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Czech Narrow Gauge in TTe Part 2

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Vlcetinec was always a testbed for the new scale and I've been very happy with the outcome... TT scale (1:120) has been easy to work in, suitable stock and buildings as well as detail parts have been relatively easy to source except for Czech road vehicles, but I'm getting there with that part! Once I'd sorted out a suitable controller (sitting right under my nose as usual) the rest has been, shall we say, interesting...


As those who have worked Vlcetinec will confirm it's an interesting layout to work, once up and running and with the right loco attached to the right coach and the boards lined up correctly it all runs nicely and seems to have gone down well wherever it's been shown... "Something different" being the usual comment, though one or two people from the Czech and Slovak Republics have been very complementary which is nice...


It was always designed as a "railway in the scenery" rather than the more normal "railway with a bit of scenery" usually seen these days and, as such, the idea was always that visitors would be able to see a train winding through the scenery with the scenery dominating the railway, something that I hadn't the room for in HOe, hence the change of scale... That picture book of the JHMD well illustrates what I had in mind...






As my regulars will know I was very happy with the way the left-hand board turned out, giving a real feeling of the railway in the scenery but the other two board didn't quite meet my expectations with the loop at the end proving problematical  from time to time, though Charlie's infill board of a field I was happy with. The loop with it's forest and castle was often commented on favourably but, to me, never really captured the "feel" of the two Czech lines I know so well...


So I've been replanning the layout, prompted after a friend offered to build me a couple of points in 6.5mm gauge... I have decided to try to handbuild the track like a couple of Nn3 modellers have done on here so I could plan a little more of an "open" layout with less complicated trackwork... 


As you will see from the plan below I have kept the left-hand board as I'm happy with that. I'll be building a new 3x2 station board to go with it (and be joined together for transport) which will have a simple loop with siding at the front and a second fiddle yard at the back so as we can store more trains. The change is at the right-hand side where i will be building two 2ft 6ins by 2ft 6ins boards which will also join together and will include a simple "meandering" line through fields and light woods with a heavier forest at the back disguising the exit to the fiddle yard...


There will be a station at the right, though just with a building and no siding (at the moment!) which is based on the real station at Koberno on the line in the north of the Czech Republic, the combination of road, stream, railway and wood appeals to me! It would make an easier name for the layout to pronounce as well!! 


So here's the plan:




Yesterday I bought some wood and spent the afternoon cutting, gluing and nailing, today should see some baseboard assembly work!

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Look forward to seeing your progress on this. The two narrow gaugel ines are well worth visiying.


A friend who passed away recently built one of those locos using the 009 resin bodies on a commercial chassis.


He made a very good job of it so hopefully it will see further use although only on our British 009 layout for now.

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Rapeseed... As I said earlier I wanted to have a rapeseed field in this one, that yellow just appeals... After a great deal of thought I decided to get some Busch Rapeseed 7184 http://www.nordbahn.net/Busch-7184-Rapsfeld(not from this guy though!). It wasn't a large area I wanted to do but I still needed two sheets. It's 6mm static grass with some yellow stuff added on top and mounted on a self adhesive backing. The self adhesive backing didn't work well so I glued it down with scenic glue. I still have to sort out the joints between the various sections, I am waiting for the glue to dry before doing that and I still have to sort out how to do the tractor "tramlines"... But it's showing promise...





Other progress... I handbuilt the track on these two end boards, someone else is building some points for me for the station board. After a couple of false starts I think I've sussed it (famous last words!) and it does look far better than the Z scale track. Rail is Peco Code 60 and I used 2.5mm width sleeper strip cut to 15mm lengths.


Early bit since relayed:




Scenery in progress:




Track laid and ballasted and backscenes added using a panorama photo printed onto bright white A4 paper trimmed to fit, not ideal but low cost and looks ok, at least this time I've added it before the trees so making my life sooo much easier!




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Here is a photo of the disused station at Koberno and I wanted the station on the right hand board to be an "interpretation" of it:



Well I got out the plasticard and "Forest in a Box" and came up with this:


First the view roughly from David's shot:




Then the "hidden" building from the road:




From the back of the layout looking at the building:




Looking down the road towards it:



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Further progress, I've been building the buildings for the station board. Two are from Igra Model, a Czech manufacturer and are laser cut card. The Farmhouse and Barn are scratchbuilt in plasticard.


First the prototype for the farm and barn, reduced in size and layout for the model but hopefully retaining it's looks:







(Sorry the barn is out of focus!)


The "posh" house:




The "modern" house:



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OK, nearly ready for the Ludlow Show on 30th April. I have been "scenic-ing" the station baseboard. The buildings you have seen in the previous post, but here they are on the board. I've also knocked up a quick backscene which has also been added to the end board and makes quite a difference to that one. During the week I'll be adding little details, fences, people, cattle, cars, etc.


Station board:







End board (with old photo for comparison):




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Whilst at the Ludlow Show today, and after photographing Charlie's hand I set Gael to work with my Fuji Bridge Camera and this is the result (she's better with a camera!):








Part 2:








The Hand From The Sky (aka Charlie's hand!):



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I've been messing around with the stream on the right hand board for the last couple of dyas, the "water" is a mixture of one of those ones you can buy and some dark-ish brown varnish... This link gives an idea what I was after (not Czech but similar to theirs):





Here's the "dry" bed before I started:




Here's what I have managed:







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