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8 hours ago, kernowtim said:

2C48 Plymouth to Penzance service with 43 198 and 43 093 at camborne 10/9/19



It's a good job you weren't there a day later.

(One for the Jethro fans).

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Here’s a few photos from a recent day trip to upper fowey valley (Lostwithiel to Bodmin)


First 3 photos of a light engine move from Exeter riverside to par




secondly a single shot of gwr iet 5-car on a Penzance to Paddington service passing under public footpath bridge on the restormel always manor estate. The Manor House is behind the camera. 



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The passing of the NRMT  train through Saltash coincided nicely with my lunch break today, even though it was some 27 minutes early!

It made a nice burst of colour under rather gloomy skies, as well as being a welcome change from GWR green.




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First time in ages I ventured out to take a pic or two & also saw the Network rail NMT running but in my case at Pool (between Redruth/Camborne)


It was preceded by two service on in each direction......

The photo's aren't brilliant as I saw my grandson on Monday & was asked if he could borrow my camera & telephoto lens.....

Upon agreeing I was then told of the running of this train so was left with camera No 2 & general purpose lens !!!!!...Hey Ho.....







Unfortunately I didn't get the numbers as with this camera the came out too blurred to read.IMG_1675.resized.JPG.c84b091135b64f3550c2f8da2725f92a.JPGIMG_1677.resized.JPG.a899d58bf50efb919bd652f30b41eb9e.JPGIMG_1678.resized.JPG.677d52db898fcc532a00351e6efc5d91.JPGIMG_1679.resized.JPG.ef18310de11a1b9a2951158e2c927408.JPG


67027 & 67123 passed at just after 11am on their way to Penzance.

Cheers Bill

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Managed to catch the cement empties this morning - 70812 leads the tanks through Wearde cutting on the approach to Saltash, running around 14 minutes early.




All the best,


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My Grandson & I went on a jaunt today as he wanted to see some 'China clay action'


As he goes back to school next week & the CDA's hadn't been running regularly we decided that today would be a good day given the info we'd researched.


Unlike alexross42 we had grotty weather.....Drizzle & poor light......


However watching & taking pictures of trains raises the spirits so.....


We got to Par to try & catch the Parkandillack to Bescot.....

The first portion ran yesterday as alexross42 captured at Saltash with 11 JIA's on

The remaining 3 ran today arriving at Par to be recessed in Chapel siding.....

Saves a run to StBlazey depot & back as no other traffic needed collecting.....


66128 following a signal stop is signalled into platform 3 with 3 JIA's




The train is then signalled into Chapel siding...Note the 'ground signal' on the bracket signal.....



A very helpfull chap...Either DBS or Network rail (he was wearing orange high vis but I did'nt notice the company logo ) very kindly provided info on when the train was due to leave & also told us of the imminent arrival of the Goonbarrow CDA's.....


66020 was on the train with 38 CDA's in tow



We the went to Golant to watch the train there....




A quick trip to Lostwithiel to see what the Westbury to Truro freight was.....



On our way home we stopped to view the now derelict site that once was Burngullow....IMG_1809.resized.JPG.1b781e62763fcf291620dff7448d5bbc.JPG


One point of interest is that the loop off the line in from Parkindillack looks as though it is still used as the rails are still bright....

But by what?


A good day was had.....

We saw full range of passenger stock currently in use on the main line in Cornwall...

Castle class HST ,Voyager,5 & 10 car IEP , 158 & 150 (153'S went last year).....


Grotty weather but a good day & many thanks to my Grandson Christopher for being good company & keeping us updated on Realtime trains on his newfangled mobile....



Cheers Bill







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Hi All


My grandson 'dragged' me out (kicking & screaming of course ) to see the Cornish Riviera Express today that ran from Penzance to Kingswear & back.


We went to Cooks Kitchen bridge which is just beyond the bridge over Brea viliage on the Redruth side.

It's quite a good vantage point to see trains working but not necessarily the best for picture taking or identifying loco numbers.

Normally there are only a couple of other people there but today there were about 9 or 10 plus my grandson ,me & my dog....


We just missed a 150 going down to Penzance but saw the preceeding IEP.....Whose number I couldn't see.....



The driver has a most impressive beard....I almost thought I was looking in the mirror.....




The dog was being very patient but I thought he deserved a bit more exercise so I walked along the embankment to where I assume the Dolcoath Creamery siding once was.....

Not a bad spot but as I'd not taken pictures from there before I didn't quite get the position quite right...













We then went home & had an operating session on my layout Hendra followed by a pasty for lunch....


All in all a good day had by all....


Cheers Bill



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4 minutes ago, Not Captain Kernow said:

That was North Crofty Junction Bill, start of the North Crofty branch.  Dolcoath siding was next to Dolcoath level crossing.


More about it here





Thanks for that......


My nephew Tom & I used to use the location to take pictures from regularly & somehow it got into my head that was the location of the sidings though I could never figure out how the location could fit into the topography of the area....

Thanks again for the info.....


Cheers Bill

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26 minutes ago, Furness Wagon said:

I've not heard of them before where they from? I'm particularly partial to ones from Sarah's in Looe and a Portreath. 



Sarah’s in Looe we have found several occasions can be a bit too fatty, our preference is Mary’s at Truro and St Austell.

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Not tried those ones either. Being Gluten free these days does limit the choice. We did get a really good one I Tintagel last month at a little cafe opposite the road down to the castle.

I tried an oggie one last year in Falmouth wasn't impressed. Over priced under filled. 

Growing up in a Cornish enclave in the South lakes I didn't know what a pie was until I was about 10. These days the only places you get one is the coop or Greg's nether are gluten free or what I would call a proper pastie.


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