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Class 15 pre heat unit liveries


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Risky I know, but I'd have assumed ETS jumpers were fitted at both ends, live and learn eh..?




002 had ETH jumpers both ends, but the short-bonnet end also had a reversed set of connections - i.e. jumper cable on the left and socket on the right. does anyone know why? what stock had the reversed connections? (photos taken 15/12/84)


long bonnet end: http://80srail.zenfolio.com/p332245743/h25b111c6#h2c0c7871 

short bonnet end: http://80srail.zenfolio.com/p332245743/h25b111c6#h3bee594c


notice how these connections are mounted quite high up, being mounted through the former indicator lights


EDIT: found this set on 53A Models' Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/blue-diesels/sets/72157624412522826/with/15006137825/

On 23/08/81

shows 001 had GSYP, old totem and ETH gear at 'long' end only

shows 002 was GFYE, no totem/arrows, ETH at 'long' end at least (can't see connections at other end)

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9 minutes ago, Wickham Green too said:

NOPE ! ........ ADB960888 was last seen in Vic.Berry's yard ( above ) ..................... 15.033 was the former D8233 a.k.a. ADB968001.




I'd forgotten about that, looks like it was painted by a nine year old! 

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On 16/07/2021 at 19:33, montyburns56 said:

"Does anyone know how it goes back together? Anyone? Please?"


ADB 968001 at Stratford Open Day-81 by Jamerail




None of them bits on the trolley will fit, 3 Sulzer bits and 1 EE bit.


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