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Question re Dublin-Kilkenny RPSI 23 August steam train trip


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I'm visiting (from Canada) and staying with family in the Dublin area this week.  My nephew & I have suddenly decided that we'd like to take the steam train trip from Dublin to Kilkenny tomorrow (we didn't think we'd have time for this earlier on).


Unfortunately, we do not have tickets yet and are hoping we can simply show up at Dublin-Conolly tomorrow and purchase them there.  


Does anyone -- who volunteers with the RPSI or has taken their trains in the past -- know what is the likelihood of us being successful might be?


Thanks in advance!



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I've done it a few times in the past with their less popular trains and it turned out ok but make sure either via their website or Facebook (quickest way) enjoy your trip

Thanks, Nelson!  According to their website, there is definitely a train leaving tomorrow, so I'm hopeful. Cheers, Rob

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