Here's a little video showing scenes and train movements at Farthing station - including the arrival, shunting and departure of the Westbury stopping train. It's 2,5 minutes long. Be warned that it features music, although only a quiet piano.
  22. The management is pleased to report some progress on the sidings. The baseboard was built some time ago. It is 10 mm foamboard topped with cork, giving a nice light baseboard which weighs in at 900 grams. So far no warping issues. The height adjusters are DIY – a simple bolt and screw, fitted with rubber pads for silencing cupboard doors. The latter are very handy, as they hold the legs firmly in place on all surfaces, and absorb vibration. There will be 8 of these in total when I’m done. The original track plan was done in Anyrail for Peco code 75, in order to get a feel for things while I pondered how far I wanted to go in terms of track accuracy. I've decided to continue with C&L track components as used on my goods depot, and will give their turnout kits a try. I’ve done mock-ups of the main buildings on the layout. This has been a very useful exercise and has led to various changes. The large building at the back will be a stable block, based on the one at Uxbridge. This had 9 stalls and a storage room. The smaller building on the right is based on Captain Kernow’s photos of the checker’s cabin at Truro. I’ve worked out the approximate dimensions of the latter, based on a count of bricks and studying Google Earth. Many thanks to Boris, Ian, Job, Chubber and Captain Kernow for help with drawings and photos of these and similar buildings. The shed in the “biscuit siding”, which will be based on the old beer shed at Stratford on Avon. The waterworks siding. The intention was to have a low-relief backdrop but I don’t really like the whole set-up. It looks too cramped and makes it difficult to reach the fiddle yard. I may leave this siding without scenery and consider it “off-scene”. As previously discussed, the idea is to use gravity shunting for the biscuit siding. The video above shows the basic concept with a 1:60 gradient and a single length of Peco track. I had hoped to achieve a slower roll (as this is not hump shunting), but it’s tricky to find the balance between the right speed and the desired length of the roll. The length of the gradient and the curve/turnout are critical factors, as is the wagon weight, wheel gauge, wheel type, bearings, rail type and the way each wagon interacts with another! I have given up trying to work out some grand formula for the gravity shunting. Instead I'll follow a simple trial-and error approach. First step is to get the actual track and C+L turnout in place. Following this, I’ll use a small selection of wagons with similar qualities to set the final gradient. I may install retarders (eg toothbrush bristles) in selected hidden places such as inside the biscuit shed. I’m thinking that, in practice, wagons would probably have been braked before they entered the biscuit shed, and then worked by other means into the shed. But on that one I’ll claim modeller’s license.
  23. To start the ball rolling, here's a link to my short video featuring some Aussie rolling stock (and one or two masquerades) albeit located in the UK. HO scale kangaroos, anyone? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76Ch4yFGJeY&list=UUd1ACIZyclJqIjOg3GWB2_g My videos are shot using a small pocket-size Sony which was bought as a still camera. Seeing other people's videos prompted me to experiment with the Video facility, and the mechanics seem pretty straightforward (editing is done with Windows Live Movie Maker which I discovered already bundled on my laptop). More British outline videos are at http://www.youtube.com/user/Dorkingian
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