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*IMPORTANT* - Please check with any organisers website to see if an event is still proceeding before making a journey.

SOUTH NOTTS SHOW 16th and 17th April 2016


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I only managed a couple of photos today of my own Werrington Road layout and another D and E era layout in Swad Lane. Hopefully a bit more time tomorrow to photograph more.





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Oh good, pics.


Having been run ragged setting up on Friday evening I wasn't in a fit state to get out the camera today but I will try to get round everyone tomorrow- note the word "try".


I've no idea what was going on at Boghampton, though he did leave his platform announcement system switched on overnight, which did nothing for the nerves of the cleaners......   I think shorthanded might have been something to do with whatever was going on, but I'll ask him tomorrow.  It hasn't stopped him picking up two more show bookings today, whatever it was.


Today's attendance was approximately the same as the total over the two days last year, which gave our traders a fighting chance of selling and covering their costs (which they certainly didn't do last year).  Sorry Big Jim wasn't impressed by the choice, but six of them have supported us every year and made a loss each year for the five previous years.  It is very difficult to attract ANY traders under those conditions.  We do have Derby Trees and Scenics, Online Models (majoring in plasticard and signalling electronics), 12 Volts DC (selling what the name suggests) and Access Models with the best selection of glues outside of Squires amongst others.  Stephenson Carriages had to withdraw due to illness.  This year most of the traders say they should cover their costs.


Yes, Cotgrave Welfare is tired, but as a venue it is affordable.  The only other venue in the area large enough for the show wanted four times as much to hold the show. 


A large amount of very positive feedback from those attending- which bodes well for our chances of filling next year's show and still being here in 2018.  With one local show having folded this year everyone is in the business of survival.


All the very best


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its certainly an unusual venue, stood on the stage looking towards the balcony is very "theatrical", what was the venue built for originally?


i didnt hear boghampton but i did hear him explain the station announcements are stored on his pc and are streamed to a bluetooth speaker hidden on the layout, think he said his daughter records them for him too


edit: cotgrave was a miners welfare



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Thanks for the link.


What it doesn't say was that about three years ago the Welfare was on the verge of closing and being sold for housing as has happened to a high number of miners' welfare clubs now there are no miners.  The present committee have taken it up as a community venue and improvements are taking place each year.


This year there has been a new power bar installed in front of the stage, and quite a lot of improvements to the bar area we don't use.  They are also working on replacing the roof cladding, which will make it a more attractive proposition for them to refresh the two halls.


The Belvoir Suite (renamed a few weeks ago after a late club member but still called the Belvoir by most) smelled a bit musty, but I gather that this is where quite a bit of the water has been getting in.  It should smell a lot better in there next year.


Certainly they were very pleased when I booked the place for 2018 earlier in the week.  As we couldn't afford a 300% increase in hall rental to move elsewhere it is really a no-brainer to stay at the welfare..


All the very best



BTW- I looked at your avatar and thought "Doncaster", and then noticed Colas Rail and realised it wasn't an A3.  Must get my cataract done........

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Went today, in my opinion it is the best show they have had for a good many years. A good balance of traders and layouts and well spaced, easy to walk around as well as stop and talk without blocking anyone. The layout that impressed me most was Glenellen Castle, but what else can you expect from David.

All in all a good day out at little expense.


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Went this morning when it was quite busy but still possible to get around.  I also thought this was a good "local" exhibition, and although the venue is far from pristine it serves its purpose.  I'm sure most of us are be happier paying our money to support a community cause than paying more of it to a commercial venue!  It's also on a reasonably frequent bus route from central Nottingham for those not driving there. 


My son and I liked Newburn, where the station loops allowed the tail-chasers to overtake each other, giving us the opportunity to examine a fairly esoteric mix of GWR rolling stock, and the MPD and branch made sure there was something moving most of the time. 

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Just got home after 2 days displaying Werrington Road, thank you to Bingham model railway club for the invite and for looking after us for the weekend, thanks to the other friendly exhibitors who were a pleasure to talk to and thanks to the visitors for some kind comments regarding Werrington road, and of course thanks to my fellow operators in the layout, my 8 year old son Ben, my dad and a brief visit from John W.

I look forward to visiting again next year.


I only managed a couple of photos again but here they are.










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Very many thanks to all exhibitors and traders, who made my job as show manager much lower stress than it might have been.


One or two mistakes made (mostly by me) but it is a learning curve and we'll do even better next year.


Footfall this year was about 65% up on last year- we had been flatlining for a few years and I think that last year not one of our traders made enough to cover their costs.  This year most of them did, even the couple who didn't want to come back next year.


I did get round and photograph every layout but I'm totally cream crakered at the moment so I'll do them tomorrow.


One downer was that Brian Verden had a rather nice and expensive vintage O-gauge diesel shunter stolen from his trade stand, the first theft we've ever had reported to us at a Bingham MRC show, and this is our fifth year at Cotgrave. 


All the very best


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I managed to call in for a brief visit today on the way back from somewhere else, as there was a layout there I wanted to see. And having seen the effects of a change of venue on an established show and the dourness that it sometimes creates, I can now write with a clear mind. Firstly, I did have a leaflet/voucher, but chose not to use it- if I'd rather pay a fair entry than see big-4 Supermarket psychology brought into the hobby and somehow be brainwashed into thinking I'm getting into a better show at a lesser price.


Overall, I thought a high proportion of the layouts featured something that made them stand out (such as the N gauge snow scene on the Moor, the GWR stock on the large layout, and the Oil refinery at night), but unfortunately there were alot that tick the C+ box, their teachers would say "Could do better...". I don't think this was helped by gloomy parts of the venue and a lot of the layouts not having their own lighting or only being presented on tables. I can't have a lot of sympathy for the venue or the traders, there are a surprisingly high number of freshly renovated Community centres out there and unless the Committee are running a 1970's era time machine, I can't see how keeping it "as is" has any benefits and is only delaying it's inevitable demolition. Saying the money is going to a good cause wasn't really at the forefront of my mind, if I punters really thought that way then they'd soon start thinking "What's the point in going to the Xxxx club show, they model the LNER and as a LMS man I don't want my money going to build a layout I'm not interested in"... 


And I appreciate that there are only a finite number of traders but would agree with the comments made as to what was on offer, if boxes of crushed Superquick buildings and secondhand 30yr old coaches at £10 a go are big sellers, then why aren't they covering their costs. If next year I bring my range of 5.5mm/ft Republic of Isthmus State Railways Broad gauge coach kits and I don't sell any, exactly who'se fault is that....?


As you might have gathered, maybe I wasn't quite the target audience. If you're actively going to promote the show locally to support the hobby, then why not have a "Help yourself" box by the door so all of those interested 8yr old beginners with trainsets can take a piece of secondhand stock home or a cardboard building...?

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Point of info on the venue-


The committee are spending EVERY PENNY they make on renovating the place.  The fact it is taking time is because they don't have the money, and are not willing to take out a large loan they cannot pay off.


As to a brighter venue- the ONLY one in our area wants FOUR TIMES the rental, which would mean no show at all as we would need to add £2 to the door price to cover it.  


On the "help yourself" - we gave away a goody bag of three recent magazines and a DVD at the door to every child old enough to read.  We ran out of magazines about lunchtime on day 2 (there were about 60 packs).  There were a lot of old buildings and ancient rolling stock on the club stand at the door.  Much of this was on a "make us a sensible offer" basis, and the vast majority went.  I ran out of space in my recycle bin last night filling it with the crushed remains of the empty cardboard boxes we had taken the stuff to the show in.


The vouchers were what my parents used to call "a sprat to catch a mackerel".  Quite a few of our visitors remarked that the £1 voucher had reminded them to keep the leaflet and come to the show, which they would almost certainly have forgotten to do without it.  Many of those also chose not to use it.  The success is the increased footfall- at least 65%, and possibly as high as 70% on the final count.


As to next year- the venue are replacing the lighting as fast as the money to do it comes in.  Our traders had a good look at what was brought by other traders and are going to try to "gap fill" rather more (for instance nobody had a soldering iron when a visitor asked).  I've started recruiting layouts for next year with Alastair Knox's "Bridgeford" confirmed, together with brand new layouts "Phoenix Park" and "Malmesbury".  And the leaflets will have the voucher on them- it costs a ridiculous amount to split the print run between two versions.


All the very best


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A link to a video done by James at 16A models showing Werrington Road amongst others at this weekends Cotgrave show



Brilliant.  Well done that man, and many thanks for posting it.  I'll get a link put up on the club website.


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As promised, but a bit late, some pictures.


I took these on a quick dash on Sunday before going off to distribute lunch packs.  Quite a lot didn't come out as I was in too much of a hurry.




New trader Access Models of Newark.  His stand was themed more towards the wargamers who didn't attend.  He is willing to come back next year and now he knows the gaps in what is being sold will try to fill those he can.








Club member layout Board Lane




"Cardboard John" demonstration stand, John Fownes and friends build O-gauge locos from card.




Common Lane MPD




Club member layout Easternby Oil Refinery.  Very difficult to photograph this night-time scene.




Hampshire Hills Traction




Howling Moor Dam, very popular with the junior element, who were allowed to drive it and gained a certificate for passing a driving test.




Irgendwohn Strassenbahn




Marsh Chipping




Club layout Rise Park








Werrington Road




Woodthorpe Shed.


Apologies to everyone missed out.  I did photograph every layout, but the rest just din't come out in enough focus to use.  Even one or two of these are a bit dodgy.




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Sadly I did not make it over to this show. Interested in some of the comments especially those surrounding Boghampton. I saw this layout at Sileby earlier in the year. I visited the layout three or four times and nothing moved, or had appeared to have moved.

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Final figures now available.


Attendance 580 , up an incredible 73% on last year.  This was despite clashing with Radio Nottingham's "Free Admission" Sunday at many local attractions.


The tat in the foyer raised £464.10 excluding the sales of the good stuff owned by members.


Despite putting the door price down and giving 157 people an extra £1 off, club profit on the show was up 18% (though increasing footfall rather than profit was the name of the game this year).


Of the 157 vouchers used, the majority were by seniors, indicating that £3 is about what the average senior citizen who is NOT a modeller him/herself is wiling to pay to go to a model railway show.  General thought- is this evidence that the hobby may be pricing itself out of the market?


2017 show is 22nd and 23rd April - a week later as Easter is on our usual weekend.  2018 dates have been booked as the 3rd weekend in April



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