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Not the best of days for 150232 yesterday on it's first outing in GWR green. It was failed part way into it's workings for the day and taken out of service at Bristol Temple Meads.

Surprising it got that far!



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Truro today. Nice to see a 60 here

Definitely! That looks like the RailVac it has in tow. The RailVac is being used to remove old ballast from a number of sites in the next few days, that are being re-ballasted.

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Indeed. I was on the scene for SLW over the Up Main passing the failed freight at Carlyon Bay. 


66156 failed in section between Par & St Austell with 6P07 08.20 Fowey to Parkandillack clay empties 25th Jan 2016. The loco was declared a failure around 09.10 and 57303 scrambled from Long Rock depot to assist forward to Burngullow. Single Line Working was instituted over the UM line (with moi as Pilotman). The class 57 then hauled the clay train to Burngullow after 11.00 with GWR Driver Phil Jones in charge - seen passing St Austell station. Nice to have the GF open for the moves. Incidentally, it will be in action the next two Saturdays for engineering work. 
Phil worked the last occasion a class 57 hauled the clay train which happened almost exactly 12 months ago! 
The cavalcade heads West to Burngullow. 
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An update of sleeper fleet liveried as its been a while. As of today. Half of it done !


Blue slep 563, 584, 589, 616 with 534 on its way to Wolverton to be done.

Rfmb 232 not being done, to go off lease, replaced by 217

Tsod 100, 161 both overdue wheel sets urgently awaiting first internally refurbished new vehicle still due February.


Green slep 532, 590, 594, 601, 612, 616 and new vehicle when it gets here.

Bfo 173, 174, 175

Rfmb 219, 225


Note, once internal refurbishment done, Tourist second open disabled will no longer be tourist configuration so code change likely also Rfmb.



57 602,3,5 new GWR, 604 will get repaint this year and despite suggestions of desert sand, golden ochre and maroon, should stay traditional GWR green


Despite incorrect information and speculation on other large forums, told personally by him in charge of fleet things, W43002 is returning in yellow/blue/grey as per my posts elsewhere.

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The first of two weeks relaying the main line near Burngullow saw a bumper crop of Colas class 60/66/70 action. The weather was poor (it was January I suppose), but 60047 managed to get a burst of sun light - which was most welcome. The same applies next Saturday 6th Feb.


60047 pauses to drop off 9 coalfish for a subsequent service to collect (weight issues).



70810 waits entry to the worksite at Burngullow



70805 with the side tippers unloading adjacent to the site - Trewoon. 



70805 seen later at St Austell - crossed over to collect the 9 wagons left behind. 







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I can't recall the last time that the Up Siding at St Austell was used for anything other than stabling/reversing passenger trains in connection with blockades.


Top stuff!

Ah, sorry Tim I cheated - I only used the cross-over as it was an unsignalled move. UM to DM. 

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Not posted here for a while.


Here are some photos from a trip to Calstock (and Gunnislake station) from Sunday.




221136 passing 150219 at Truro.




153325 at Plymouth. The first time I have been on a Class 153 on the line, normally its a 150.




At Bere Alston, where crew change ends and operate the points before reversing towards Gunnislake, this gives enough time to get out for a photo.




153329 at Calstock.




The return service to Plymouth crossing the impressive viaduct at Calstock.




The next train to Gunnislake approching Calstock station.






At Gunnislake. On Sundays the train has a 15 minute wait at Gunnislake before returning to Plymouth.

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The Network Rail HST made a rare visit to Penzance earlier today, running somewhat late it spent around 30 minutes at Penzance before returning east. 


A railtour is due to visit the Duchy tomorrow (Saturday) The special from London Euston will visit Fowey, Plymouth Friary and Okehampton / Meldon Quarry.


Some times:- Plymouth 1136 - 1148, Liskeard 1213, Lostwithiel 1228 - 1230, to / from Fowey, Lostwithiel 1313 - 1315, Liskeard 1335, Plymouth 1359 - 1404.

The train is due to be hauled by 2 DB Class 66's (one each end).

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The Network Rail HST made a rare visit to Penzance earlier today, running somewhat late it spent around 30 minutes at Penzance before returning east. 

I thought my eyes were deceiving me, now I know it wasn't a strong ale in the PZ Longboat Pub.  Thanks.

Edited by Penlan
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I tried to see it as it passed Pool Tesco but I arrived at 12:08 the same time it was due to pass through Camborne station, needless to say I missed it and I couldn't leave earlier or see its return because I had to bee in college, does anyone have any photos?

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If you had waited around you would have seen it as it was running late, it passed Camborne at around 1225 heading towards Penzance.

You're having a giraffe? I didn't know that, ah well there will be other opportunities

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Sun, sea, daffs & the down sleepers in one picture at Hayle.


With a loco on the back?  Can't be the up sleepers in daylight so was this a balancing move?

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