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Cato Pass, my latest sci-fi railway is now complete. It has a rocket as a centre-piece, and is a furturistic underground missile silo/launch bay based on Enceladus, a moon of Saturn.


It has Space Marines trying to invade the layout which these days is populated by a Steampunk Platoon. Aliens also live on the moon.


I will wear a costume when operating the layout. I am hoping it might get some big show invites one day.


Two videos below:




I hope you enjoy it.


For its first event (in 2015) it is appearing at the Shoeburyness Model Railway Show Nov 21-22




Regards, Laurie - Calvertfilm on YouTube.











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Where's the Triang Battle Space Turbo Car ?

It's shattered into a gazillion pieces. An inattentive late member of the steampunk platoon deployed it into action before the heaters had any chance to bring the materials from which it was constructed up to ductile temperature; what with Enceladus being a seriously cold environment, this really matters,

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