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Manchester Mayfield in the LNWR period.

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I was looking at a few photos today & came across 1 of mayfield station I took off the platform of picadilly which got me thinking.


I decided to see if there are any photographs of Mayfield during the lnwr period. I've found many of it in its deralict state & the odd picture from the end of steam. I can't find any photographs of the station at an earlier period & wondered if there was any either on the Internet or in books. It would be nice to see the station in all its glory rather than wreck & ruin.





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11.4.54 pic in 'Manchester Railway Termini' [E M Johnson]

June 1951 pic in 'Railways around Manchester' [A C Gilbert, N R Knight]


Best I can find in my collection I'm afraid.


Station opened in 1910 and was bomb-damaged during the war - so both the above pics show it looking a little dilapidated.

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