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JM Design MGWR Vans and CIE coach side overlays

John M

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1. MGWR Horse Box & MGWR Meat Van


Final test builds of these vans are complete and I am currently accepting orders/expressions of interest in the MGWR Horse Box and MGWR Meat Van Kits for delivery Autumn 2015. Kits priced $92NZ (£40) with OO gauge wheel sets $80 NZ (£35) without wheels+ shipping$18.00£ 8 stg.








2. CIE coach side overlays to fit Dapol/Airfix 60’ Stanier Coaches.

1356-71 Standard Opens introduced 1953.




1904-08 Brake Standard Opens introduced 1953


1339-1355 Corridor Standard available to order

2405-2418 Buffet Car available to order


Sides only $32 NZ approx £16.00+ shipping. Please contact me for shipping rates for multiple items.

3201-3212LT Brake Standard Generating Steam Van introduced 1977.

includes detail fret for generator/boiler room roof



Price BSGV overlays and roof details TBA



Scale length-width CIE coach kits.

I am accepting expressions of interest for a complete set of etched parts including underframe, bogies, ends, gangways and roof to produce early CIE Bredin MK2 coaching stock. SSM or Dart Castings may be able to source suitable detail castings. At this stage there has been sufficient enquiries to proceed with the development of a standard underframe, end and gangways kit for these coaches.

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]The MGWR Horse Box & Meat Van kits and coach sides for CIE 1356-71 series Second Open and 1904-8 series Brake Standard Open coaches are now in stock and should be ready for shipping in early August.


1356-71 Standard Open





1904-8 Brake Standard Open









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The test frets for the Brake Standard Steam Generator Van (BSSGV)arrived this week.



General view compartment side



Close up of van compartment side



Boiler access panel



Close up of van corridor side


These vans were converted in the late 1970s from side corridor coaching stock dating from the early 1950s, fitted with a steam heating boiler and a generator for train lighting. The vans were used mainly on Outer Suburban and passenger services on secondary lines.


The overlays are priced at $53NZ + $10 shipping. Approx. £22 stg. + £4.50.

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