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visiting Dublin


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Marks Models at  their Dublin City Centre Retail Shop :   14 Hawkins St., (nearest station :Tara Street (on the banks of  the liffey)   

You could do much worse than going to Connolly Station, or Pearse /Tara Street (same line)  and taking the DART train to Greystones via the spectacular Bray head line.

If its main line stuff you're after then Connolly or Heuston (via Luas - about a mile up the river from O'Connell st) are your best bet. The station bar at Heuston does a good lunch too.


Enjoy Dublin



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Marks Models always worth a visit as Colm says. It's five minutes walk from O'Connell Street so pretty central.


Connolly within walking distance of there but if you want to see some freight hop out on the DART to Clontarf or beyond (Raheny is a nice station to watch) for the Tara Mines Trains. Three run each way each day. You'll see the Enterprise in full flight too but sadly we have mostly a railcar railway these days.


Heuston not bad either and if you hop out to my local station 'Clondalkin/Fonthill you may catch a liner like below. Freight is few and far between though. 


19596353639_acf13baab5_k.jpg087 Ballina Dublin Liner 2 by franburke, on Flickr


Enjoy your stay! 

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In addition to the excellent suggestions made already, might I suggest a spin on the LUAS; the light rail/tram system.

Take the Green line from St. Stephens Green to Sandyford (or beyond if you wish) and you will travel over much of the old Harcourt Street line, including the Milltown viaduct.

Have a good time.



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just got back ,what a superb place! travelled on the dart to greystones ,spent some time at pearce ,mainly units and dart emu,s ,found marks models have now got an 071 and a Dapol dublin railway club boxvan and on my arrival back home the book parting shot has arrived along with new irish lines magazine loads of inspiration! now looking forward to going back again!! thanks for all the help.

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