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7mm Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Project; Currently Paused


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I think its a question of matching what are fundamentally very similar vehicles in so far as (full size) construction detail goes. The new Slaters kit has set a benchmark for mouldings details which I don't think can be matched by etching. The problem is if you put a painted etched kit alongside the same injection moulded one you could probaby spot which was which. I have some Langley L&B coach kits sitting in the box which in all probability I won't build while there is a possibility of more injection moulded kits being produced.


Its a pity Slaters are not being more forthcoming about releasing further L&B vehicles as I would have thought there is a ready market for them.



Looks like things are moving.




Thanks to Mike (49395) for spotting that.

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The wagons are from the old LB kits range and I believe they are whitemetal so will be pretty heavy compared to the coaches. Would have been better if they could have been released in resin.




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Interesting topic the prototype I’m really fond of, the build so far is stunning, magical open base boards etc.

So it was paused way back July 27th 2017 is there any developments? Probably not looking at Slaters site.

An enjoyable 75 pages though well done Damian and co. I hope to see it completed one day.


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So after following your topic Highland Sulzers, I thought I,d see where you are now! Your a busy man Damian nope that came to a stop I checked your activity which led me to BCB.

Which we can see grandly sits in your ownership now, well done on that. I’ve started reading that since you took it on.

But the point of order here is, this one is Abandoned! Shock and a horror! :) shame really. 

Proof here https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/56607-black-country-blues/&do=findComment&comment=3216745

Base boards being used on BCB this was a great start.

I did email Paul Martin at NG Trains before I knew you abandoned this to see where he was on it, paste of email below.


The kits got back burnered and are only now making progress to release.
The plus of this is that they are taking advantage of new technologies
I learnt my lesson with the earache I've had from the 100 for the years of
delay so I am not taking reservations.
When they are available they will be a stock item
Availability will be first announced in my newsletter


-----Original Message-----
From: Ade Moore <adriank>
Sent: 04 February 2019 02:07
To: [email protected]
Subject: 7mm L&B kits, Yeo Taw etc.

Hi Paul,
Just came across your website for the above latest 2010.
No orders being taken?
Have you done the first 100? Is there a register of interest for another
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Adrian Moore


So maybe my own 4mm version of Barnstable Town will be my next fix of the L&B, but the rate I model that will be 10 years away! Wish I had your skill and devotion, you turn them out like buses coming along!

Perhaps you should edit the title from Paused to abandoned?

Cheers for a great 75 pages anyway.





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EDM Models Newsletter
Volume 9 Issue 5
17th April 2019

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Late Final........

After a fantastic, if exhausting, five days at The Great North Steam Fair at Beamish its been hard work getting motivated again and getting caught up with outstanding stuff to the extent I almost forgot this weekends show news.

York Model Railway Exhibtion

Phil Traxson & I will be there all weekend on stand 126 in the same area of the top floor as usual but opposite our normal spot.

We'll both be doing some sort of modelling demo but advanced planning being what it is I have no idea what I'll be doing but you can expect some of our latest 3D printed examples to be on show

We look forward to seeing many of you and having a chat.

I will only have a very limited supply of stuff for sale (more limited than when i usually make this sort of announcement). If there is something you wish to collect its essential you let me know in advance so I can make sure it gets packed.

Daft as it may sound, this is Phil and my chance to get some personal modelling done instead of doing customers models and what we do may just be what takes our fancy on the day

Well, that was the important announcement that prompted this newsletter but I will follow it up with a few other quickie announcements.

L&B Sound Decoders

Thank you to all of you patiently waiting for these to fit into your Heljan 009 L&B locos.


Paul & I have been working on these to get the sounds just how we want them with a lot of auto sounds included. 



*************************EDM Models  - 7mm Kits**********************************************

Work is now progressing on these kits with a view to having the first ones done by EXPONG and all pre-orders done by the year end

I know its years late and that its going to cost more than the original forecast but I think it will be worth waiting for as the delay allows me to take full advantage of new technologies.

I'll be able to show some actual development parts soon and I'll be intouch with subscribers as soon as I can.

A final note -  I really have winged it with this one going straight to the full list without a circuit round via the proof reader. If you spot something, have a chuckle but don't bother e-mailing to tell me I Karnt Spell

Do please remember: -

EDM Models is just me. I can't be by the phone all the time so if you get the machine do please leave a message. (There are some jobs where you just have to ignore the phone to get them done.

Nowadays as EDM has become the `day' job you can call during the day between 10am & 6pm but just Monday to Fridays during the summer months please.

EDM on Facebook

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Subscription Management

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If you wish to change the e-mail address you receive the newsletter on then unsubscribe using the link below and then subscribe from the NG trains website with the new one.

As usual this newsletter has been put together in a hurry. All the cock ups, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are all my own work and will be noticed the instant “send” is pressed or painfully pointed out by my arch critic at the other end of the room when her copy lands

Please remember the nature of the newsletter is that its quick and to the point more than grammatically spot on, the spilling mae get a but missy at thymes too.

Copyright © 2019 EDM Models, All rights reserved.
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EDM Models

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York, England  YO26 5BX

United Kingdom

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Just stumbled across this..... what an absolutely stunning project with some cracking modelling evident. It's a shame that it seems to be in abeyance but, as some bright spark once said, life's what happens when you're making other plans. 




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On 18/04/2019 at 18:55, south_tyne said:

Just stumbled across this..... what an absolutely stunning project with some cracking modelling evident. It's a shame that it seems to be in abeyance but, as some bright spark once said, life's what happens when you're making other plans. 





Perchance the layout is not dead, but sleepeth....

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Hi Nick try this link I think it should go to him directly


stuart edmundson:-  [email protected]undson.com



the time as come to cut down on my models.

i am thinking of selling off my 7mm L&B items as i will not be building an L&B layout due to lack of space and other projects need finishing.i have 2 locos various goods stock mainly brass. some coaches that are card built and a part built station building. also some resin coach and goods wagon kits. it would be great to sell as one lot but think it wouldnt be possible due to the value. whats the thoughts of anyone on this list. i dont want to go down the ebay route.







Colin Rainsbury







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