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Found 21 results

  1. will soon be printing 35.5 cm Haubitze M1 all are 1/72 photos of painted next week other 3 have already been printed built 42 cm gamma mörser 30.5cm beta gerat mortar 30.5cm beta gerat mortar 09
  2. all but the oxford i have 3d printed some are fo sale on ebay uk but all are for sale on shapeways as 3d printed model kits these are 00/ho first two on right are Vickers bl 12 inch MK 1-2 behind them is Elswick Armstrong bl 12 and oxford rail boche buster 14 inch on left is bl 9.2 inch gun 1915-16 and at the back in ww1 camo BL 12 inch howitzer Mk V and MK III back row in green bl 9.2 mk 10
  3. Following the construction of my 009 Scale WW1 Trench Railway - "Amiens 1918", I've really developed an interest in the railways of the First World War, researching the men and locomotives that saw service during the conflict. The plan has been to create a follow up layout to "Amiens", featuring a section of the standard gauge network on the Western Front, or at least showcasing a Fleet of just some of the locomotives that were sent to the front. Upon researching the Railway Operating Division, and the locomotives they acquired, I was amazed how many types were shipped to the front, including LNWR G's, LBSCR E4's and GER Y14's to name a few, all of which have had there later variants modelled by Ready to Run Manufactures, which got me thinking... As some of you may of seen, me and my team "The Railway Video Division" managed to try out some of these ideas on Channel 5's "Great Model Railway Challenge", with our Blackadder inspired WW1 Layout, "Go Forth". Along side our WDLR track with the Bachmann Baldwin playing a star-role, we also had a number of Standard Gauge Locos to represent the ROD. This included a Bachmann Robinson O4 2-8-0 (representing a ROD 2-8-0, soon to be released by Bachmann), a Hornby J15 (representing a Y14) and a Hornby Q6 / T2 (Loosely representing a NER T1, or possible a T2 that might of been sent). All were just re-numbered with ROD Branding and given Numbers of Class mates that served on the front. Though only rough representations I was very pleased with how they turned out. To kick off the topic, here's a link to a video of our Final Running Session with our "Great Model Railway Challenge Layout" - "Go Forth", before we dismantled it, showing all 3 of the above locomotives, as featured on the show in action, along side another one of my WW1 Projects, my Kit-Bashed WW1 Armored Train! I've also added two more links to my "Amiens 1918" topic and the Build of the Armored Train. Hope you find them of interest! Amiens 1918 - WW1 Trench Railway - 009 Exhibition Layout WW1 Armored Train - 00 Gauge - Kit Bash The Great Model Railway Challenge - Go Forth - Final Running Session
  4. Perhaps the most famous German Ace of the Great War, Manfred Von Richthofen, or as we all know him The Red Barron! The aim is to do his Fokker dr.1 Tri-plane, in the well known Red colour scheme but there's a difficulty with painting the Red Baron's aircraft...Which one do you choose? According to various sources out there are a number of camouflages which he carried on the Fokker dr.1, too many for me to go through but for those interested I recommend a quick search on Google or look for Osprey Aircraft of the Aces No.40 ( Fokker d1 Aces of WW1) by Norman Franks and Greg Van Wyngarden. This book shows no less than 4 camouflages, it must be noted that the Baron had more than 1 aircraft as others would act as spare or to perform other duties, such as airbase visits. So with that my aim is to do the Red Baron's Red Fokker dr.1 with the white flashes on the wings, tail and fuselage. I prefer this as it split's the red on the aircraft up and the Crosses on the aircraft look far more menacing, in addition it stands out in my opinion. Anyway... To the Build; The first thing to do, was to get the cockpit together, to do this I needed to paint everything inside. Personally I think it has turned out quite well. Next was to work on getting the rest of the aircraft together which you can see throughout these photo's below. To end off the cowl, propeller and radial engine are removable so when it comes to painting it'll look the part without any issues, for those who are keen eye'd the tail rudder is not fitted, this is simply because of the paint job shown in the photo above. This'll be painted and decals will be fitted. It'll then just be painting the Baron's aircraft into Red. All for the next part. So until next time
  5. I am making a large scale model of the WW1 Class A and B wagons. I have plans and photos of the external appearance of the wagons sufficient to draw up the chassis and strapping for etching. Unfortunately I do not have any details of the underside of the wagons. Does anyone have any photos of the following that they are able share? Buffing gear and fixings Brake gear Spring hangers and stops Stake pockets (I have a partial view of these showing a complex pressing/forging but from one side only) Any help would be appreciated Kevin
  6. As some of you may know, I recently started a new job with the team at Railway Modeller Magazine, down in Devon! Which of course, ment I've had to leave home. While I'm finding a place of my own, I'm currently living out of a Hotel Room. However, I didn't want this to stop me from get on with modelling projects, so I've dicided to building a layout! The layout will be a follow on from my 009 Scale WW1 Trench Railway - Amiens 1918, set in the Argonne Forest. The layout is another Wrapping Paper Box Micro, using the Scalemodelscenery BB018 Baseboards. Here's a few photos of the start of the project, showing the track plan , the baseboards assembled and my work boxes. The first video update on my YouTube Channel will hopefully be coming very soon. Certainly is going to be challenge!
  7. Hi Guys, I was in heaven when these came into work this week. Militaria plus railways! WW1 British Medal Group to 105889 Company Quartermaster Sergeant H Finch, Royal Engineers comprising of 1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal, Distinguished Conduct Medal, WW2 Defence Medal and French Croix de Gurre with Bronze Star. All complete with original ribbons. He was attached to the Railway Operating Division. His Citation for the DCM reads: 105889 CQMS H Finch RE (Wolverhampton) London Gazette 3 Sept 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He managed to detach two wagons containing shells which had been ignited by enemy fire from a train, and by his gallant action saved the rest. He has previously done fine work. These have never been on the market before and have come direct from the family. After speaking to the vendor, it turns out he was a Railway Employee before he joined up. After the war he returned to the Railways and served with the LMS. The family story is he became station master at Euston? I have had a look at my Ancestry account and can find a Chief Clerk at Euston sharing his name. I am going to do some more research on him. He must have been in the ARP / Civil Defence / Home Guard in WW2 to get the Defence Medal. Today they discovered this 9ct gold LMS Ambulance Centre Medallion awarded to him in 1925 for Long Service (which equates to 15 years, most of which would have been accrued in pre grouping days of course). Cheers, Ade.
  8. Hi All, Tracks to the Trenches - 13-15th July 2018 Apedale Valley Light Railway - North Staffordshire http://www.ww1-event.org Well, it's less than 2 weeks to go so I thought it was worth mentioning about the Third event in the First World War Centenary Trilogy at Apedale - which is a Narrow Gauge & Living History megafest. On the modelling front, there are a vast array of Narrow Gauge military (mostly WW1 or related) model railways in 009, 1/35, O14, O16.5 & 16mm scale. A good range of traders and much more - including a display of highly detailed 16mm locos/stock from the famous the late Henry Holdsworth collection. We are reliably informed that a pre-production sample of the forth coming LROD Hunslet 4-6-0T from Accucraft will be making an appearance too (potentially operating at some stage). As if that wasn't enough - you may also get to see the 12":1ft real thing! For the first time (and probably not repeated again for a long time) you'll be able to see Hunslet 4-6-0T, Baldwin 4-6-0T, Hudson 0-6-0WT, Kerr Stuart Joffre 0-6-0T, Brigadelok 0-8-0T all in action to a back drop of a sea of First World War living history groups/displays, Cavalry, Vehicles, Field Gun, Motor Rail 20hp (Wizz-Bang) Bent-frame locos, 40hp Tin Turtles and more original/authentic WW1 rolling stock than anywhere else. Many more details available on the event website - www.ww1-event.org
  9. On Saturday I took delivery of a Locos n Stuff kit for a Kerr Stuart Joffre. Progress has been fairly quick so far and I now have a compensated rolling chassis. Next up is the rest of the motion and fitting the motor and gearbox to finish the chassis. Here's a link to the kit if anyone is interested http://www.locosnstuff.co.uk/loco-kits (No link etc. etc.) Thanks for looking Mike
  10. SEE LAST POST (BELOW) FOR MOST UP-TO-DATE INFO!! www.ww1-event.org Following on from the great success of the "Tracks to the Trenches" event at the Apedale Valley Light Railway in 2014, it gives us great pleasure to announce that the event is to be repeated and developed in 2016 and 2018. Attracting over 3000 visitors from across the UK and Europe, the 2014 event also received much praise and acclaim. 2018* (TTTT 3) – a 4 day World War 1 centenary event from 13th – 15th July 2018. Currently anticipated as really special year. Further details to be confirmed shortly, but hopefully developing on from TTTT1 and 2. Please keep the date in your diaries & watch the event website for exciting developments! The organisers would like to invite any interested exhibitors or traders to contact us through this forum or through the event website – we would be pleased to hear from you! www.ww1-event.org
  11. Hi everyone, In a few things that I have read recently there have been passing comments about Admiralty owned locomotives; what none of these references mention, though, is the livery. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this may have been? Thanks and regards, Alex.
  12. bl 9.2 mk10 railway artillery kit project
  13. Dear All, The "Tracks to the Trenches" First World War centenary event (12-14th September) at the Apedale Valley Light Railway is well developed and it seems like a good opportunity to start releasing some details. This is shaping up to be a busy event, which we hope will be a fitting tribute to and start of the First World War Centenary period. The Tracks to the Trenches - 2014 event website (www.ww1-event.org) is gradually being updated with the latest news and confirmed exhibits (rail, living history, road, etc). For anyone interested, advance ticket sales are now live - in addition to beating the queues, it offers a free event guide with each order. The ever popular "Access All Areas" passes are also available for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday too. The details of attending layouts in the embedded model railway exhibiton are provided below: Holbeach Estates Railway - a detailed model inspired by the Nocton Estates Light Railway (potato estates for Smiths Crisps), which was constructed with First World War surplus materials. 009 (4mm Scale) - 9mm gauge track representing 60cm narrow gauge. Fallgate: Ashover Light Railway - a detailed model of the famous Ashover Light Railway, which was constructed with First World War surplus materials. 009 (4mm Scale) - 9mm gauge track representing 60cm narrow gauge. Behind the British lines - a War Department Light Railway set in Northern France in 1918. 009 (4mm Scale) - 9mm gauge track representing 60cm narrow gauge. Q Dump - model of a First World War forward supply dump. 1/35 scale model railway running on 16.5mm track to represent 60cm gauge. Project Iraq 2003 - a railway adopted for use by the military. 1/35 scale model railway running on 16.5mm track to represent 60cm gauge. Rue d'Etropal 1/35 scale models Birches Barn Extension 16mm/32mm gauge 7 1/4" Ride on railway; Provided by the 7 1/4" Society. operating with WD locos. 7 1/2" gauge models Ferme-du-pont; A model depicting 17th Light Railway Operating Company somewhere in France.... O14 scale model railway running on 14mm track to represent 60cm gauge. Up The Line - 1918 - a British War Department Light railway in operation towards the end of the First World War. O16.5 scale model railway representing 60cm gauge. 1/35th Model display Various models provided for display. The British Overseas Railways Historical Trust model Display & books Various models.
  14. Hi, I'm trying to build a WW1 British / Canadian trench railroad for show display and need rolling stock. I know that there are 0-16.5 kits out there by Wrightlines and maybe others. I am currently located in the US so please be willing to ship to the US at my cost. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  15. Sorry for the cross-posting - copied over from the Exhibitons section.... www.ww1-event.org Following on from the great success of the "Tracks to the Trenches" event at the Apedale Valley Light Railway in 2014, it gives us great pleasure to announce that the event is to be repeated and developed in 2016 and 2018. Attracting over 3000 visitors from across the UK and Europe, the 2014 event also received much praise and acclaim. In a departure to previous large events, the main galas at Apedale have now moved to the 2nd weekend in May each year. 2016 (TTTT 2) – a 3 day event from 13-15th May 2016. A very similar format to the 2014 event (TTTT 1); with photo-charters being arranged in advance of the event weekend, evening photo-shoots during the event, access all areas passes, an emphasis on Schools/Group visit packages, plus much more! 2018* (TTTT 3) – a 4 day World War 1 centenary event from 10th – 13th May 2018. Currently anticipated as really special year. Further details to be confirmed shortly, but hopefully developing on from TTTT1 and 2. Please keep the dates in your diaries and watch the event website for exciting developments! The organisers would like to invite any interested exhibitors or traders to contact us through this forum or through the event website – we would be pleased to hear from you! www.ww1-event.org
  16. It seems that a handful of people have liked my projects of Pre-Grouping steam locomotives and I am indeed deeply delighted and happy with the positive praise and feedback I've been getting, so that leaves me wondering - what loco from said-era should I model next? I have set up a poll and I have listed 12 options for you to help me choose - you can PM me your choices and I shall tally them up. https://strawpoll.com/hhy2b827
  17. Railway Operating Division deans goods with canopy
  18. 28cm k l/40 kurfurst 00 railway artillery ww1 German
  19. Simond had it spot on in his comment on my last post - I guess the glimps of a roller bearing was a clue. A very new departure here and a pretty steep learning curve but made much easier by some good advice from Giles and Pikey on the RC thread - if you have not already guessed the Foden is now Radio Controlled. Although a bit of an indulgence for the current layout, as in real life, the Foden will eventually be demobbed and will feature large in a new post war creation. There was a rather lengthy wait while some motor options were shipped from China but who can complain at the prices, This was actually quite useful as I was able to complete all the slightly tedious detailing and even spent three evenings recreating the wheels which I was going to use from the kit but a) found they were not particularly round and b) I can now say it is totally scratch built. So here it is with painting and weathering still a work in progress; The radio control is now fully working but it has been a bit of a nightmare as constantly taking things in and out has meant a series of broken wires and conections but now everything is in place I hope that is at an end. In the next pictures you can see the steering servo neatly in place in the fire box and all the other gubbins in the water tank. Power comes from an Ipod LiPo battery under the rear a 2mm worm and gears I found on Ebay perfectly. The only downside is that at 90rpm it is a bit too slow. I bought a second one so may experiment with fitting the shaft to a higher reving gearbox but just happy that the thing moves for now! Next thing of course is that I have to create a body but I have an idea for that. I did do a video of it moving on the layout but can't seem toget it off my phone at the moment so until I have overcome yet another bit of technology you will have to put up with some pics on the layout; I can see great potential in this RC thing and have several more projects in mind and have even bought in several parts to experiment with getting a 20hp Simplex on the move. Oh, did I mention that it is completely scratch built?
  20. (The military base is to be given a name but for now it is just ‘the military base’) The whole town was used as a military storage area because of how relatively remote it was. During the First World War, the first military base to be built was positioned near the river and within earshot of the railway. Many locomotives, and eventually tanks, were stored at this base. The locomotives most commonly stored there were the GCR 8K 2-8-0s built for the Railway Operating Division (ROD). Despite being hidden away in the British countryside, the base was the primary target of a bombing that destroyed Castle Rock’s terminus station and the immediate surroundings but only caused the damage of a few military buildings and missed the base altogether! The military base was still in use by the Second World War, expanded to contain more vehicles and weapons. At one point there was even a Lancaster bomber stored there. The base became home to the War Department’s 8F and WD 2-8-0/2-10-0 locomotives plus many Austerity saddle tank locomotives. It became a target for yet another bombing run and three quarters of it was destroyed. Miraculously the rail yard was left rather untouched, with only one locomotive being destroyed. After this the war ended and it’s contents moves away and many of the locomotives sold on. What was left of the base was demolished in 1970 and the area is now part of a housing development. Castle Rock is covered in pillboxes and it is not uncommon to find one in a field or woodland. One of the most famous pillboxes sits right in the middle of town and can only be accessed through a tunnel linked to the council house. (The council house was where the military officers and officials stayed) A small part of the base is preserved in the corner of the housing development. It is now home to a Cromwell tank, what’s left of an Austerity saddle tank loco and other bits of military history.
  21. Hi, I will start a new layout after the woolacombe bay and the nearly finished vestvagoy. At an exhibition, a friend offered me these postcards I wanted to do a layout based on these photos but at 1/13 scale it was not possible. So I choose to do that at 1/72 scale because at this scale there are french military figures and arabs too. At Morocco in 1916, the french developed narrow gauge railways of 60 cm for civilian and military used. 60 cm at 1/72 scale is more of less 9mm, so I could used too the 009 material. The layout will be an oval of 120 cm by 47 cm with an hidden part behind to finish the oval The layout will look like more or less to that.
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