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Farish Web Update on unreleased products

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While we've been off air, I noticed Bachmann have updated their product listings for both scales. Always taken with a pinch of salt, this is more interesting than usual however as some long promised products now finally have projected due dates. This makes a lot of sense as Farish are about to release their 2010 catalogue next month, so presumably have rough production slots pencilled in.


170 in Cross Country due March/April (I believe it is already on the boat)

170 London Midland June/July

158 in Northern and EMT liveries July

Warships April

90 in Freightliner Sept/Oct


And most exciting for me in the modern image list is the Class 222 Meridian now showing as due Oct/Nov, so presumably for Christmas.


In steam:

Class 5 - April/May

Class 3 - June/July

Class 4 - April/May


With the 101, 9F and 2MT aside, this now gives proposed dates for all outstanding releases.


Take 'em with a pinch of salt, but good to see dates, even if they change!



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Phew, plenty of time to save, I need a few 222's!




Well spotted that man cool.gif - thats great news - I was also wondering if we'd ever see the 222 ... I think the Midland and EMT ones will look very good in model form.






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