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Masochistic MoW models

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Having spent plenty of time asking strange questions about things I planned to do I thought it was about time I showed some of the stuff I've already done so for starters here's a Conrail Shared Asset Hi-rail truck.




It started life as a Boley Topkick utility truck but a few cuts of a razor saw turned a perfectly good model vehicle into a pile of parts. Then with the cutting done it was time for the shutting, the metal cab had a plastic section inserted to turn it into a crewcab, the chassis had a 12mm section inserted in each layer of chassis and the parts of the truckbed were rearranged to match the prototype. Ladder/equipment racks were scratchbuilt, hirail wheels added from Custom Finishes, front and rear fenders (again scratchbuilt) and a crane donated by a Kibri Unimog was fitted on the rear.


Earlier Topkicks were used when Conrail was still a Class 1 (in yellow) but this particular one represents a Shared Asset truck active in the South New Jersey area in the 2000s.

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Wow four years! Having been prompted by Luigi/Foxy's own thread I thought it was time I showed off my own model of a Custom Finishing Mk3 Tamper that has been in progress for at least 8 years.  Sadly I don't have any pics of build progress, but here's the parts all laid out.



The castings are quite crisp, there's a little bend on the sides, but as you put it all together it mostly straightens itself.


I'm modelling a specific machine, assigned to Conrail Shared Asset Operation in Southern New Jersey stretching across the Delair Bridge into parts of Philadelphia, the spec appears similar to machines in use with NS. So instead of looking like the included diagram mine looks like this.



The styrene parts are obvious additions, I don't recall if the large tank is fuel or hydraulic reservoir, the alignment gear has been widened as per photos of my prototype, the gear to the left of the wheel position under the door has hydraulic rams and a floor added  (seems to be something that the model should have, as most photos of Mk3 have this), two shim shaped pieces have been added in the cab after trawling the web for interior shots, and on the front an alignment frame has been crafted out of styrene section with wire used to keep the whole structure true. Handrails and ladders were added from nickel silver wire, and in one place a mini staple, pipes and hoses have been made from brass wire.





On the other side of the cab is what appears to be an AC box, and on the side of the open frame a couple of hydraulic or pneumatic control or distribution boxes, an extinguisher holder and on the end a representation of the chain drive and its cover plate.


More details to follow in less than 4 years hopefully as I've already added a ton of detail and painted it. (But it's still not finished)



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Hi Chris


I agree with you about the more you research them, the more intriguing they get.  I'm really impressed with the front extension, although I will probably limit myself to an air-con unit and straightforward kit build (because I've a stack of stuff to complete and I'm on a mission, albeit a slow mission!).  I'm presuming Conrail Shared livery is yellow?  I've not made up my mind on my paint scheme, initial preference is yellow, but orange might be a bit different for a change?



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Here's a photo I took of the prototype, better photos exist, but this one doesn't require anyone else's permission. The two-tone effect in the paintwork is a recentish thing, so is the toy guitar that I only just noticed was strapped to it.




I've gone for generic yellow for mine, which was used by Conrail and CSAO.


23 hours ago, Luigi Taveri said:

I've not made up my mind on my paint scheme, initial preference is yellow, but orange might be a bit different for a change?




Orange is different, the only photos I've seen of that type in orange were NS machines, maybe one that NS sold on would still be orange? 

Colour on MoW equipment is weird, 90% is yellow, NS uses orange, CSX seems to go for a neon greeny-yellow and Amtrak can't seem to make its mind up, RJ Corman paints everything bright red (not seen one of these in red)




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