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Invicta announce LMR liveried Mk1 Suburban Brake

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NEWS RELEASE: Invicta Model Rail to release OO LMR Suburban Brake Coach

After a short lull in our Limited Edition program, Invicta Model Rail, Sidcup, Kent, is pleased to announce our latest Exclusive Limited Edition produced by Bachmann Europe PLC.     

Arriving in 2016 will be-

34-625Y Mk1 Suburban Brake Coach LMR 3031 Limited Edition of 504 £34.99





The Longmoor Militray Railway (initially know as the Woolmer Instructional Railway) was built near Liss in Hampshire, to train soldiers in the construction and operation of railways. The line was built as a narrow gauge line by the Royal Engineers, around 1903, being relaid to standard gauge between 1905 & 1907. The railway was used until 1969 when, after an unsuccessful preservation attempt, the line was closed, and dismantled. Over the years many different types of locomotives and stock have been used on the line, including ex BR Mk1 Suburban coaches.

Invicta Model Rail will has commissioned Bachmann Europe PLC to produce a Mk1 Suburban Brake in LMR blue livery, which we are now accepting pre orders on. Delivery is expected during 2016.


Pre Orders Being Taken By Calling On 0208 302 7774

On Line at www.invictamodelrail.com

or visit us in store at 130 Station Road, Sidcup, Kent, DA15 7AB

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Good timing. This should go well with the Model Rail USA tank in LMR livery. Because both come from Bachmann, I'd expect a good colour match too.

And don't forget Kernow's LMR J94 which has been color matched to the Bachmann loco's

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I was going to say they were in the St Trinians Train Robbery but my memory is....my memory is.... my memory is........   Anyway I just checked and the 2 BR Mk1 Suburbans are in lined maroon.


Although they do have the War Department numbers applied.  I would surmise that this was before they were repainted blue.

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Really looking forward to this coach.


I wonder if we might be lucky enough to get any other LMR coaches to match (livery), as l'd love to make a short train up. Expect if the initial coach sells well we could be lucky!


Were there ever any LMR livered/lettered freight vehicles? If so these would be great also, even just a brake van and a couple of plank wagons.

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My two arrived the other day.

Very nice coaches indeed thank you Invicta / Kerry!

Does anyone know please, of any appropriate transfer for renumbering one of them as I would like to change one of the pair to an alternative running number?

I wonder if we might see Invicta doing a similar product utilising the Bachmann Birdcage at a later date.

Other options for Invicta could be SDJR liveried Hornby Peckett (Yes PLEASE!) and blue liveried LMR brake van (I understand under consideration)!


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A colleague of mine (honest!!) has the Model Zone LMR 350hp shunter and the Invicta LMR coaches. The shades of blue differ quite significantly. Having had a look online for colour photos of LMR locos, the shade seems closer to GER dark blue. Certainly the only colour photo I found of a 350hp loco the blue was a lot darker than the MZ version. Can anyone advise what the correct shade of blue please? The Invicta coaches appear (from photos as I've not seen them in the flesh) to be closer to BR blue.


Ian S

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