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50th Anniversary of the closure commemerations.

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The 'new BMRC' link does not seem to work....:-(
Without wishing to "spoil the party" in anyway, I do wish that everyone would stop treating March 1966 as the date "...when the Somerset & Dorset Railway finally closed...". It did not - what ceased then was all the passenger traffic and most of the freight traffic, but no less than four sections of line remained opened for various lengths of time for the residual freight traffic. I do feel that the post-March 66 era is often overlooked.

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Thanks - amended, but we must leave out the 'M' as it's not just a model club ( I was caught out by calling it that at the beginning), but full name initials are BFRC. :-)


OK - Closure as a complete route, was gonna say 'through route' but some pedant would say that's wrong.

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New link working - thanks!


Delighted to see that the BFRC <g> are planning to model Corfe Mullen Jcn - will that be pre or post the closure of the line Wimborne? Good to see also that Bailey Gate is getting attention - if you ever unearth the date when the signal-box was relocated back to its later position, do please let me know !

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Let's hope the S&DRHT also manage to secure the standard 4MT Tank from the Swanage Railway for the 5th/6th March.





It would be good, re-numbered to an appropriate member of the class( 80037/41/43) that saw service there in the last days. It would also be nice to see a decent length of running line, duly properly prepared, but somehow doubt it.  

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