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New Rail Express model to be announced soon


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Class 89 could be a contender then. Lets hope.


Nevermind slating me for my ideas of ripping me down. The forum asked for ideas and suggestions so thats what I give and hard luck to anyone who doesn't like it. I have never turned on anybody on here so lets all try and get along ok.


My apologies to Andy Y but I will not tolerate anyone taking the pee but I do find it annoying that some ideas that other modellers ( myself included ) make suggestions and everyone feels its ok to rip it to shreds.


Anyway, Now thats off my chest get on with it.


When I said about the 3 southern dual voltage locos 20001/2 & 3 being a possibility I was told they were fictitious HOWEVER I did some searching on the net and found that they actually DID exist, ok none were preserved but for anybody modelling 3rd rail/25kv they would be a worthy addition to the stock. Ok I don't model southern bug I do model working 3rd rail so I would buy 1 of each if I had the money.


As for emu's you want prototype, ok then, Class 323 EMU in Northern Rail or LM livery and these DO exist.

Not so much ripping you down, but more trying to notify you of the fact the suggestions you are outlining don't fit the criteria given by Simon from Rail Express.


1.) It's a current day loco.

2.) It's not new tooling. It's a re-livery.

3.) Bachmann have been commishioned to do it.


Class 89 - Fails No2, and subsequently No3.

Bulleid Diesels - Fails first 2, and subsequently all 3.

Class 323 - Fails No2, and subsequently No3.


Hope this clears the situation up.





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Rail Express limited edition


Thanks to everyone that has commented thus far. Just to answer a few points, Rail Express/Mortons Media has indeed commissioned Bachmann to produce the first limited edition OO gauge locomotive model for the magazine for a number of years. This is completely exclusive to Rail Express/Mortons Media and no other company or organisation is involved. It is also a re-livery of existing tooling and, as previously stated, represents a current day loco.


Simon Bendall

Rail Express Modeller editor

From post#80


So it is a locomotive that Bachmann already make and represents a current day loco.


There can't be too many possibilities available.

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Sorry if you took this the wrong way but the other posters above have confirmed that the model is an existing tooling and a different livery. It will be a diesel or electric or multiple unit as Rail Express only caters for this interest. This thread is not a wish list for new models. Hence the comment about suds rather than froth.


It will have to be added to a batch of models that are be released in the next few months as Bachmann just add to existing production slots. As an ex employee of Kernow, this is how the system operated for all our limited editions.


I may be proved wrong of course.



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Its a current day loco already being produced by Bachmann......


Class 89, fell, bulleid, 508?


.....can anybody hear me?

You and me both, Jim.


To everyone who didn't properly read Simon Bendall's post: Since when has a multiple unit been a loco??????

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The suds for today:


How about a class 37/7 or 47 in WCR livery as there is a new batch of brush due in Feb/Mar or a class 37/7 in Jan/Feb.


Gut feeling is no, as it's not a difficult livery and the initial livery sample was rejected (see post#80)




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My thinking is the following:


Could possibly be a Revised DRS 57/3 because I have been told the transfers/livery are very intricate. 


Could be GBRF 66711. I know that the livery isn't as intricate as what it could be but Bachmann are due to release Powerhaul liveried 66416 and Revised liveried 66434 early next year which could fit in quite nicely with the release of these two 66s.


GBRF LU 66718 and 66721 are possibilities but I would think that the LTM will commission Bachmann to produce these or they might be already in the process of that.


I did think a Northern Belle 57/3 would be a possibility but as there are two of them (305 and 312) I wouldn't see the point in producing one and not the other and the original post doesn't mention anything about there been multiple locos been released.


As good as what it would be DRS 57307 in 20th Anniversary livery could be an option but it was only repainted/vinyled in July at the Kingmoor open day so to me this seems a little quick to have everything signed and sealed but I maybe wrong.


Once the announcement is made as to which loco it is will it be available shortly after meaning that it is probably in production right now or will we have to wait for a space on the production line for it, then the production and then shipping?

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A well presented and constructive comment

I was hoping for a DRS Compass liveried class 66 with revised light clusters - a loco from number series 66301 to 66305  OR   66421 to 66433 . It would go nicely with Bachmann's proposed DRS 66434

These locos operate nationwide and therefore have good sales potential

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