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12 minutes ago, Poggy1165 said:

Thank you. I will try a dark brown, maybe with a hint of black added. The funny thing is, in real life it doesn't look too bad, but when photographed - ye gods! Blue pencil awful.


There is a moral here. Possibly "don't photograph your models." I have found by experience that the camera lens is very unforgiving. It has made me more tolerant of the defects that show up in so many photos of layouts, and even more admiring of those layouts/models where no defects appear.


Yes, the flash will have exaggerated the tone. One reason why a wash that tones down is likely to do the trick.  


My models look much better in the flesh than when I photograph them!  They are generally larger in the photographs for one thing! 

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Not perfect - and it probably needs another coat - but better, I think. The paint used is Railmatch "Frame Dirt" which happened to be to hand. 


The 3 planker is another of my second-hand purchases and built by the same chap who did the diagram 6B. This is a Charles Roberts wagon and on hire, as the number, prefixed by "0" indicates. There is a photo of this prototype wagon in the HMRS collection. When I bought it the ironwork below the solebar was in "photographic grey" but I decided it would not have run like that and went over it in black. 


Again the camera's eye is merciless. In real life the coupling chains look delicate. In the photo they look untidy and in need of replacement! 

IMG_2768 (2).JPG

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Thank you, Andy. Since taking this photo I have applied some acrylic "soft black" to some spots, and this has also helped.


BTW "soft black" (which I got from a craft shop) is a very useful colour that I have found any number of purposes for. I suppose it's really a sort of very dark grey.

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