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2mm Victorian/Edwardian Figures

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For anyone interested, Andrew Stadden is now producing Victorian / Edwardian figures in 2mm / N Gauge.  So far there are 2 sets available (each of 10 figures) for £7.50 a set (75p each).  I have just taken delivery of a pack of each set and have to say that they look very nice indeed.  A link to Andrew's website page for these figures here : http://www.acstadden.co.uk/Pages/2mmftFigures.aspx As usual I have no connection to Andrew except as a very satisfied customer.


Hopefully, I will get some paint on one or two in the next few weeks...



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Ian, I'll second that. I've have some of Andrew's figures in 7mm and if the 2mm ones are anything like they will be exceptional.


It's good to see these figures for what must be a niche market.

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Just received my two sets.  They look superb and i can visualise some nice little cameos.  I particularly like the policeman as the Preiser one was far too continental with his spike topped helmet and cloak!



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A couple of months ago I painted up 3 of the Andrew Stadden figures and put them on the Modbury platforms in readiness for the Swindon exhibition, over the last couple of evenings I've added a further pair to the collection.


First lady painted (she is now sited on the up platform with her young man in a straw boater)



The pair I've just finished




My method of painting these figures is to give them a white undercoat (thinned enamel), and when thoroughly dry begin building up the tones for the clothing, and also the flesh tones.  All painting is done with enamels, and none are straight from the tin, I prefer to mix up a shade, and then varying the colours used in that mix to mix up a slightly darker version which I then apply to the folds of the clothing to enhance the 3 dimensional aspect.  Similarly the area below the chin and the eye sockets receive a slightly darker flesh colour - I mix my flesh tones from white with a tiny amount of GWR Dark Stone.


From normal viewing distances, the figures look quite acceptable.  As is usual with my flash photography, it hasn't done a lot of favours when taking the above images!




PS I've just obtained Andrew's seated Edwardian figures today, so hopefully a few seated individuals will be added to Modbury in the run up to Christmas :-) 

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